Minnesota’s Beauty-Mighty Fortress Church

Minnesota is full of undiscovered treasures; however, its beautiful churches are a few of the treasures that have been kept intact with their original structure and design. Some of these beautiful structures include: Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, Assumption Chapel, Episcopal Church of Our Savior, Stella Marie Chapel, and Hopperstad Stave Church.

Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church is located in Minneapolis. This church is modeled after churches in England. Its English Rural Gothic architecture models the popular model of the period. Assumption Chapel was rebuilt in 1951 in response to a natural disaster that hit the area. Also known as Grasshopper Chapel, the church was built in hopes that the locust plague would end. A third church, recognizable by its red door, and Tudor and Gothic design, is the Episcopal Church of Our Savior located in Little Falls. The church was erected in 1903. The churches are surrounded by the ever changing seasons that Minnesota provides. One such church that is highlighted by its surroundings is the Stella Marie Chapel in Collegeville. Located on a peninsula, the church is only reachable by canoe or hiking. Finally, the quaint Hopperstad Stave Church in Moorhead offers a picturesque scene that attract many photo opportunities. This church was built as a replica to a church located in Norway and is recognizable by the viking art located in the building and its wooden structure. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

These are only a handful of what Minnesota has to offer, one of the most notable churches is that of Mighty Fortress Church located in Minneapolis. The welcoming environment of the church invites local and visiting church-goers. The church prides itself on its core values including: Being relationally connected as a family, being stretched to grow in faith, being respectful of all ethnicities and cultures, and much more.

Might Fortress Church has put their inclusiveness into practice by including a page with their frequently asked questions. One such question addresses the atmosphere of the church. The church has created an environment that does not include that of weekly rituals, but rather one in which its members and visitors may find themselves growing with the church. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.

Bishop Thomas Williams has been in care of the church and its patrons. Having served over 30 years, the Bishop emphasizes teachings through day to day applicability of core values. Holding a Bachelor’s degree from North Central University in Minneapolis, the Bishop has knowledge on his surrounding community and its needs.

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