Eric Lefkofsky and the Health System

Eric Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan, an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, and the Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus a company with the technology with an operating system to gather data to be more effective in the treatment for Cancer and other illnesses.

In fact, Eric Lefkofsky and his twenty years of experience in the advances of technology believes that the health system is lacking sufficient data and information to treat patients differently and personally, and depending on their medical history, their past diagnostics and the medications, could help doctors, researchers, and insurance companies to treat them better.

There is a lot of waste of time and money when missing a link to battle Cancer, the medical system has to depend on that critical and necessary information; clinical and molecular data have that platform to treat their patients with the facts and not only guessing from the pain.

In the mean time, Tempus has partnered with different Cancer Care Centers and Eric Lefkofsky intentions are to grow the Company and the operating system to other community hospitals, so each patient can get the health care they need and deserve, it doesn’t matter who or where you live.

The new technology of Tempus can minimize the waste and maximize the results when gathering correctly the molecular sequencing and mutations of each patient. Consequently, the patients and the doctors and everyone else will benefit with this operating system that Tempus is working to fight this battle against Cancer.

When you or someone you care and love is fighting this disease, you expect the best treatments because it is an illness that needs the best health system, a system that has to be at the top, and that is precisely what Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus wants, to be at the top to help and give real results in less time. For that reason, time is an important fact when you are fighting for your life.

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Adam Milstein: The Next Generation of Leaders Is Here

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and an activist who is well known in the Jewish community, both in the United States and in Israel, and beyond. He has done a lot for the Jewish community and for Israel. He is also an author and a writer. He writes blogs for the Times of Israel, one of the top destinations online for news and opinions about Israel and the Jewish community.

In a recent article, Adam Milstein wrote about how the Jewish community outside of Israel will rise up to meet the challenges that face them. He said that they will do it with Israel in their hearts. He wrote that Jews always stood up to defend Israel, from the very beginning of its creation. Ben Gurion and his friends were not able to build Israel without standing up to the British. Many Jews stood up to the Nazis, like in the Warsaw ghetto. There is now a new threat to Israel, and it comes from the movement that calls itself the BDS movement, which stands for Boycott, Divest, and Sanction. They want to boycott the State of Israel and separate it from the rest of the world, including the Jewish community in the United States. Adam Milstein says that we must stand up to this and not let it happen. We must make our voices heard and prevent the BDS movement from gaining traction.

Adam Milstein says that he believes that the next generation of leaders is here already. These are young people who live with the spirit of Ben Gurion and the other early leaders who fought for Israel. He says that he meets these people every single day through his activism and philanthropy work. He sees these young people participating in activities in Israel that help strengthen the Jewish people. He says that we must encourage and support these people because they are the counter to the BDS movement. They are the answer. We must give them a platform and a voice, and we will see results soon enough.

End Citizens United-A National Campaign for Fair Elections

     For many years, End Citizens United has fought to bring to late many of the prominent issues with the U.S. political system. In a recent article published by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, they cover a recent incident where a U.S. representative named Jacky Rosen accepted $2 million from California billionaire, Tom Steyer. This type of independent political funding happens often, but the issue with Rosen is that she previously was an advocate for a principle held by ECU, that billionaires should not be able to put unlimited amounts of money into elections.

After the U.S. supreme court ruled that limits on independent political spending are a violation of the First Amendment, politicians like Representative Rosen have acted as advocates for the fight against the big donors who flood elections with large contributions, much of which is unreported. Rep. Rosen pledged to partner with End Citizens United to fight against this type of “free speech”, which gives unequaled power to the candidates with the largest contributors. However, it is obvious that Representative Rosen is willing to take large donations, ironically going against her previously expressed intentions.

Many current candidates are taking strong positions against accepting money from billionaires and corporate donors. Hiral Tipirneni is currently running a campaign in Arizona’s special congressional election, and she has stated that she is rejecting corporate PAC donations in her campaign. End Citizens United is asking donors to help Tipirneni, as Arizona has consistently elected candidates who are involved with corporate contributors with special interests.

End Citizens United has a grassroots network of donors comprised of thousands of supporters from around the US. Donations made to ECU are used to support candidates who are “Pro-Reform”, and they come in annually from its 400,000+ members nationwide. End Citizens United does not accept donations larger than $5,000 from an individual contributor. ECU states that their mission is to bring an end to outrageous spending in politics, which is crucial in fixing the rigged system. Campaign finance reform champions are an integral part of there strategy, as well as passing state ballot measures that tackle the issue. They also aim to bring this conversational topic to the forefront of the National Agenda.

ECU sponsors candidates like Hiral Tipirneni and many others who also carry this principle message with them. The end goal is to have an election system that is fair and does not allow for the type of financial contributions that can sway elections in favor of certain candidates.

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Tony Petrello: Giving Donations To Help People Young And Old

Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries CEO, has long made generous contributions to a variety of charitable and philanthropic causes and organizations. He has also helped to raise hundreds of millions for the Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony Petrello is a caring individual. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey in a close-knit working-class community. That has helped him to understand the importance of people working together and helping each other. The people in his community and his teachers all cheered for hardworking math whiz Tony Petrello to succeed. And now here he is giving back to others generously.

One way Tony Petrello has given back is through his donations to the people in the Houston, Texas area who lost their homes, necessary resources and their livelihoods when Hurricane Harvey struck the area in 2017. One of the first things CEO Tony Petrello and the management of Nabors Industries did was use their kitchens and dining areas to provide hot meals to people displaced by the storm and workers helping to rescue the stranded and rebuild the homes and businesses throughout the city. Tony Petrello also gave $175,000 to relief organizations and matched the $173,000 the employees raised and donated.

Tony Petrello also gave a large donation to Yale University, his alma mater, to fund a scholarship in memory of Professor Serge Lange. When Petrello was working on both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics, Professor Lang taught and mentored him. When Professor Lang died not long ago, it was Tony Petrello who gave $150,000 to Yale to set up a scholarship in Professor Lang’s name. Petrello gave another $150,000 to match donations given by other alumni. Tony Petrello attended Yale on a scholarship. Now, through his donation, he’s making it possible for other talented people of limited means to also be able to attend the university.

The largest charitable donation for which Tony Petrello is responsible is in excess of $200 million required to create the neurological research institute at Texas Children’s Hospital named in honor of Jan and Dan Duncan. Carena, Tony Petrello’s daughter, was born with cerebral palsy. Rather than lament the problem, Petrello gave $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital to build a facility to treat children around the world with neurological disorders. Tony Petrello also volunteered to help raise the several hundred million dollars more it took to complete the facility and improve countless people’s quality of life.

Alex Pall Talks About His Sources of Inspiration

Finding inspiration can be tough. Many songwriters and singers have a routine they use to tap into their inner sense of the world around them. Alex Pall is one person who understands what it is like to look for inspiration all around him. As one of the lead singers and songwriters of The Chainsmokers, Pall has found inspiration in all he does. He’s learned that it is possible to take what he sees and use it as a source of musical insight. He’s also learned that it is possible to take from his own background and create something that all people everywhere can relate to in their own lives. As a highly creative person, he understands that creativity can flow from all kinds of varied places. Creativity is a process that he also knows can take a great deal of time and lots of effort but ultimately prove truly rewarding in the end. His own sense of creativity is also one that takes not only from the local scene but from many kinds of international influences.

Keeping in Touch With Trends

One of his major decision over the course of his musical life has been to realize that he wants to keep pushing himself in new and inventive ways. He’s not content to keep doing the same thing over and over again. He wants to always focus on pushing the envelope and bringing his fans exciting new experiences. He and his partner know that people love those musical acts who can help bring out a new way of viewing the world and translate that into musical insights. The two of them are looking for ways to help keep their audience engaged. This is why they look to the international scene as well as to their own personal backgrounds and past personal experiences. Their goal is to always take their ability to entertain just a step further every single time they put out a new song or perform in front of an audience. They want to offer something for their fans that is truly and completely unique to them.

Understanding ICO Trends and the Accomplishments of Jordan Lindsey

In 2018, it is predicted that the momentum of the Initial Coin Offering will increase significantly. In 2017, ICOs performed very well. For just one year, the 752 ICOS launched in 2017 raised about $5 billion which is amazing. Most companies saw the potential in ICOs and decided to venture in them as much as they could. A perfect example of such a multinational company is the Microsoft that ventured into blockchain. Other distinguished firms that ventured into ICO space include the KIK and Aptoide among others. In 2018, more momentum of ICOs is expected.

However, due to the current financial situation, most investors want to understand the trends and the anticipated future of ICOs, blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrencies. One pattern is that new structures that will be developed in future will not allow significant bonuses. By aiming big numbers, a majority of ICO companies made a fortune. However, at the moment, such firms have gone lean. This situation has occurred due to the increased number of nations that joined. The new countries thus led to limitations of the amount that one investor or company can raise. This situation tends to restrict ICO companies.

Jordan Lindsey is a competent and highly experienced financial advisor. His extensive knowledge of the financial industry motivated him to start the JCL Capital. Jordan Lindsey spent much of his childhood in New York. Some of the major interests as a child were sports, competing and becoming a renowned entrepreneur in future. It is impressive to know that Jordan discovered his purpose and mission while still young.

At the moment, Lindsey is an outstanding algo trader and an accomplished expert in the financial sector. According to a recent interview, Jordan Lindsey says that to remain productive at work, he ensures that he is healthy, stays determined, plans in advance, and executes his plans. Lindsey advice people to try out things without worrying about failing. He says that failure leads to important financial lessons.

Despite his success in business, Jordan values his family. He is married and has three daughters who he loves genuinely. Lindsey says that spending time with family is crucial to all parents even though most of them do not know. Even though he has a busy schedule, Jordan spares time for his family who are a source of motivation to him.


Matt Badiali: How Investing in Natural Resources Can Skyrocket Your Portfolio

From his desk at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali can literally change the world. He may not literally change the world itself, but through his expert knowledge and natural resources investments he will change your world. Matt is the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, and also their in-house natural resources expert. Because mine’s are not just located in one country, Matt’s work has literally taken him all over the world. He has investigated mines in such places as Singapore, Iraq, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Haiti, and many other mines all over the world. He had literally visited so many mines he has lost count! That is because he favors a hands-on approach to investment advice. One thing is for certain: Matt’s hard work can be your gain. Read this article at

Of course it can be hard to find an investment professional that is trustworthy. Take heart, though, because Matt Badiali definitely has all the needed credentials for an excellent investment professional. On his crunchbase profile, Matt has an enormous amount of activity and articles that demonstrate he not only is trustworthy but he knows what he is talking about. For example, with titles such as “The Lithium Boom Will Bust Sooner Than You Think”, “Peak Power Demand-Change Is Coming”, and “The Gold Mining Business Is Working” you can tell just by merit of his writing prowess that he has earned his stripes as an investment professional.

Of course, the experience he has demonstrated on his crunchbase profile is top-of-the-line as well. Matt Badiali got his start as a geologist teaching at the University of North Carolina. Although he would have been quite content to continue down that path, he received a call one day from a friend in the investment services field who wanted his assistance on an investment project for a client. After he and his friend completed the project, his interest was piqued and he embarked on a different career path. Visit to know more.

Considering his zeal, is experience, his activities, and his energy, his track record speaks for itself. Simply put, if you are looking to invest in natural resources then Matt Badiali is the individual you need to talk to.


OSI Food Solutions is the Top Solution in Foodservices

The foodservice industry has gone global. Each region of the earth has its own distinct taste in a sense. Foods that naturally grow in one region of the earth may not necessarily grow in other regions. This is why trade deals are so important because two regions can make business arrangements in exchange for goods and services. OSI Food Solutions just so happens to be one of the leading foods ervice providers in the world. When it comes to providing a wide range of products and providing a wide range of services, no other food provider is doing it any better than this company. OSI Food Solutions has a plethora of standard foods under its huge umbrella, including:

• Panini

• Fritters

• Pizza

• Pot Roast

• Meatballs

• Fruits

• Onions

• Cookies

• Tofu

• Cooked Sausage Links

• Turkey Products

• Soups

• Chicken Fried Steak

• Bacon

• Chili

• And many more

Sheldon Lavin, OSI’s CEO, was honored with the Global-Visionary Award back in 2016. This prestigious award celebrates the top visionaries in a variety of fields, and it recognizes the person’s dedication and perseverance. This event was held at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Lavin has certainly done his job to the fullest as he has helped OSI Food Solutions reach newer heights. To put things into a better perspective, OSI is conducting business in more than 16 different countries.

From test kitchens to pilot plants, this amazing company has it all, and it can do it all. Some of the top R&D specialists work for OSI Food Solutions. These professionals have a firm understanding of the industry from top to bottom. Real-world Cuisines and global-food knowledge goes hand-to-hand. On top of that, OSI is a premium custom-food creator. That’s right! For those who are in need of unique food products, this company has more than enough capability to get the job done. OSI Food Solutions is blazing a path to success, and it has laid a blueprint of success that’s a mile long.

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How Susan McGalla Has Thrived At Male-Dominated Organizations

Research studies done over the years show that businesses that are more diverse, including both racially as well as between men and women, are more successful than less diverse firms. The research indicates that the likely cause for this is that businesses like this are more open to new ways of thinking. This leads to greater revenue and profits. The question, then, is why this research has been ignored by the leaders of the vast majority of Standard and Poors 500 companies, most of which rarely put women into the C-level suites.

Susan McGalla is a woman who has bucked this trend. For example, when she first started her career at American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. there were no women at the C-level. By the time she had decided to move on she had been named President despite this challenge. She is now a VP for the Pittsburg Steelers which, as an NFL team, is also dominated by men. She credits growing up in a household where she was treated exactly as her brothers were so she always had to work really hard for what she wanted.

In 1986, Susan McGalla graduated from Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, with a degree in business marketing. After having moved on from American Eagle Outfitters she launched her own consulting firm where she used her extensive business skills to advice large companies executive officers. She has also been the chief executive officer of The Wet Seal, Inc. as well as the founder of another business called P# Executive Consulting, LLC.

She was born and raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Because she grew up in a family of Steelers fans she says that now working for this team fulfilled a dream of hers. She manages this team’s business strategy as well as the creative development side of this NFL team.

OSI Group’s Acquisitions For Better Business in the 21st Century

Business acquisitions are an integral part of doing business. By participating in acquisitions, a company can expand and strengthen its infrastructure. Acquisitions can also help a company tap into uncharted regions for conducting business. There is one company that personifies this notion the best, and it’s known as OSI Group. OSI Group has become a main staple in the foodservice industry, and it has taken acquisitions to a whole new level. By having so much power and influence, this company has been able to acquire many high-profile businesses that relates to its own. Flagship Europe, a leading supplier in frozen goods and pies, has joined OSI’s team of success.

This European food supplier also specializes in providing sauces, dips, mayonnaise and dressings. The great part about this acquisition is that this merger is for Flagship’s Food Group division in Denver, Colorado. OSI Group already has facilities throughout the country in Iowa, in California, in Illinois and in Utah. This acquisition will definitely help OSI become even more efficient because of its close proximity. The same thing goes for Tyson Foods’ Chicago-based plant. OSI Group purchased this plant in 2016 for over $7 million. In addition to that, the company already has plants/facilities in the Chicagoland area. For the amount money that was actually spent on these two food service juggernauts, OSI Group will surely get a great return-on-investment (ROI).

Pot roast, meatloaf, meatballs, panini, hotdogs, pizza, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, steak, poultry products, turkey products, bacon bits, chili, cucumbers, beans, soups, tomatoes, desserts, cheese, fritters, sausages, cookies and chicken fried steak are all being offered by OSI on a consistent basis. This short list only gives you a taste of what the company has to offer. All in all, OSI Group and acquisitions seem to go hand-to-hand, and this extraordinary company will surely implement more acquisitions in the future.

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