The Blend of Lives Riding the Greyhound Busses

Doug Levitt is an artist and a former journalist. He has spent the past 13 years of his life traveling across the United States of America using the bus line of Greyhound. In the United States that bus line is viewed as a very last resort. Doug Levitt, however, has travelled more than 120 000 miles across the United States in order to do enough research for his book called The Greyhound Diaries.

Over the course of his travel research, Doug Levitt has met people from the underbelly of America. He has travelled hours on end sitting next to ex-offenders who have just been released from jail, neo-Nazis, and more. Doug Levitt has travelled the United States of America from side to side more than 20 times in those 13 years.

One of the latest experiences that Doug Levitt had was to ride the Greyhound bus for 20 hours next to a Neo-Nazi. The man had a tattoo of Hitler, and a number of gang member tattoos as well. Doug Levitt is Jewish so sitting next to a neo-Nazi quite naturally was terrifying to him. The man actually offered Levitt a tuna sandwich and kipped on the floor so that Levitt could have a nap on the two seats a bit more comfortably. The man Levitt had to travel next to explained the way jail is like for convicts at length. He gave an extensive explanation on where convicts separate based on race among other things. Doug’s media blog.

Doug Levitt shares that he might be the only person on those busses that is taking the bus by choice and not because of necessity. He also shares that he is surrounded by the most overlooked people. Society turns their backs to the kinds of people that board the bus. Doug Levitt has been sitting among people coming from poverty and homelessness. Many people are runaways or former convicts, or are suffering from a mental illness and addiction. It is a blend of lives that can’t be found anywhere else. On the long bus journeys those people start peeling of the façade layer by layer and Doug Levitt can witness the real person who riding next to him.

Sujit Choudhry in Support of Bid for Constitution Alteration in the Upcoming Democratic States

Sujit Choudhry is a high-ranking authority in matters relating to comparative constitution. His involvement in constitutional matters has qualified him to the point of lecturing in various universities across the world. At the University of California for instance, he served as a dean and is currently serving as a law professor. Mr. Sujit is popularly known for Center for Constitutional Transitions, a foundation whose launching was inspired by his desire to fill the many gaps in democratic transitions. When Mr. Sujit advocates for constitutional amendments in budding democracies, he does so under the guidance of his excellent knowledge of the law. Sujit Choudhry prides in law degrees earned from three countries.

Professor Sujit as an Inspiration in Legal Matters

Choudhry has had an opportunity to explore various political and legal environments. That aspect has in a great way inspired his career progression. It helped him learn how different countries carry out their issues. Among the many things keeping Sujit on the move are determination and passion. On an interview, Choudhry said this is a time during which America is to learn from other democracies’ setbacks and victories. He sees constitutional issues from a professional angle, which maintains him at a higher position.   For a must-read interview of Sujit, click on

Some of the Causes Served by Center for Constitutional Transitions

The organization endeavors in mobilization of knowledge supporting upright constitution-building. They usually involve global authorities in pulling together evidence-based strategies, which play a crucial role in agenda-setting and decision-making. So far, the foundation has engaged more than fifty professionals hailing from more than 25 countries. Center for constitutional transitions collaborates with other global researchers to ensure they publish refined and substantial information.

Informing the World

Apart from being a lecturer, professor Sujit Choudhry is also a remarkable author.  He publishes articles that people use for reference. So far, Sujit prides in publishing more than ninety editorials reports and book chapters. Read this recently written article by Sujit on, tackling a current issue.   By so doing, he ends up teaching several people from all corners of the globe. His website is equally an ideal avenue through which people acquire extensive knowledge of his initiatives. Sujit’s impressive resume speaks volumes about his broad knowledge of the subject. To read more about Sujit, hop over to

For his latest tweets, follow him here.

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The Best Community Bank in Dallas

Nexbank SSB is a Dallas-based regional bank that serves the North Texas area. This bank was founded in 1922, and they focus on providing investment, commercial, and mortgage banking services. Their services are divided into operations such as mergers and acquisitions, warehouse lending, credit services, corporate finance, and real estate lending, among others. The bank deals with various customers such as individuals, investors, small and middle-level local businesses, corporations, and institutional clients.

Nexbank’s management team under the leadership of John Holt, as the CEO and president, boasts of both industry expertise and a strong determination to ensure customer satisfaction. Over the years, the bank has experienced tremendous growth. In December 2015, they acquired College Savings Bank in Princeton, New Jersey, which specializes in 529 plan college-savings programs. The acquisition of CSBs will help to diversify Nexbank’s deposits and further steer the growth of the company. As of March 31, 2017, the bank had 5.3 billion U.S. dollars in assets. The bank has been predicted to enjoy further growth in the future.

Ranked as the 14th largest bank in Texas, Nexbank prides itself in being the preferred community-based lender in the market. The bank provides their customers with unmatched access to customized solutions and a paperless and automated system. Nextbank also promises fast loan underwriting and decent pricing for their products. Nexbank’s highly trained and experienced employees have what it takes to meet the needs of their clients and deliver excellent customer experience.

Besides providing financial services, Nexbank is famously known for their support for the community and development efforts in the Dallas Metroplex. In 2016, the bank partnered with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that constructs at least 50 homes per year in the Dallas community. The bank aims at providing up to $50 million to finance low-income homes in South Dallas over the next five years.

Equities First Holdings Company Overview

Equities First Holdings is one of the leading global lenders when it comes to alternative lending strategies. In order to accommodate its growing business, the companies continue to maintain its three major offices located in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. The company strives to ensure that its business associates and clients get easy access to its offices and that is why the Melbourne office was relocated to the heart of the city. The new office in Melbourne can comfortably accommodate the company’s staff and clients leaving enough room for expansion. Apart from the Australian offices, the company has other business locations in USA, Switzerland, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

What does Equities First Holdings specialize in?

Equities First Holdings is a lending company that has been in operation since 2002 and the company specializes in offering stock-based loans. Clients get an opportunity to meet their professional and personal goals because the organization offers capital against stock that is traded publicly. The company guarantees low fixed interest rates as well as high-loan to value for its clients. The lending criteria of many financial institutions is very tight and therefore Equities First Holdings comes to the rescue of prospective borrowers who are able to access stock-based and margin loans within a very flexible lending criteria.

The company is popular among borrowers that find it difficult to access credit-based loans and need to raise capital within a limited period of time. Securities are normally used as collateral in both margin and stock-based loans that are offered by Equities First Holdings. Therefore, the lending program shields borrowers from increased interest rates and tightened loan qualifications. In addition to that, stock-based loans provide certainty because of the fixed interest rates. The depreciation of a stock’s value does not in any way prevent a borrower from terminating a stock loan at any point.



A Review Of The Exemplary Career Of Jim Tananbaum

In 2011, Jim incorporated Foresite Capital. The healthcare equity firm seeks to identify emerging leaders in the healthcare industry. They help such leaders and companies to make huge profitability margins by supplying them with crucial networks, capital and information.

Jim contends that besides being an academician, he loves investing in the lucrative healthcare industry. He learns to discover the brightest and viable solutions to be offered by science. His passion, as well as unwavering commitment and persistence allows him to build the firm and expand its portfolio. Tananbaum contends that the success of many teams is anchored on synergy. He explains that the worst professional experience that he had was when the people that he was working with did not complement each other.

To Jim, team dynamics are crucial. He summarizes partnerships by saying that 1+1=3. The executive contends that when equal partners feel insecure or are not productive, dysfunctionalties occur. Jim posits that if he could turn back to his youthful days, he would learn to believe more in himself. For long, he would only focus his energies on implementing ideas that were best to him and others. This way, he would compromise on some issues. However, in 2011, he came up with an idea that a large healthcare fund would play a pivotal role in enhancing competition across asset classes.

Tananbaum says that if he were to start again, he would focus on growing his business concepts based on what is ideal for business growth and avoid doing things in the normal way that they have always been done. The shrewd entrepreneur posits that business is not about convention, but disruption.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim is the founder of Theravance, Inc. and GelTex Pharmaceuticals. For less than $80 million, the latter developed and introduced two successful drugs in the market. In 1998, GelTex was acquired for $1.6 billion at a time when Ranagel or Renzela had more than $200 million in annual revenue run rate. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Jim holds an MBA and MD from Harvard University. He is also an alumnus of Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he pursued a math and electrical engineering/ computer science major, and MS respectively. His mentors include Bob Gunderson, George Whitesides, Roy Vagelos, Rick Levin and Rick Klausner.

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Ricardo Tosto Noted as the Most Prominent Lawyer and a Market Leader in Brazil

Brazilian law has been based on statutes but more recently a system called sumula vinculate which is a summary. This summary registers peaceful or majority interpretation of specific topics, which has been based on similar cases. The purpose of this is to make public the jurisprudence of society and promoting a uniformity between decisions.

A binding summary is the philosophy of the law that when voted on and then approved by the Federal Supreme Court, with at least 2/3 of the members, becomes a binding understanding that all judges, courts, and public administrations must follow. It acquires strength of law, which creates a legal bond and effects everyone.

This system has been derived mostly from the civil law systems of other European countries, and in particular, Portugal, Germanic law, and the Napoleonic Code. In Brazil, there are many labeled systems of the law. In October of 1988, the Federal Constitution was created and is to this day the supreme law of the country, although it has been amended many times over the years.

The country is a Federative Republic that is formed by the indissoluble union of the Federal District, the States, and municipalities. The 26 federate states of Brazil have the power to make their own laws and adopt their own Constitution.

In the area of Brazilian Lawyer, one man is the acknowledged leader and he is Ricardo Tosto. His law practice has been recognized by the Legal 500 and the publication, Analise 500.

Ricardo Tosto’s firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados is the biggest and the most prestigious in Brazil.

The legal specialties of Brazil for this firm deal with Debt, Political, Civil, Business and Credit Restructuring, and contracts. With their extensive experience, there is no match for any legal professional help you may need.

Ricardo Tosto attended Armando Alvar Penteado Foundation Extension, Business Administration and Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in law.

Ricardo Tosto and his firm are the specialist in litigation. He was responsible for conducting the mass litigation in the office in an efficient and organized manner. Ricardo Tosto is a market leader and is the most prominent lawyer in the firm.

Eric Pulier: Anomaly and Outlier from Start to Finish

Eric Pulier is an incredible anomaly. We live in a time where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is shoved down the throats of Americans today hoping to spawn the new race of start-up founders. But what does this have to do with Eric Pulier being an anomaly?


Simple…yet for a few reasons.



The Doogie Houser of Tech Start-Ups


Visiting Eric Pulier’s Wikipedia page and his official websiteI quickly discover that Mr. Pulier began “programming computers in the fourth grade and started a database computer company in high school.” While kids his age were using computers for simple games and applications, he was a youth in revolt pre-emptively contributing to the technology created by our most famous rebels that would speak to how we live our lives.


These earlier accomplishments revealed the trajectory Eric would travel down into his adulthood. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outliers, would equally agree to identify Eric as an outlier–a man who is doing extraordinary things amongst ordinary men. However, Eric’s choice in course of study for college further defines him as an anomaly…and possibly classify as “most likely to fail” by STEM standards.



Shakespeare and Start-up Bound


A person with such a profound start in his adolescence and teen years would typically choose a school and major towards technology further supporting his computer aspirtations right? Wrong. Eric did the opposite. He would attend the prestigious Harvard University, a school known for producing Law Grads, majoring in the enemy or lower class citizen to STEM: English and American Literature.


Reading, writing, and demonstrating a love for art in words is great as a past time or hobby, but for being a serious entrepreneur it is severely frowned upon. Fortunately society has serious entrepreneurs such as Eric who is proving that his primary talent is proving naysayers and norms to be…well…stupid. It’s truly a testament to his ability to innovative and foresee unusual benefits. This is what continues to cement Eric as a bonafide outlier and anomaly.



Accomplished Man


It is clear that whatever Eric Pulier sets his mind to, it is going to exist. has already done a great job documenting his track record. He is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur defying all conventions for innovation and creativity to breathe. But his greatest endeavor?


Fatherhood. Venture capital investments do not hold a candle to the value and stock he’s raising in his four children.