Dr. Rod Rohric and Cosmetics Surgery

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a medical doctor by profession and an eminent professor who has a reputation that supersedes him. He is well recognized at both in the United States of America as well as internationally. He has made many great contributions in reconstructive and plastic surgery. He is also well respected for his broad education and also his work at the rhinoplasty. He also has numerous inventions in facial aesthetics as well as aging.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is serving currently in the plastic surgery department at the Southwestern Medical University in Dallas Texas. He is also the current holder of the crystal ball charity for the honored Chair in Plastic surgery. Dr. Rod is the owner of the Warren and Betty Woodward Chair in reconstructive surgery as well as the recipient of the Rod J Rohrich medical doctor distinguished professorship in plastic surgery and wound healing. He is also serving as the chief editor of the American Plastic society of the surgeon’s official medical journal of Reconstructive and Plastic surgery.

Dr. Rohrich was born and raised in the rural areas of Zeeland. Was a gifted student and at an early age, he completed his undergraduate and a graduate degree in education with a first class honors division. He later ventured into medicine and took a degree in the Baylor College and also graduated with a degree in medicine with a first class honors. The Michigan Medical Centre was the base where Dr. Rod Rohrich turned himself from a plastic surgery resident into a pediatric plastic surgeon. He later finished his studies in the division in 1986 in Dallas.

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The cosmetic surgery world is so dynamic and enriching. It is vast and therefore ranges from Botox shots, full blown facial implants all the way to breast implants on utsouthwestern.edu. This is also an industry that is very new to the market today, and many novice entrepreneurs will disrupt it in many occasions.

In this industry, however, it is no longer for only the rich celebrities with the case or the socialites so wealthy to do. In the recent years, it has been advocated by the TV shows and thanks to them especially Extreme Makeover for education on age-defying cosmetic products.

Dr. Gary Breslow has invented an online platform that can be used to bring together patients as well as plastic surgery doctors in a more efficient and comfortable way. This platform also has a feature where physicians and patients can communicate using chat forums.

GTL’s horrible actions have been exposed

The prison communications industry is vital to American life, but it usually goes unnoticed. Without great prison communications companies, prisoners would not be able to contact their friends, families, and lawyers. The legal system would slow down as lawyers would not be able to get deals through, and investigators would have one less source of information. America needs great prison communications companies, and Securus is up to the task.

Securus has been in the prison communications field for many years. They pride themselves on offering top-quality phone lines to prisoners at reasonable prices. They know family members do not deserve to be punished for their loved ones’ crimes, so they keep the communication lines open. Securus operates their company with integrity, and they expect that same integrity from their competitors. Unfortunately, one of their competitors does not act with integrity.

GTL has been a power in the prison communications industry for many years. Recently, they posted record profits. These profits are incredible, but the method they used to achieve the profits is quite sad. GTL has been ripping off their customers at every turn.

Securus discovered GTL’s actions and they knew they had to act. Securus is planning to issue a series of press releases that will expose GTL’s actions. The first press release revealed GTL’s actions in Louisiana. GTL regularly overcharged customers by charging more than the posted rate, charging for unused time, and by double billing customers. Over the course of a few years, GTL managed to defraud customers in Lousiana of more than a million dollars. These actions were extremely immoral, and they harmed prisoners throughout the state.

GTL has acted improperly in prisons throughout the country, and Securus hopes to fully expose GTL’s actions. They want GTL to change their actions and act with integrity in the future.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Kevin Seawright And RPS Solutions: Making Homeownership Affordable In Baltimore

The Larry Young Morning Show in Baltimore recently featured Kevin Seawright, a man on a mission to help people own homes. Seawright is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC. The venture is a joint partnership that creates affordable housing for people in Baltimore by renovating or constructing reasonably priced homes. Seawright explained that RPS Solutions helps local residents to be able to purchase homes and this helps to stabilize the community. The company also creates opportunities for first time buyers and helps local people invest in the city, have an ownership stake in it, and be proud of the community they helped to create.

Seawright explained that another of the goals of RPS Solutions is to raise the home ownership rate in Baltimore above 48.3% by providing affordable alternatives to renting. The vision is that will help the socioeconomics in Baltimore to become more stable. Kevin Seawright’s interest in economic development and improving the quality of life in Maryland and the surrounding region is nothing new. He’s worked in real estate, education, and local government for many years in New Jersey, Washington, and Maryland.

Kevin Seawright has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, an MBA, professional certification in Project Management, and Executive Leadership Certification from the Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business. Notre Dame points to Seawright as the ideal example of what can be accomplished by people who complete the program. But its the work that Seawright has done that has truly made him an outstanding public servant and business person. Seawright was Baltimore City Community College Executive Director of Operations to Baltimore City Community College. During his time there he improved the school’s management structures and efficiency.

Seawright has also served as Maryland Executive Director of Operations, vice president of Finance and Human Capital for Tito Contractors in Washington, DC, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Baltimore City Government. He has also served as Executive VP and CFO of NCEDC in Newark, New Jersey since September 2014. Kevin Seawright is also a family man who enjoys traveling, sports, his church, the Babe Ruth Museum, and supporting youth programs.

Andy Wirth Goes On KCRW Radio About The Drought

KCRW Radio has Press Play with Madeleine Brand, and her show hosted Andy Wirth for a talk about the drought in California. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=36030954&privcapId=7911768

He wants to make sure that everyone in the state knows that the drought is a very serious thing, and he wants to be sure that all the people who are not helping out today will be helping.

Andy Wirth wants to see people making a change in the way they live, and he wants them to know that they way they are living can change to help the drought.

He talked a lot about the ski season in the Olympic Valley where he owns lodges, and he hopes the people in the valley can survive this long drought.

There has been less snow in the mountains because of the drought, and Andy Wirth is concerned that that lack of rain in the southern part of the state is going to hold over into other parts of the state that are in dire need of help.

There has to be snow falling where he lives, and he wants to see industry continue in his area in spite of the drought.

There are many things that can be done to handle the drought but the most important part to Andy Wirth is that people are pitching in and talking about what they think they can offer to the people of the state.

He wants the people who live in the area to have a chance to get their voices heard, and he also wants to make sure that the valley is going to survive.

He talks of making sure that the government knows what the people think, and Andy Wirth will continue to advocate for the environment so that there is nothing lost to the drought that has already stolen some skiing time.

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NAVCA names Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala in its under 40 recognition program for 2015

“NACVA” otherwise known as The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts has named Madison Capital’s co-founder, Anthony Marsala in its under 40 recognition program for 2015. “NACVA” is an organization that routinely recognizes young business professionals who have made incredible contributions to the overall management and operation of their respective business organizations. For Marsala, being chosen as an honoree is a high honor for a young professional particularly in light of the fact that the competition for nomination is intense and diverse according to the “NACVA” judges.

Honorees were chosen from a group of over 125 young business professionals who fit the criteria of making huge strides in their fields of expertise. As the year progresses, these young leaders will be the main subject of features in related press releases, as well as profiled in publications such as the QuickReadBuzz Blog, NACVA’s Association News and The Value Examiner,

Anthony Marsala is the CEO and co-founder of Madison Street Capital, LLC. As a finance and information systems graduate of Loyola’s University of Chicago. He also holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Oxford. Mr. Marsalas’ specialties are in business valuation, corporate finance and M&A. His role at Madison includes the leadership and management of Madison Street Capital’s foreign presence in Asia, Europe and Africa. His other duties include the oversight of Madison’s due diligence and analytical programs. These programs consist of teams which are in charge of business valuation oversight for Madison’s Corporate Finance and M%A clients. Over the past 13 years, Marsala has been involved in the review of multiple valuation and transactional audits that span a variety of industry professions and sizes. His main expertise is middle market corporations and those businesses which are in the early stages of development.

About Madison Street Capital, LLC:

Madison Street Capital, is an investment banking firm with strategic banking locations around the globe. Madison Street Capital prides itself on giving our clients an edge for success in the global market by committing to the highest standard of integrity and providing top quality of leadership and experience. Madison’s expertise includes services in financial advisory, opinion and valuation services as well as merger and acquisition experience that is unparalleled. Each and every client is a separate focus for our teams and their dreams and goals become our priority for their continued success. For this our firm is known worldwide for our commitment and standard of excellence and our dedication to our clients. For additional information, please visit our website at www.madisonstreetcapital.org

Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital: Started When He Took A Risk

The business world is certainly not for the faint-hearted, and most people who have gotten ahead in it have done so through taking some adventurous risks. Sanjay Shah can certainly say this as the founder of Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a botique investment firm that manages all different kinds of funds from stocks, bonds, ETFs and other securities. The firm employs top-notch experts who know how to read the global markets and make sound investment and trading decisions based on the latest trends. Solo Capital has been around since 2011, and their last recorded net worth was estimated around £15.45 million.

Solo Capital and its subsidiaries are branched out across the globe, and they have become one of the most successful UK investment firms. But it wasn’t always like this, as Sanjay Shah the founder had his humble beginnings. Shah was raised by parents who came from poorer countries, and he would later travel to those countries with one thought in mind, to help the people there. Shah’s passion to help others originally inspired him to study medicine, but after getting to college and spending his first couple years in the field, he decided to go a different route. He ended up going into the financial industry, working as an accountant for investment banks, one of which was Merrill-Lynch. But after many years of following the same routine, he started looking for opportunities to start something new, and got that opportunity when he was laid off during the 2008 recession.

Solo Capital was born in Shah’s own home and he used his financial expertise to market and grow his client base. It started out very small, but he managed his clients’ investments so well that word got out about his company and it grew. Solo Capital started out with a small office space, but now has their own facility. After succeeding with this company, Shah decided to retire, but he contributes to numerous philanthropic causes. One of his very own foundations is Autism Rocks, a charity that hosts concerts and other live music events to raise money for Autism research. The cause is very close to Shah’s heart as his son is diagnosed with Autism.


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Who is Brad Reifler?

Brad Reifler is the Founder and currently CEO of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. This business is an international financial services company that advises their clients on investment management and investment banking services. Forefront Capital treats their clients like partners, and this unique relationship allows them to work closely with their mostly middle-class investors on a more personal level. It has been said that 1% of the people are considered the “elite” class. Brad Reifler and his company serve the 99% who are often overlooked when it comes to investment opportunities. The asset management products offered by Forefront are a higher yielding, lower risk market.

Recently, as Brad announced on SlideShare, Forefront Capital joined into a partnership with Easterseals Dixon Center, an organization that provides assistance to military families and veterans in obtaining education, employment and healthcare as needed. The Easter Seals Dixon Center is physically located in Washington, DC, but the assistance is performed throughout the United States, wherever veterans and military families live. Forefront Capital chose this organization to partner with because the company, and specifically Brad Reifler believes that Easterseals Dixon Center has made a valuable and positive impact, changing the lives of the people who have served our country.

In a comment made by Mr. Reifler, his company chose Easterseals Dixon Center because the company wants to be involved with a charity that makes a true difference on the lives of a very special and often ignored group of people. Forefront Capital also wants to make a considerable difference with veterans and their families affected in a negative way because they cared enough about our country to give up their daily lives to protect her.

Oftentimes, veterans serving the U.S. return to their communities needing a source of financial stability. Forefront Capital wants to help these potential clients and as associates the company can provide more hands-on support. As part of the arrangement, Forefront Capital has promised a $3 million donation to the Easter Seals organization to help with programs the Center offers such as health care, continuing education, and job training. When the veteran or any members of his family has completed training, the Dixon Center also counsels and assists with job placement.

The partnership works in favor of everyone involved. Forefront Capital gets an opportunity to use much needed funds for a good cause. Easter Seals benefit from the initial $3 million boost to veteran’s programs. And the veteran’s and their family’s benefit by getting an opportunity to contribute to their communities in a different way, and the financial stability needed to put them back functioning as a member of society in a positive way. Read the full story on Brad’s partnership on MSN.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Continues To Climb The Ladder of Succcess

Dr. Jennifer Walden knew that she wanted to be a surgeon from a very young age. Her parents were both in the health field so the idea came naturally to her. She not only is a surgeon, she is a media commentator as well. She frequently speaks to the media about being a female surgeon and has even been on a few shows. She has been featured on Fox News, VH1, Dr. 90210 and many others.
One would think that with all of this going on that she would not be able to fit raising a family into a mix. This is definitely not the case. She is also a single mother of twin boys. Her home is close to her office and she has a nanny who helps her out with the boys. This is how she is able to keep her priorities straight.
Not many women go into the cosmetic surgery field. It is mainly dominated by men; however Dr. Jennifer Walden is a force within the field.
Her office always have the latest technology. For instance she has a machine that will give people an idea of what they will look like after the surgery. This is huge because no one wants to look worse after surgery. The goal is look better. Jennifer is also a consultant to aesthetic companies. She is definitely one of the first surgeons in the Austin area who is using ThermiVa. This helps to restore the vagina to a youthful appearance, tighten and strengthen. 92% of cosmetic surgery patients are women. So Dr. Jennifer Walden believes it is imperative to have female surgeons in the field. Some people definitely feel better having a female doctor than a male.
Dr. Walden believes that people should research the surgeon and the procedure thoroughly before going under the knife. If someone does adequate research they should be able to locate the best doctor for them. Dr.Jennifer Walder hopes that people will continue to choose her for their surgery needs because she is not stopping doing what she loves anytime soon.


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George Soros Bearish

There are a lot of people who have knowledge of the overall economy. Few people have as much experience as George Soros on the subject. George Soros has been right many times when other people have been wrong. In a recent article, George Soros said that he is concerned about the overall direction of the economy. This is concerning for a variety of reasons. George Soros is generally right on his predictions, and the data suggests that global economic growth is slowing. Over the long term, growth is vital to a solid economic foundation. George Soros outlined his reasons for being bearish, and he also purchased a large investment in gold.

Investing in Gold

Gold is a great hedge against bad economic times. As a general rule, gold tends to move in an inverse relationship to the overall economy. By investing in this precious metal, George Soros is saying that he believes bad economic times are ahead. Investors often follow some of the most experienced investors in the world. In this way, this is a leading sign that there could be some issues with the overall economy. Anyone who wants to invest in gold needs to make this trade as a long term investment. Gold tends to be volatile, and with Great Britain thinking about leaving the European Union there could be a lot of economic headwinds in the future.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

George Soros

From an early age, George Soros fell in love with business and investing. Even though he grew up in poverty, he was able to take his love and turn it into riches. He moved to England as a boy, and studied hard so that he could work his way up in his career. His high level of success is fascinating to look back on. Anyone who wants to emulate his success must be ready to work hard. Over the years, he kept working even when it was not convenient to him. He could have retired decades ago, but he wants to preserve his working capital and continue to influence others around the world. He is now very involved in politics, and he has even commented on the election coming up in the United States.

Economic Signals

As an investor, it is important to look at economic signals in the coming weeks. There are some people who think that the stock market is about to fall off of a clip. George Soros simply thinks that the overall economy is headed down. As a protection in this trade, he is buying gold to hedge against bad economic times. There is no doubt that many other people will follow his lead, and will invest in this precious metal instead of the stock market.

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Whistleblowers Have New Protection From A Specialty Law Firm

Whistleblowers over the years have been very afraid to come forward because they have information that can take down whole companies. They could have been in danger, and they did not have any real incentive to help the government catch people. They would spend their lives being pariahs, and it would be nearly impossible to get another job. Now there is a law firm at Labaton Sucharow that will help people who are blowing the whistle on their employers, and they can get the help they need with new rules in the Dodd-Frank bill. The change in the rules makes whistleblowing safer, and Labaton Sucharow will help every whistleblower get the assistance that is needed.

A whistleblower is going before the government to offer information to help prosecute someone, and then they will have to testify in court. They might need to get protection, and they will have a claim to a portion of the funds that they uncover. The change in the rules for the act entitles people to up to 30% of what their information uncovers, and they will need that money to get on with their lives in another place.

Every whistleblower who is in need of information should get all their questions answered at their consultation. They can work with a lawyer from Labaton Sucharow to figure out what steps they need to take to be safe, and then they need to file paperwork so that they can be paid the money they are owed under the law. Only a SEC Whistleblower lawyer can do this quickly and correctly for the sake of the client.


Labaton Sucharow will help the client make sure that they can file their claim with the government over the money they are owed, and then they will make sure that the funds are forwarded to the client. Lawyers at Labaton Sucharow also help prepare people for court, represent them if they are sued by an angry employer, and make sure that they have representation if they have a hard time getting another job. Whistleblowers need legal counsel to make sure that they are doing the right thing at all times. There are a lot of legal maneuvers that have to happen when a whistleblower gets into a case of this magnitude, and the lawyers at Labaton Sucharow will make sure that the whistleblower has the information they need before they begin to participate in an investigation.