Mighty Fortress Church & Others: The X Most Beautiful & Unique Churches In Minnesota

There are a surprisingly large number of old and unique churches scattered across the great state of Minnesota but there are none that are so fascinating and storied in their history than the three featured below.

1. Mighty Fortress Church
The Mighty Fortress Church of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, is unique for its fervent following as much as for its peculiar architecture. Unlike the other two additions to this list, the Mighty Fortress Church is a relatively modern construct, but one which is no less impressive in its outer facade and bold, geometrical appearance. With a huge, semi-circular vestibule and imposing beige walls, the church certainly lives up to its name “Mighty Fortress” for that is just how it appears.

2. St. Andrew’s Church, St. Paul
St. Andrews Church of St. Paul is one of the most beautifully constructed churches in all of Minnesota with a high, castle-like spire and a garish facade of brick, set in a quasi Roman style, interlaced with Spanish accents. Though the chapel’s most notable feature up close is perhaps the huge stone cross set inside a stone circle which rests like a beacon above the church’s bright green entryway double doors. It is also unique in that it is no longer a active place of worship nor is it any longer owned by any man of the cloth, but rather, it has been converted into a swelling artistic academy and it is certain that is beautiful cornices and lovingly crafted architectural details provide no shortage of inspiration.

3. Assumption Chapel of Cold Spring
The peculiar building known as the Assumption Chapel was first constructed in the early fifties after a deadly tornado destroyed the previous church in Cold Spring of which the Assumption Chapel is a reconstruction. The original church was built to commemorate the end of a locust plague which has earned the quaint little Gothic styled cathedral the nickname “The Grasshopper Chapel.”

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