The Business Of ClassDojo

Sam Chaudray, a Welsh native came to Palo Alto in California with his fried Dom Liam to start up an ed-tech company. During their stay, they had conversations and discussions with teachers and educators. Time flew by so quickly and, with their visas expiring they had no choice but to return to the United Kingdom. But, the most important question to educators, “What is the worst part of teaching”, weighed heavily on their minds. Soon ClassDojo was born.


It’s is an app that teacher, parents and students can download. ClassoDojo is available through the Apple Store and Google play. Users are said to be in the millions. Most have said it has transformed their lives and ground up change. In 2015, Lindsay McKinley, head of communications say that there are more that 500,00 users and, they are still growing. The app has allowed teachers to share what is going on in the classroom so the parents can see how their children are progressing. It sure is a time saver from that montly parents teachers conference.


ClassDojo helps the children with connection, while having a different mindset about the way they are being educated. Students become interested and take a very active role. They can show their parents what progress has been made throughout the day. This really encourages classroom interaction. It is done by photos, videos and messages, creating a positive culture with classroom and school. ClassDojo was designed by engineers,and educated for all over the world. It is designed to be very safe and, is rated one of the best educational technology teaching app on the market. It also gives teaches a communication platform to interact with the children and parents.


Over 2 in 3 schools in the United States school use it, that number includes charter, public and private, along with 180 other countries. The app will translate messages in whatever language that is comfortable for the parents. The app can be used on any iOS(an operating system manufactured by Apple, Inc.), Android, Kindle Fire and computers. The students will have a user name to sign in, while the teachers and parents will use their email. Parents are saying how much they love this app because it eases the worry when they leave their younger children. Now with ClassDojo some of those worry can dwindle.

George Soros Takes Hate From Anti-Semites

Those on the very far right and anti-semites of all stripes are coming out to attack the billionaire Soros after the most recent e-mail like from Wikileaks. The idea of a George Soros Wikileaks type connection is hard to wrap your head around and may well only really exist in the minds of those who do not like the man in the first place. They certainly have an agenda to try to bring him down, but that does not mean that there is any validity to the claims that they make against him. In fact, this is starting to look just like the latest George Soros conspiracy that they have managed to manufacture.

It is believed that the George Soros emails that have leaked are the work of Russia hackers who do not appreciate the issues that Soros stands for or the work that he does. There are also plenty of George Soros conspiracy believers in Russia as well as those who simply do not like him because he is Jewish.

The Russians claim that they are defenders of the Palestinians against Israel but the way in which they word things makes it obvious that they are not objecting to firing up those who have anti-semitic views as well. They have tried to toe that line very carefully, but it does not appear that they have done a great job of hiding their true motives.

There are people on the other side of these George Soros emails who defend them and say that the only things that the leaked emails show are support from the billionaire for causes that are very noble and should be applauded. They point to reports that the billionaire has helped to fund causes that are intended to protect human rights and encourage a spirit of cooperation and understanding.

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Obviously, these are not the type of things that Neo-Nazis and others want to hear or believe about George Soros. They have it in their mind that he is an evil mastermind who pulls the puppet strings behind the scenes in order to have people bend to his will. Of course, such claims are not founded, but that does not stop them from continuing to try to drive this idea home.

They believe that he is involved in some type of “Jewish plot” to bring in more and more immigrants into Europe. For Neo-Nazis the idea of having these new immigrants in Europe alone is enough to really get them scared. It is sad in a way to see them so paranoid and afraid of other people coming into their country, but that is the stance that they have selected to take.

It should come as no surprise that this George Soros Wikileaks conspiracy idea has no more basis in reality than any of the other countless ideas that the far right wing comes up with to explain George Soros and the work that he does. For the most part they just want to hate him no matter what it is that he does.

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Avi Weisfogel – Interests of a popular New Jersey Dentist

A new GoFundMe account was set up by Avi Weisfogel in efforts to collect money for an organization devoted to helping young children and their dental needs. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in the New Jersey area who is passionate about his work and helping others, and that’s why he chose to help raise money for an organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smiled help children all over the world with their dental needs. They have performed million of surgeries throughout the thirty years they’ve been in business, and Dr. Weisfogel is dedicated to helping raise funds to ensure that children always get the healthcare services they need. Operation Smile operates with volunteers and donations only, and has been able to perform surgeries related to cleft palates, cleft lips and other facial deformities. Their first mission was stationed in the Philippines in 1984. Bill and Kathy Magee are the founders and have been very dedicated to ensuring that children remain hopeful in their situations and have always made sure they treat each child as if it’s their very own. That is one thing that drew Dr. Weisfogel to the charitable organization. He has put $2000 of his very own money into the account to get it started, and he hopes that he can raise enough money to really help and make a contributable donation to the wonderful organization.

Dental Sleep Masters is program that was developed by Dr. Weisfogel to help other dentist’s offices with patient’s who have sleep disorders. The program is dedicated to the education and proper structure identifying patient’s with sleep apnea and other disorder that disable and hinder their sleep. By identifying symptoms and helping the patient resolve their issue by an oral appliance or a CPAP machine, they can eliminate their sleep apnea and wake up feeling better.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also very interested in making music and recording some popular tunes. He has recently taken up a love for hip hop music and has been spinning some tunes of his own. Be sure to check out his newest tunes and follow him on

How A Reputation Management Company Can Help You

Status Labs is one of the leaders in the reputation management industry. Just over a year ago, Status Labs experienced what it’s like to face reputation crisis and was able to resolve the situation effectively using their expertise and top notch resources.

Dealing with a reputation issue is not an easy task. When faced with such a problems, it is always advisable to consult a reputable firm with years of experience delivering satisfactory results. And that’s where Status Labs can help – to help you remove negative reviews and promote positive content that projects an impressive image of your company.

The Internet expansion along with the popularity of social media in the last several years has created new opportunities and challenges. People use these resources to research companies and products before making a buying decision, but they also share information can affect your reputation online.

Businesses with negative reputation find it extremely difficult to operate profitable or successfully. This is because people don’t want to deal with a company that is not credible. If you don’t take steps to suppress negative comments or derogatory reviews about your business, you will eventually suffer devastating consequences. Having a reliable online reputation and crisis management system is a proven way to identify impending problems and respond immediately.

Status Labs has the knowledge and experience to repair and restore your online reputation no matter how challenging the situation. The company has reputation management professionals who are skilled at monitoring, repairing, managing and shaping conversations about you or your company. They help you find out what people see when they look you up on the Internet.

Status Labs helps businesses make smart decisions about their online reputation and how to target their promotions effectively online. Their mission is to set clients up with a suitable system in place, so they can focus on their business while these professionals handle their reputation management for them. When you contact them, these professionals will review your reputation needs and develop a customized online reputation and crisis management solution for your company.

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Sharing My Investment Future With Laidlaw & Company Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

I was given the name Laidlaw & Company along with a business card some time ago at a meeting, and a colleague from another company suggested I try their services. Laidlaw has become my most-valued partner in finance, and this article will explain why I enjoy their services so very much. Everyone who desires to save for the future may hire Laidlaw when the time is right.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

#1: I Needed An Initial Consultation

My initial consultation at Laidlaw was with James Ahern and Matthew Eitner. They serve as principals with the firm, and they were quite forthcoming as I asked questions about my investment future. They suggested I have a look at their catalog of options, and we agreed on a plan that I have used ever since.

#2: My Plan Is Executed By A Broker

I have a lovely broker at Laidlaw who is in touch with me at least once a week. Speaking to my broker is a way of maintaining my sanity as I make further investments, and I am greatly indebted to my broker for all the help she has provided. Customers service at Laidlaw has been marvelous at every turn.

#3: Saving For New Needs

I have approached Laidlaw for help saving in a number of areas. I am planning for my daughter’s college education, her future wedding, a ttrip around the world when I retire and for a rainy day. Every meeting I take with Laidlaw and their staff informs me quite a lot as I plan for the future, and I have seen the figures on my monthly reports rise in every account.

Investing and saving for the future has become quite simple with the aid of Laidlaw & Company, and I am pleased with my earnings. I could not have saved such large amounts of money without their help.

Getting a Better Understanding of Investment Banking

Hard work, persevering through hard financial times and saving money are all great ways to get ahead in life. The folks who really manage to build a solid financial foundation, though, know that investing money is the way to go. That’s where investment baking enters the equation for long term financial success. We’ve all heard of investment banking, but some folks are a little unclear about what it really is. Essentially, investment banking is a special sector of the banking industry that is focused on creating capital (that’s money) for individuals, companies and even government organizations.

Those who work in investment banking have in depth knowledge and skills. This industry is very involved, and includes underwriting of debt & securities, assisting with company mergers/acquisitions and helping with the brokering of trades. Perhaps most importantly, investment bankers help to provide strategy and guidance about stock placements.

It takes the right education, experience and skills for someone to be successful and sought after in the investment banking world. Martin Lustgarten is a veteran of the investment banking industry. Martin has worked with numerous investment banking firms over the years and runs an investment banking firm that is located in Florida. His firm has assisted small-to-medium sized businesses to the capital they needed to succeed in their market places.

Mr. Lustgarten has also worked with many clients in order to help them choose the best methods and strategies to manage their financial assets. Relying on his expertise and industry knowledge, Martin has shown his clients how to best utilize annuities, commodities, stocks and bonds to create the strongest possible financial portfolios.

It can be challenging for smaller companies to take their financial situation to a higher level. Trusted, experienced investment bankers, like Martin Lustgarten have shown these companies how to handle their finances the right way and to ultimately reach their long term financial goals. No one can predict what will happen to the economy or on Wall Street in the future, but when people choose to work with a top investment banking firm, like Mr. Lustgarten’s they stand a much better chance of experiencing financial success and security.

Twitter: @mlustgarten2


Dr. Rod Rohric and Cosmetics Surgery

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a medical doctor by profession and an eminent professor who has a reputation that supersedes him. He is well recognized at both in the United States of America as well as internationally. He has made many great contributions in reconstructive and plastic surgery. He is also well respected for his broad education and also his work at the rhinoplasty. He also has numerous inventions in facial aesthetics as well as aging.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is serving currently in the plastic surgery department at the Southwestern Medical University in Dallas Texas. He is also the current holder of the crystal ball charity for the honored Chair in Plastic surgery. Dr. Rod is the owner of the Warren and Betty Woodward Chair in reconstructive surgery as well as the recipient of the Rod J Rohrich medical doctor distinguished professorship in plastic surgery and wound healing. He is also serving as the chief editor of the American Plastic society of the surgeon’s official medical journal of Reconstructive and Plastic surgery.

Dr. Rohrich was born and raised in the rural areas of Zeeland. Was a gifted student and at an early age, he completed his undergraduate and a graduate degree in education with a first class honors division. He later ventured into medicine and took a degree in the Baylor College and also graduated with a degree in medicine with a first class honors. The Michigan Medical Centre was the base where Dr. Rod Rohrich turned himself from a plastic surgery resident into a pediatric plastic surgeon. He later finished his studies in the division in 1986 in Dallas.

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The cosmetic surgery world is so dynamic and enriching. It is vast and therefore ranges from Botox shots, full blown facial implants all the way to breast implants on This is also an industry that is very new to the market today, and many novice entrepreneurs will disrupt it in many occasions.

In this industry, however, it is no longer for only the rich celebrities with the case or the socialites so wealthy to do. In the recent years, it has been advocated by the TV shows and thanks to them especially Extreme Makeover for education on age-defying cosmetic products.

Dr. Gary Breslow has invented an online platform that can be used to bring together patients as well as plastic surgery doctors in a more efficient and comfortable way. This platform also has a feature where physicians and patients can communicate using chat forums.

GTL’s horrible actions have been exposed

The prison communications industry is vital to American life, but it usually goes unnoticed. Without great prison communications companies, prisoners would not be able to contact their friends, families, and lawyers. The legal system would slow down as lawyers would not be able to get deals through, and investigators would have one less source of information. America needs great prison communications companies, and Securus is up to the task.

Securus has been in the prison communications field for many years. They pride themselves on offering top-quality phone lines to prisoners at reasonable prices. They know family members do not deserve to be punished for their loved ones’ crimes, so they keep the communication lines open. Securus operates their company with integrity, and they expect that same integrity from their competitors. Unfortunately, one of their competitors does not act with integrity.

GTL has been a power in the prison communications industry for many years. Recently, they posted record profits. These profits are incredible, but the method they used to achieve the profits is quite sad. GTL has been ripping off their customers at every turn.

Securus discovered GTL’s actions and they knew they had to act. Securus is planning to issue a series of press releases that will expose GTL’s actions. The first press release revealed GTL’s actions in Louisiana. GTL regularly overcharged customers by charging more than the posted rate, charging for unused time, and by double billing customers. Over the course of a few years, GTL managed to defraud customers in Lousiana of more than a million dollars. These actions were extremely immoral, and they harmed prisoners throughout the state.

GTL has acted improperly in prisons throughout the country, and Securus hopes to fully expose GTL’s actions. They want GTL to change their actions and act with integrity in the future.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Kevin Seawright And RPS Solutions: Making Homeownership Affordable In Baltimore

The Larry Young Morning Show in Baltimore recently featured Kevin Seawright, a man on a mission to help people own homes. Seawright is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC. The venture is a joint partnership that creates affordable housing for people in Baltimore by renovating or constructing reasonably priced homes. Seawright explained that RPS Solutions helps local residents to be able to purchase homes and this helps to stabilize the community. The company also creates opportunities for first time buyers and helps local people invest in the city, have an ownership stake in it, and be proud of the community they helped to create.

Seawright explained that another of the goals of RPS Solutions is to raise the home ownership rate in Baltimore above 48.3% by providing affordable alternatives to renting. The vision is that will help the socioeconomics in Baltimore to become more stable. Kevin Seawright’s interest in economic development and improving the quality of life in Maryland and the surrounding region is nothing new. He’s worked in real estate, education, and local government for many years in New Jersey, Washington, and Maryland.

Kevin Seawright has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, an MBA, professional certification in Project Management, and Executive Leadership Certification from the Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business. Notre Dame points to Seawright as the ideal example of what can be accomplished by people who complete the program. But its the work that Seawright has done that has truly made him an outstanding public servant and business person. Seawright was Baltimore City Community College Executive Director of Operations to Baltimore City Community College. During his time there he improved the school’s management structures and efficiency.

Seawright has also served as Maryland Executive Director of Operations, vice president of Finance and Human Capital for Tito Contractors in Washington, DC, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Baltimore City Government. He has also served as Executive VP and CFO of NCEDC in Newark, New Jersey since September 2014. Kevin Seawright is also a family man who enjoys traveling, sports, his church, the Babe Ruth Museum, and supporting youth programs.

Andy Wirth Goes On KCRW Radio About The Drought

KCRW Radio has Press Play with Madeleine Brand, and her show hosted Andy Wirth for a talk about the drought in California. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

He wants to make sure that everyone in the state knows that the drought is a very serious thing, and he wants to be sure that all the people who are not helping out today will be helping.

Andy Wirth wants to see people making a change in the way they live, and he wants them to know that they way they are living can change to help the drought.

He talked a lot about the ski season in the Olympic Valley where he owns lodges, and he hopes the people in the valley can survive this long drought.

There has been less snow in the mountains because of the drought, and Andy Wirth is concerned that that lack of rain in the southern part of the state is going to hold over into other parts of the state that are in dire need of help.

There has to be snow falling where he lives, and he wants to see industry continue in his area in spite of the drought.

There are many things that can be done to handle the drought but the most important part to Andy Wirth is that people are pitching in and talking about what they think they can offer to the people of the state.

He wants the people who live in the area to have a chance to get their voices heard, and he also wants to make sure that the valley is going to survive.

He talks of making sure that the government knows what the people think, and Andy Wirth will continue to advocate for the environment so that there is nothing lost to the drought that has already stolen some skiing time.

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