Construcap: Revolutionizing the Construction Sector

Construcap is the largest construction company in Brazil, and it was founded in 1944. It is part of the Construcap group of Companies. The Company provides services to both the private and public sectors in three categories energy, building and infrastructure.

In 2012, the Construcap entered into a partnership with CFPS to offer integrated engineering services in the oil and gas sectors in Brazil. It also focused on mining and pharmaceutical areas. The other companies that they partner with include;

ü Innova Health: It was established in 2014 to offer the supply of equipment services. The company also provides services in the management of non-healthcare services on Construcap is set to build three different hospitals in the country that will be managed by Innova Health.

ü CMO: The Company was established in 2011 to offer modern solutions for the offshore and naval sectors

ü Minas Arena: It was constituted in 2010. It has been responsible for the completion of the renovation of Mineirao Sports Complex.

ü Concert of Concession: It was established in 1995. The company helps to provide logistics in the transport sector.

Construcap has been successful in the different projects that they have undertaken. That is the reason why the Engineering News Record recognized the Company. In 2016, the FIAT plant of Construcap was awarded by the Engineering News Record Awards. The company has also been ranked 431st Company in Brazil that is impacting the economic sector.

In addition to offering different services, the company also has programs that have enabled it to succeed. They provide training and development programs at that are designed for the employees. Through the different workshops, the employees have an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. They offer internships, professional training, leadership and literacy training programs.

Through their integrity program, Construcap equips the employees with the information they need to perform well. They staff members are evaluated according to their code of conduct.

The management team on has adopted a different communication channel. They maintain a direct communication between the management and employees, clients and partners so as to promote trust among all the stakeholders.

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