Mighty Fortress Church & Others: The X Most Beautiful & Unique Churches In Minnesota

There are a surprisingly large number of old and unique churches scattered across the great state of Minnesota but there are none that are so fascinating and storied in their history than the three featured below.

1. Mighty Fortress Church
The Mighty Fortress Church of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, is unique for its fervent following as much as for its peculiar architecture. Unlike the other two additions to this list, the Mighty Fortress Church is a relatively modern construct, but one which is no less impressive in its outer facade and bold, geometrical appearance. With a huge, semi-circular vestibule and imposing beige walls, the church certainly lives up to its name “Mighty Fortress” for that is just how it appears.

2. St. Andrew’s Church, St. Paul
St. Andrews Church of St. Paul is one of the most beautifully constructed churches in all of Minnesota with a high, castle-like spire and a garish facade of brick, set in a quasi Roman style, interlaced with Spanish accents. Though the chapel’s most notable feature up close is perhaps the huge stone cross set inside a stone circle which rests like a beacon above the church’s bright green entryway double doors. It is also unique in that it is no longer a active place of worship nor is it any longer owned by any man of the cloth, but rather, it has been converted into a swelling artistic academy and it is certain that is beautiful cornices and lovingly crafted architectural details provide no shortage of inspiration.

3. Assumption Chapel of Cold Spring
The peculiar building known as the Assumption Chapel was first constructed in the early fifties after a deadly tornado destroyed the previous church in Cold Spring of which the Assumption Chapel is a reconstruction. The original church was built to commemorate the end of a locust plague which has earned the quaint little Gothic styled cathedral the nickname “The Grasshopper Chapel.”

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Former Hedge Fund Manager, Paul Mampilly Wins Prestigious Achievement Award

Former Head Fund Manager and now successful research and investment analyst mogul, Paul Mampilly has recently received the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment award. This award allowed him to present his strategic investment plans to a global foundation with confidence. His career portfolio includes several multi-billion dollar corporations.

Ironically, Mampilly, got his start as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He has the opportunity to enjoy the worlds best hedge funds as the Kinetics Management financial organizer. As things became more stressful in the financial sector, he decided to put his focus on helping everyday people invest and save more of their hard earned money. He is also committed to helping win the trust of the financial market. Mampilly, encourages his clients to makes smart investment and sustainable portfolios.

If you have a moment to listen to Paul Mampilly, he is focused on helping his clients make sound investment decisions. His clients learn the precise strategic details to make smart financial investments from the same advice to his clients which allowed him to receive the Templeton Foundation award. His insight into his many successes makes solid financial advice or his clients. Don’t let the stresses of an unstable financial market cloud your decisions, says Mampilly.

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In a recent interview with a series of online Q & A’s, Mampilly was adamant on leaving Wall Street, although, he found it to be very exciting, but it was for the elite class and rarely, helped others. He was centered on helping people use their paychecks to live a better life. Being out of the spotlight of financial market has helped him produce his Profit Unlimited newsletter. Hedges funds are driven by investment performance and cuts out the middle man which would get a part o your money during every investment or your success.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly by subscribing to his monthly newsletter for more details on transparent investment advice. His goal is to help his readers prepare for a solid future with the simplicity of saving from your weekly paychecks and investing in a sound Hedge Fund that is all about performance.

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What’s Next Goettl, Arizona’s Premier Air Conditioning Company

Businesses come and go no matter the field of work. The best businesses tend to last a lifetime as they’ll offer some of the best products and services. Arizona is known for some of the top companies in the country and Goettl is no exception. Goettl Air Conditioning is by far the best in the business when it comes to cooling and heating services. The company was started by two individuals known as Adam and Gust Goettl. They revolutionized the industry with their high quality conditioned air systems. Being pioneers of the game, the company has left a strong legacy for all else to follow.

Back in February, the company celebrated its 78th anniversary, which so happens to be Arizona’s 105th birthday. According to AZ Central, since its inception in 1939, the company has gone through some major changes over the years. Just think about it for a second, Packard was the very first vehicle manufacturer to provide air conditioning units in its vehicles when Goettl first started. The name itself is recognized for its business excellence in the region, which makes it a true pioneer. This birthday celebration keeps the legacy alive as well as the company’s internal values.


Goettl Air Conditioning offers some of the best core services to beat the Arizona heat. These services include light commercial HVAC, indoor air quality, heating and cooling. PR News admits you won’t find another air conditioning company with such brilliant heritage and excellent services. Thanks to its success, Goettl has been able to expand its services. Phoenix, Tuscan, Las Vegas and areas of Southern California all benefit from this wonderful company. The technicians are highly trained and courteous. Unfortunately, many other companies don’t stick to their principles or provide such courteous service. This can be a problem, especially if you’re having work done at your residence. All in all, Goettl Air Conditioning is the cream of the crop, and it will continue to push the boundaries well into the future.  Follow Goettl Air Conditioning on Twitter.

Securus Technologies – Serving Correctional Systems

With the head office in Dallas, Texas, and other offices in Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia, I believe Securus Technologies is one of the largest prison technology companies in the country. Nearly 2600 correctional facilities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada are served by Securus, which has become a leader in providing solutions in parolee tracking, government information management, incident management, biometric analysis, and detainee communications.

I’ve discovered that Securus works with law enforcement and correctional institutions to serve their unique needs. This includes “cell defender” technology to detect illegal cell phones, and to keep those phones from making connections with mobile networks.

To prevent and solve crimes, I’ve read that the CEO of Securus, Mr. Richard A. Smith, is committed to helping law enforcement by developing new products on a weekly basis. The company wants to provide the best services that will help keep parolees, inmates, and the families of inmates safe and secure.

Securus uses LBS software and I am confident that this software has helped law enforcement recover cash, illegal drugs, and illegal assets. Officials at institutions have been able to collect information that enabled them to get search warrants, by using the covert alert feature.

Their Technology Center in Dallas is available for visits and I hope that present and future investors, along with officials at competing facilities will take advantage of this opportunity to see a presentation by Securus.


Canadian Craft Beer and Eli Gershkovitch’s Passion For The Craft

Canadian craft beers prove to be even more popular today with the rising trends and counter-cultures in the society. No wonder Canada is known for their quality choices in beer. With the rise of smaller craft breweries, Canadians have more options than ever when the beer available before were mainly made by multinational companies. Some of the good craft beer in Canada are the following:

  1. Propeller IPA from Propeller Brewing Company


This craft beer started on the East Coast in Nova Scotia and has right now a prestigious three-time World Beer Championship Award for being a top quality beer with a smooth but strong caramel flavor. The taste is toned down but has a bitter kick that makes drinking it a good compromise between sweet and bitter.


  1. The St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout from McAuslan


The McAuslan Brewery based in Montreal, Quebec can produce this stoutly sweet but ultimately dark thick drink that’s a perfect drink during the coldest of winter. It’s got a light taste that makes it a good daily beer all year round, too. The success of this beer enabled the brewery to ship and export it to as far as New England since the early 1990s.


Canadian Craft Beer’s Rise


These craft beers are outstanding today with the help of leaderships like Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks Group of Companies, which is involved in making quality craft beer in Canada.


The interest of Eli Gershkovitch in craft beer started when he got the taste of Belgian beer (https://www.wingsjournal.com/hes-pilot-lawyer-ceo-steamworks-brewery-eli-gershkovitch). He was hooked ever since. His brewery now has a 40,000-hectolitre capacity and has now achieved a fascinating inflow of rising revenue. It continues to be one of the leading breweries in Canada today.


Along with Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch was also able to open several restaurants all over the locations near Steamworks and have made the brand reach even higher grounds (CrunchBase). It’s easy to see how the name Eli Gershkovitch gets printed all over the place. With his expansion strategies, it’s not hard to believe that the brewery empire he built will impress Canada’s craft beer drinkers.


The brewery of Eli Gershkovitch Steamworks is also more than a beer company. To Eli Gershkovitch it is a source of freedom. His sole ownership of his factory also made him achieve his dreams, which is to live with the fine pleasures of life. Eli Gershkovitch is now a collector of classic cars.

Glen Wakeman’s News On Emerging Markets

Glen Wakeman is a person who believes in renovating businesses that are struggling and has a track record of doing just that. He has offered his take on emerging markets (NewsSky). Glen Wakeman said that despite the rumors of tough economic times surrounding the Fed’s interest rate increases, he said he believes there’s promise of return on US investments because of three factors that pertain to the US economy. The first is the “rule of law” that makes for a stable place for investors to come to. He also said even with raised interest rates, the Fed’s policies still have kept one of the most stable currencies in the world. And then Glen Wakeman points to keeping productivity up in the labor market as a positive sign for emerging markets.


Glen Wakeman always had a plan to put business startups as a priority coming into his professional career. He attended college first at the University of Scranton where he received a BS in Finance and Economics, and then later finished grad school at the University of Chicago. His first business projects came while he was working for General Electric’s capital management firm. Glen Wakeman traveled to many different countries and even became head of GE’s Latin America division. He later was asked to turn around Doral Financial Corporation, a bank that was based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Wakeman did very well here and moved headquarters to Miami and started a US-based asset holdings company under it worth $2.7 billion.


Glen Wakeman left the banking industry in 2015 and decided to invest in other startups. He then founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which has been a starting point for people who want to go into business but need a concrete plan to do so (http://people.equilar.com/bio/glen-wakeman-doral-financial/salary/97219#.WWZNyIqQw3E). Glen Wakeman also is working with Sitter Bees, an app used for locating babysitters, and Dreamfunded, a San Francisco venture capital firm started by Manny Fernandez.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is a Shining Star in the Mexican Media Sector

     El Economista is the leading newspaper in Mexico City. It publishes articles in Spanish and has been operational for more than two decades. El Economista is a daily newspaper, and it is printed on a pink-orange paper. The contents of the article are mostly advertisements, local, and international news. It also features local stories involving the Mexican community.

News featured on El Economista

El Economista also provides detailed information on the main financial issues, such as health, fashion, real estate, construction, transport, mutual relationship, and entrepreneurship. El Economista has an editorial column that features sports, cultural section, and sports. Additionally, it prints information about small businesses, academics, local & national politics, economics, and usual market trends. This paper is edited by some of the top professionals in the media industry, such as Pedro Suarez, Jose Soto Galindo, Alejandro Radonjic, and Patricia Ortega Martinez. El Economista target audience is the Spanish speaking community, and it is rated as one of the best performing papers by the consumers. El Economista is sold at local stores and is available online for clients who prefer the soft copy versions. El Economista is owned by Dutriz Hermanos, SA. de C.V, one of the top media companies in Latin America.

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega serves as the vice president of Grupo Televisa. Angoitia Noriega is an experienced professional in the field of administration and finance. He has worked for many companies, including White & Case LLP. Angoitia Noriega is the co-founder of Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes y Fuentes, S.C, a top law firm in Mexico. He joined Groupo Televisa as an attorney who served to provide advisory services.

Angoitia Noriega worked with Emilio Azcarraga’s father up until his demise. He then took up an active role at the company and helped restructure and rebuild it. Angoitia Noriega is responsible for closing a $1.2 billion deal that allowed the company gain access to the U.S. Hispanic market in America. This business transaction involved Televisa and Univision. Angoitia Noriega is also involved in various philanthropic works and is a member of the American School Foundation and Fundacion Mexicana para la Salud A.C. Angoitia Noriega is a regular attendee of the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference.

Jason Hope’s Futuristic Attitude Helps Others

Jason Hope is many things in his life including an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He also has a huge passion for technology and an even bigger passion for giving back to others. Hope works primarily as a futurist and is committed to helping people find ways to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

He has a passion for technology and he uses that to help make predictions about where the future of technology is heading, and he helps others understand where that may go and what they can do to make inventions that can help change people’s lives. For one, Hope believes the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be a huge player in the future of technology as more and more devices become interconnected into people’s daily lives from smartphones to laptops or computers to tablets and back again. Hope’s main initiative is to help businesses stay up-to-date with technology and ensure that they are able to use technology to make the most positive difference in their communities in which they reside.

Jason Hope also gets into the philanthropic side of things as well. Hope has a huge heart and loves to give back to others as life has given him so much to be thankful for. Hope’s biggest passion is the SENS foundation which is about helping use modern technology to help find ways for people to live longer, healthier, happier, fuller lives. It takes a different approach to anti-aging by finding cures for diseases that break the body down faster than the body would typically break down. For more info about us: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation click here.

These things include everything from Alzheimer’s to heart or lung disease and back again. The idea is to keep these diseases from ever happening from supportive, preventative screenings to cures for the cases that already exist SENS works tirelessly to eradicate disease through research of groundbreaking technologies that help others get cured of the ailments they have.

Mullen Lowe on Top of Brazilian Advertising

The Brazilian advertising industry is one of the largest in the world. It is saturated with experts and innovative thinkers, which is what makes it unique. Mr. José Henrique Borghi is one of the people, who have made Brazilian advertising sought after.

Mr. José Henrique Borghi is one of the well-known advertising experts of Mullen Lowe Brasil. The company of Mullen Lowe advertising agency that operates both nationally and internationally and has expanded significantly over the years. Mullen Lowe, as well as Mr. José Henrique Borghi, are both working with celebrities, large brands, and other businesses internationally. Mr. José Henrique Borghi created ads for some of the largest worldwide brands today,

Over the course of his career, Mr. José Henrique Borghi has been recognized by competitions ad institutions alike. In fact, he is the winner of a few Cannes Lions which is a huge honor in industry. Mr. José Henrique Borghi has a collection of a vast number of awards from the many different competitions he has been taking part in over the years of his career to learn more: http://grandesnomesdapropaganda.com.br/tag/jose-henrique-borghi/ click here.

Mr. José Henrique Borghi was born in the Brazilian town of Presidente Prudente. He graduated from a local school and landed a position in 1989 at the company of Standart Ogilvy. Mr. José Henrique Borghi worked as an editor. At the time, he was still uncertain as to what direction to take in terms of professional realization. Mr. José Henrique Borghi excelled position. He was promoted a few times, and he also worked at other businesses.

After some years, Mr. José Henrique Borghi and one of his colleagues decided to collaborate and create a company as well. That company later merged with another one and from that Mullen Lowe Brasil was born. The ad agency has expanded greatly and is thriving in the industry.

Working With Securus Technologies to Keep Our Prison Safe

When you work as a prison guard, you understand that each day could be your last because of the violence taking place on a daily basis behind those walls. To make matters worse for us, the inmates outnumber us 4:1 in most cases, and many of them have such a hatred for authority that they would gladly take a swipe at us if possible. As tight as we run the ship, if you begin to add weapons or drugs into the mix, you turn the dangerous to deadly in the blink of an eye.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the new inmate phone monitoring system we use, and it allows us to pay closer attention to what the inmates are talking about on the phone. The CEO of the company, Richard Smith, says his Dallas-based company and all employees work towards the single objective of making our planet safer. The system does the work of many officers, now giving us the chance to be in two places at the same time so we can start to tighten things up within these prison walls.


Once I was a little more familiar with how the LBS software worked, I listened more intently to when the inmates talked about contraband. What we discovered was quite shocking for all my fellow officers. There were times the system would pick up on calls when the inmates were chattering about who would bring the drugs to them via the visitor center. Then we discovered times inmates talked about having drugs hiding in their cells that they used after lights out. One call even pointed to where in the yard inmates were hiding weapons to be able to access them in a seconds notice.


We have used the call system to really tighten up security and make our prison safer too.