Michael Jackson Fan And Impersantor Sergio Cortes Sergio Cortes’ Early Interest In Michael Jackson

Spanish born Sergio Cortes is living his dream life. He has the opportunity to mimic his most favorite superstar and role model, who is Michael Jackson. According to the now famous Michael Jackson impersonator it is not only a dream come true, but it is great privilege to be able to perform for millions of fans around the world as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Sergio Cortes’ fascination with pop artist Michael Jackson began during his childhood. Mr. Cortes credits his mother to introducing Michael Jackson to him by tuning the television to a Michael Jackson performance while he was sitting on the couch watching TV. At the the time, Michael Jackson was still singing in a band called Jackson 5. He was not performing solo yet. Yet Sergio Cortes had singled Michael Jackson out as the person he wanted to grew up to be like. Michael Jackson had been a role model for Sergio Cortes since he was a little boy going to school. He continued to be a role model for him throughout his life, and remains a role model for him even though he had sadly passed away in 2009.

The Beginning of Sergio Cortes’ Impersonation Career

Sergio Cortes’ breakthrough can also be credited in a way to Michael Jackson. Cortes began imitating Jackson after watching him sing and dance on television. Sergio began dressing like Jackson and trying to copy his dance moves. He had a difficult time at first, but eventually mastered the art of singing and dancing similar to his role model Michael Jackson.

One day when Sergio Cortes was dressed up like Michael Jackson, he was approached by representatives from magazines and TV shows. They had wanted Sergio Cortes to pose for a photography session. The photography session made Sergio Cortes famous as a Michael Jackson impersonator. After the photo shoot Sergio Cortes received several invitations around the world to perform in American Idol like music singing competitions on TV.

Performing at music competitions around the world helped kick start Sergio Cortes’ impersonation career. He gained fame, and also gained a following of Michael Jackson fans. After Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, Sergio Cortes recalls that is was very difficult for him to cope with the sudden loss of his role model. Cortes says that performing as Michael Jackson did helped him overcome the grief he felt when his idol had died.

Sergio Cortes says that people flocked to his concerts after Michael Jackson died. His reminiscence of Michael Jackson at his concerts helped millions of avid Michael Jackson fans cope with the loss of one of their favorite music artists. For more information about Sergio Cortes and his concerts you can check out his Facebook page and Twitter page.

A Summary About Solo Capital And It’s Owner Sanjay Shah.

Solo Capital Markets is a top global boutique investment firm that operates from London and Dubai. Solo Capital is also a proprietary, trading and consulting firm. The proprietary trading branch of the firm deals with the trade of FX, commodities, and derivatives. On the other hand, Solo Capital also offers consultancy services to multinational corporations and companies, big time investors and governments. They specialize in consultancy in investment, performance, and human capital. Solo Capital also offers management of various professional sports investments for firms, billionaires, and organizations. Their services include talent identification and acquisition, commercial advisory services, commercial representations, asset management and technical performance management. Solo Capital also enjoys the luxury of having highly qualified staff to in their firm. This staff offers the best services to their clients.

Sanjay Shah is a British national who currently stays in Dubai with his family. As of now Sanjay Shah considers himself retired from active roles in business management and engages more with his charity organization Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a foundation that promotes public awareness of autism and raises money to fund research on autism. This organization also promotes the provision of medical care and therapy care to children with from less fortunate parents who cannot afford to give them private treatment. Autism Rocks also gives donations to hospitals and health care centers that deal with autism to ensure they give better services to their less fortunate patients. Autism rocks have also partnered with researchers at a university, who run deeper research on autism and how to help children suffering from it. Autism Rocks raises its funds through organizing celebrity concerts for its partners and guests who donate and all money collected at here goes to fund autism projects.

Sanjay Shah is an excellent accountant who has worked at various prominent organizations such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. In 2003, Sanjay Shah joined ING Bank to the position of senior equity finance trader for linear equity derivatives that were trading in London and New York. From ING Bank, Sanjay Shah joined Rabobank where he worked until 2009 for private business. While at Morgan Stanley, Sanjay Shah rose through the ranks fast and became the co-head of JM Morgan Stanley Securities Pvt Ltd, which deals with institutional equity business around the world. Sanjay Shah had joined JM Morgan Stanley Securities in 1996 for the position of Head of Sales. This was his stair up the management of this firm. Through long time working at different positions for different organizations, Sanjay Shah was able to gain a lot of experience that has helped him a lot in the business world. He used this to take his start-up firm Solo Capital, from being just a start up, to one of the biggest companies in the world.

Charles Koch’s Political Dilemma: An Interview with Vanity Fair

Known for their impact on U.S. politics, the Koch brothers, Charles and David, believed their strategies had worked, placing them in prime position to elect a Republican president in 2016. Unfortunately, David Koch could not foresee Donald Trumps’ entering the election campaign. In the Vanity Fair article “Can the Koch Brothers Stop Trump?” Charles not only laments their lack of influence over the 2016 campaign but shares some of their reasons for opposing Trump. A serious dilemma looms; whether to invest in attacks against the Democratic presidential candidate or devote campaign resources to block Trump’s becoming the Republican Presidential nominee.

Charles, the older brother, doesn’t believe in party labels. After graduating from M.I.T, the self-described “classical liberal” focused on expanding a free market that would support his family’s business goals. After a failed attempt to build a viable third party during the 1970’s, the Libertarians, the Kochs changed strategies to work through an existing party, the Republicans. Using their Libertarian network, the Kochs would inject their philosophies, changing the party’s platform. During the 2012 campaign, Obama outmaneuvered their candidate, Mitt Romney.

The article continues, describing Koch’s covert efforts to harness the political system, describes the depth of the Trump dilemma, then discusses how Koch’s efforts have not only decentralized the political process but has inspired other wealthy mega-donors to shun existing political institutions to strike out on their own. The article concludes that these efforts have decreased the Koch’s carefully cultivated influence and have led to an era if uncertainty for Charles Koch’s family, businesses and politics.

All Because of One Man

Avi Weisfogel grew up in New Jersey where he started out as a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care. He won the title of Best Dentist several times. Avi earned his Bachelor’s degree at Rutger’s University in Psychology and Biology. He then earned his Dentist degree from New York University College of Dentistry. For the past sixteen years, Avi Weisfogel has specialized in sleep apnea. He owns Dental Sleep Masters Seminars in New Jersey where he teaches people how to treat their sleep problems.

Avi wanted himself and other doctors to learn more about how to help people with sleep problems. Five years ago, Avi decided to start the “Healthy Heart Sleep” to accomplish this. Avi Weisfogel also wanted to speak to other dentists about sleep apnea so he started Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. Avi later added Dental Sleep Masters to teach other dentists how to utilize several oral devices to help with sleep disorders.

In 1982, Dr. William Magee who was a plastic surgeon, and his wife Kathleen who was a nurse, started Operation Smile in the Phillippines.  The overwhelming amount of children in need was more than they could handle and that is how Operation Smile was started. They were able to get support from different companies for the surgeries. They were also able to get a volunteer staff of doctors and nurses that would help on their return trips to the Phillippines.

Today there are thousands of professional staff that are helping children in over sixty countries get the free surgery they need for their facial deformities, all because of this wonderful program. The medical staff in these areas have also been trained to handle these surgeries and have also been provided with the equipment and supplies needed.

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Getting a Scholarship for School by Keith Mann

Keith Mann has been working on something that will benefit students studying in Brooklyn, New York. This endeavor will help students to better afford their education and further themselves when they would have otherwise have stopped. This is a scholarship provided to students by Keith Mann. Keith Mann is a leader in the business industry and is the creator, director and owner of the hedge fund corporation known as Dymanics Search Partners. His company is one of the most successful hedge fund firms in the country and this is why he is so passionate about people getting a good education for their own needs.

A good education can help a person to further their career, live a happier life and make the money that they need to live comfortably and support themselves and a family. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not able to get this education or they are not able to further their own education because of money situations. This is why this scholarship is so appreciated and needed by graduating students in the Brooklyn area.

The winner who writes up the best essay is going to be given a full scholarship by Keith Mann to further their own career. There are also going to be a few other winners who will win smaller but very important prizes that they can also put towards their education. This is something beneficial to all people in the business world and those who are trying to better themselves by getting an education. It can be difficult to continue an education when a person does not have the funds to accomplish this and this is why the scholarship offered by Keith Mann is so vital to those who are in need of it. If you are interested in the scholarship, it helps to work with the Keith Mann corporation in finding out more about what you might need for it.

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Highland Capital Management Unveils New Purchases In The American Market

Highland Capital Management is the hedge fund founded by James Dondero that operates out of Dallas, Texas. His fund has become one of the most powerful in America after over two decades of wise management. Jim has successfully invested all over the world, and he keeps a small portion in the American markets to this day. He uses his own investment techniques that have been perfected by his team over the years, and this article explains the ten newest holdings that have been picked up by the company over the course of the year.

#1: Only 25% Is In America

Jim has made Highland Capital Management one of the most diverse hedge funds in North America during his tenure, and the company has managed to move much of its holdings overseas. Overseas investment is an easy way to make money when certain portions of the American markets are not fruitful.

#2: New To The Fund

There are ten new acquisitions of note in the HCM portfolio, and Jim Dondero has chosen these acquisitions along with his team to help increase revenue in America. Amazon and Eagle Pharmaceuticals stock were purchased on the strength of both companies individually, and Jim chose to spread the money around between the finance sector, retail sector and healthcare sector. It is difficult to find someone more interested in diversity of investment than Jim Dondero.

#3: Moving Into New Arenas

These two industries alone are the strongest in America today, and Jim wants to continue to move away from entertainment to help pay for new acquisitions. The fund at HCM has over three billion dollars under management in North America alone, and the fund is using that money to make a shift to the industries that Jim believes will be most profitable.

Jim knows that he has a responsibility and duty to his clients to use their money well, and this shift in his fund is helping his clients make more money than ever before. The Highland Capital Management fund is turning to technology and the health sector for more holdings, and those holdings promise to make even more money than Jim has given his clients in the past.

This article recapped http://www.octafinance.com/highland-capital-management-top-10-holdings-in-q3-2015/352793/

Philip Diehl’s Views on Gold in US Money Reserve Podcast

US Money Reserve is the country’s largest distributor of United States government issued gold,Philip Diehl, president of US Money Reserve, expressed his thoughts concerning gold in a recent podcast .

Diehl views gold as a long term investment. It does not really matter what is happening in the short term to those who choose to invest in it as much as the overall trends. Gold is to be used as more of a safe haven to store an individual’s wealth, a type of wealth insurance of sorts. This is one of the reasons that Diehl developed a precious metals IRA through US Money Reserve. This lets individuals fund their retirement through investments in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. This allows their wealth to be tied to physical goods rather than stuck at the mercy of geopolitical and monetary events.

Recently there had been some turmoil that had affected the gold market significantly. Diehl attributes this to several factors, two of them being the financial collapse of 2008 and the development of gold ETFs.

Another major factor has been the continued rise of the dollar. This has made gold look like an attractive investment, particularly to those in other countries. Recently, as much as 65% of gold purchases were made by individuals in China or India.

This segues in to the future of gold, as explained in a recent radio interview. Diehl believes that gold will remain an attractive investment, or perhaps become even more attractive in the coming years despite possible short term volatility in the markets. This is due to the rise of the middle class worldwide, particularly in BRIC countries. The increase in the middle class leads to an increase in demand for precious metals. Along with this, another key factor that could lead to gold being a great investment is that the dollar eventually must come down. When this happens gold will become much cheaper which could present a major buying opportunity for those who are looking to get in to precious metals.

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Jon Urbana From a Different View

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur who is making big splashes in many different areas. He is the co-founder and operator of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camp was established in Denver, Colorado and has been very successful. Jon Urbana not only knows how to coach the sport, but he has experience playing it as well. Urbana played a few years of professional lacrosse before deciding to carry on his passion by coaching the sport to youth.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

In addition starting businesses, Jon Urbana also has a very creative side that he is expressing in many different forms. He has his own blog in which he features some of his writing. Also, Urbana shoots impeccable videos. His catalogue includes everything from nature shots to very artistic and abstract concepts. Music is also a passion of Urbana’s that he is pursuing. Lastly, Urbana shoots and produces many videos of his own.

In this video, viewers can find information about Jon Urbana’s pursuits as well the lacrosse camp that he started. The video briefly discusses Urbana’s success as an entrepreneur as well as giving a glimpse into his other artistic abilities.

Not all of Jon Urbana’s videos are informational however. For instance, in this video, Jon Urbana captured a beautiful shot of an Alaskan moose eating from some brush. The Facebook video he uploaded is only 10 seconds long but it really captures the moment where the viewer can feel as though they are only feet from this beautiful creature.

Another video of Urbana’s entitled “Clouds Rule the Sky” feature a black and white shot of clouds rolling over a beautiful lake.

There are videos that discuss some philanthropic projects that he is involved with. In this video, Urbana introduces a GoFundMe campaign he established in an effort to raise money for Earth Force, a non-for-profit focused on being environmentally friendly. He mentions that it was the children from his youth lacrosse camp that inspired him to start the campaign.

China Warns Investors To Stay Away From Betting Against The Yuan

George Soros the billionaire hedge fund investor and Jim Dondero the co-founder of hedge fund investment firm Highland Capital Management believe that China is going to drag the world into another meltdown in 2016, and it could be worse than the 2008 meltdown. Soros has been very vocal about China’s attempt to keep their economic growth rate up by manipulating their currency and injecting billions of dollars in reserves into the domestic economy and the local banks.

Jim Dondero told an interviewer recently that Highland Capital Management has always had assets in emerging markets. Jim co-founded the Dallas-based hedge fund firm in 1993 with investment wiz, Mark Okada. James was successful in the investment industry before he started Highland Capital, but the success they have achieved in the 24 years they have been together has made their past accomplishments look small in comparison. Highland Capital has more than $16 billion in assets under management and the company has offices in Brazil, Korea, Singapore and two offices in the United States.

The economic battle with China has been out in the open since the Chinese stock market meltdown in July 2015. China’s recent economic forecasts have not been met, and their projections for future economic growth have been inflated, according to Dondero. China’s economy may only grow by 4.0 percent in 2016 and that spells trouble for the rest of the world. China’s economic growth has been the engine on the global economic train for the last ten years, but Dondero thinks that engine is running out of steam.

The main issue in Chinese debacle is hard to nail down because there is more than one issue and all of them are serious according to Jim Dondero. Chinese investors are putting their money in offshore investments, and the attempt to turn the Chinese economy into a consumer based economy is a long way off, according to investors like Dondero and Soros that study the Chinese situation.

The Bloomberg.com article mentioned the fact that the yuan could drop in value by more than 15 percent in 2016. The Chinese will undoubtedly continue to control the yuan, and they will have to continue to pump billions of dollars into their domestic economy to save face. Jim Dondero and Soros believe the Chinese are going to export deflation around the world in 2016, and stock markets around the globe will have one of the worst years in recent history.

Bloomberg.com thinks hedge fund investors will continue to short-sell the onshore and off shore yuan. Short-selling the yuan has been going on since 2014, and it’s not going to stop this year, according to the Bloomberg.com article.

Ross Abelow Comes to the Aid of Homeless Animals

Well known New York matrimonial and family law, lawyer Ross Abelow is promoting a fundraiser which will benefit the city’s homeless animals. The fundraiser started on January 13th with the goal of raising funds to be donated to city animal shelters, allowing them to buy food and other supplies needed to care for the animals they care for.

Winter is a difficult time for stray animals, as the weather makes staying warm and nourished even more difficult. Many shelters are overcrowded in the winter and need more space and resources to care for the higher number of animals they take in. The fundraiser is aimed at bringing financial relief to the shelters, so they can more readily provide services.

Ross Abelow, in addition to working in family law, provides services in the area of entertainment law and commercial litigation. He has spent over 26 years in the field of law, having attained his law degree at Brooklyn Law School in 1989.

Ross is respected by lawyers across the city for his ability to work in a variety of areas of the law. He has shown that he is able to help people at times when they really need a support system. He has represented some well-known entertainers in New York over the years. His experience has helped many settle legal issues quickly and positively. His experience in divorce proceedings has helped many couples come to amicable settlements so they can move on with their lives.

His personal blog addresses issues in the financial and legal arenas as well. His Facebook page also offers helpful information on the topics he knows about. Additional information about the animal shelter fundraiser can be found at its GoFundMe page. Ross will answer any questions donors have about where the funds are going and how they are being used to care for the animals in the city’s shelters.