Jorge Moll – Bridging Our Understanding Of Science And Morality

We have been led to believe that morality is learned but research in the area of neuroscience is shedding light that there is much more to making moral decisions than we thought. Jorge Moll, a researcher in the field of neuroscience is now suggesting that morality may be hardwired in our thinking.

Jorge Moll, working with neuroscientist researcher Jordan Grafman, ran a study on how the brain reacts when a subject was asked to think about giving money away to charity or keeping the money for themselves. Their brains were being scanned while they considered this choice. The results were astonishing. Visit Jorge’s profile on

The scans showed that the subjects brains reacted by activating a primitive part of the brain that lights up when reacting to cues of sex and food. This study suggests that being selfish is not natural. It appears that sharing is rewarded internally by our own bodies.

This revolutionary discovery may confirm the moral teachings that have been handed down for thousands of years through religions and the teachings of philosophers. Perhaps morality is instinctual. It begs the question that it is not just human but may exist in animals also. One study that was done with two rats, and had one rat given electric shocks when the other rat took a bite of food. Soon, the rat stopped eating.


It seems that empathy is natural. When we can sense the what those around us are going through, we accept the responsibility to react appropriately and with support. This response does appear to be instinctual. Tests conducted by neuroscientist Antonio R. Damasio was done on subjects that had damage to a part of the brain, ventromedial prefrontal cortex. These people did not respond to a group situational dilemma with a natural moral compass but rather a logical, uncompassionate, self-preservation response regarding themselves.

It is encouraging to find a meeting of the minds, so to speak, bridging the gap between religious teachings (perhaps more reminders than teachings) and science. Scientist such as Jorge Moll is creating that breakthrough and adding new depth to our understanding of who and what we are. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

Highland Capital Management: A Wall Street Giant Based in Texas

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is an SEC-registered financial consulting firm headquartered in Dallas Texas. However, they have since gone international, and maintain offices in Asia and South America, as well as across the country in New York.

Together with their partners, they are responsible for about fourteen billion dollars in capital. They have achieved this status by specializing in credit strategies like credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts, distressed and special situation private equity, and collateralized loan obligations. In addition to these robust options, Highland Capital Management also offers unique opportunities, such as emerging markets, long/short equities, and natural resources. Read this article at Dallas News.

Highland Capital Management has a diverse client base that includes public pension plans, foundations, non-profit organizations, companies, financial establishments, funds, governments, and those that maintain a personal high net-worth.

One example of Highland Capital Management’s success is a recent deal they’ve made; a healthcare-focused private equity fund with $147 million in total equity. South Korea’s National Pension Service was the primary participant in the deal – an example of Highland Capital’s ability to work with highly advanced clients. To manage the fund, they will partner with Stonebridge Capital, a Korean private equity venture capital firm. This again shows Highland Capital Management’s ability to successfully partner with international businesses to conduct large deals. They chose to work with Stonebridge because of their expertise in healthcare. Combined with Highland Capital Management’s general financial expertise, the deal is expected to have great success. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Even though Highland Capital Management isn’t based on Wall Street, they certainly have the pedigree to go up against any major financial management firm in the world, as shown by their recent international success. If your retirement plan is in Highland Capital Management’s hands, you can be rest assured your future finances are safe.


George Soros-A Lifetime of Giving

George Soros is a well-known philanthropist who has given billions of dollars to organizations and causes that he strongly supports. Born in Hungary, in 1930, he lived through the Nazi occupation from 1944-1945. He came to the United States afterward and worked his way up from a poor immigrant to a successful businessman.

Soros has given over $32 billion dollars since 1984. He recently gave $18 billion to the Open Fund Society, which helps oppressed people around the world. The Fund gives individuals and groups that fight for freedom financial and emotional aid as they struggle for equal rights for such groups as immigrants and Jewish citizens. Soros’ dream is to create governments that stand for freedom and justice for all members of society.

In conjunction with the Open Society Fund, George Soros helps to fund university students who would otherwise be kept out of colleges and unable to pay for tuition. He intends to help people that he can who are discriminated against because of where they are born. Despite opposition from right-wingers who don’t appreciate his liberal viewpoint, Soros maintains to use his wealth to help.

There are many haters of Soros who persist that he is using his money to control government and legislators to bring power to his own political views. This demonization of humanitarian giving and George Soros specifically, is not a new political tool. The criticism and hatred have spread from his home country of Hungary to Moscow and the United States.

There have been politicians in many different countries who have tried to attack Soros by tying all types of misdeeds to him. They claim he is buying off government leaders and trying to change elections with his money and prestige. These criticisms are all a part of a political tool to stop Soros and to disparage his reputation.

In 2015, when there was a large influx of immigrants and refugees, many conservatives called Soros a far-right nationalist who was helping illegal immigrants enter different countries. This ploy was highlighted dangerously in Poland when Soros was burned in effigy for being an Orthodox Jew with wealth and influence. A ruling conservative in Poland called Soros, “the most dangerous man in the world.”

These attacks and attempts to demonize Soros have an undertone of Anti-Semitism with aspects of prejudiced attitudes that insist a Jewish man should not be so powerful and should remain in his “place.” Some have called these attacks of George Soros a “witchhunt,” led by the radical conservatives in the United States.

George Soros has made a difference in the globalization of public health and protecting the rights of minorities. He has used his fortune to cause changes in things that he sees and feels. His billions of dollars have brought positive changes and even at 86 years old, Soros is a compassionate humanitarian who doesn’t believe in just talking about change. He believes that those who are fortunate enough to succeed should use everything in their power to help those who can’t always help themselves.

The Amazing Deeds of End Citizens United

The Amendment that was introduced by Johnson was useful to the churches. The churches and the organizations that provided charities to numerous institutions would be protected by the amendment. This was in respect to the political donors that had an interest in manipulating the organizations.

The entities that involved paying taxes and the churches accepted the Johnson amendment. This amendment was provided in the United States Constitution. The constitution has allowed charitable organizations to support events that are also related to political matters. Churches have held events in relation to the registration of voters. Funds have been contributed from the events that have facilitated the voting exercises in the churches.

The voting exercise is regarded as beneficial to the individuals as it does not favor any part of the congregation. The Johnson amendment was enacted with an aim of supporting the church and organizational activities. Political rallies are not part of the organization’s aim. The Johnson amendment has been successful in achieving its goals. Funds have been channeled to the charity organizations through the events that have been conducted.

The citizens have been exempted from paying taxes through the amendments. The Johnson amendment was legalized in the year 1954. The End Citizens United was formed in 2010. The organization was founded after the Supreme Court ruling against the citizens. Individuals were given the same acting rights as the corporations that are located in the country.

The amendment also ensured that there was the freedom of speech where the individuals could express themselves during events. The court had issued a ruling that favored the freedom of speech where individuals could even express themselves politically. The End Citizens United had the aim of safeguarding the amendments that had been put in place by the Johnson.

The End Citizens United was founded in 2015. The Johnson amendment was introduced in the United States in 1954. Lyndon Johnson was the brains behind the organization. Lyndon at the time was a senator who was based in Texas. The Johnson amendment did not have any issues at the time that it was being enacted.

The religious organizations that are based in the United States benefited greatly from the amendment since 119 billion dollars had been donated to them by the Americans. The Johnson’s amendment has been embraced by many individuals in the society. The End Citizens United has been instrumental in helping the reviving of the Johnson agreement after its decline.

The agreement has been useful to the society by enhancing the separation between the state and the church. The End Citizens United has enhanced development projects in the country excluding politics. Tiffany Muller is the current president of the organization. The amendment has demonstrated good preventative measures by avoiding the church money to be misused. Read more on End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:


Jump Start Your Health This Year With Organo Gold Coffee

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Heart Health

For centuries, the herb Ganoderma has been prescribed to those who suffer from angina and stress. It can promote blood flow to the heart while lowering oxygen levels in the muscle. It contains a group of natural compounds that can prevent blood clots, reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Jason Hope’s Achievements in the Anti Aging Research

Jason Hope is a famous investor, philanthropist and a famous entrepreneur. Born in Arizona a town called Tempe and has always dedicated his life and skills towards ensuring that he changes the lives of fellow human beings. He has worked tirelessly for success and has been on the frontline ensuring that he gives his best towards making sure that his fellow human beings live a humble life. He has committed his time and skills for the betterment of technology and his knowledge in the industry has been of great value.

Jason Hope has been where he is because of his commitment to his education. He is truly a respected scholar who has sacrificed his time to work on his skills. He possesses a bachelors degree in Finance from the State of Arizona University. He performed exemplary well in his academics and this achieving greatness in his education. After graduating, he went further to increase his skills and thus pursued a masters degree in Business administration from Carey School of Business. After a short period, he had started earning great recognition for his expertise in the business world. He has been on the frontline helping many companies to succeed in their endeavors. He thus became a great mentor because of the dreams he had for his future. He has so far been able to establish so many businesses across the world which have made him a great billionaire. With the massive returns, he has gotten from his businesses, he has been able to give back to the community.


Jason Hope and helping people are two great inseparable internet things. He has been able to help in the undergoing research of the anti-aging methods. He has been able to donate $500,000 to the famous SENS Research Foundation. These contributions have been able to help in the construction of a great laboratory that would help come up with a solution to fight aging. This has been brought about by his desire to see many people live for many years and this is his motivation, he has made sure that the program is a success.

SENS Research has been able to successfully come up with a programme known as AGE-breaker which has been able to help in coming up with drugs that help people live for more years without having health-related issues. Age-related drugs have been able to be dealt with and thus making these people live longer with strong bodies.

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End Citizens United Plans to Protect Johnson Amendment

A new political action committee in the United States is taking shape in its bid to campaign for finance reform in the nation. The committee is planning to channel millions of dollars to various Democratic candidates contesting the Senate and House races across the country.

The committee acts as an extension of the continuous fight that End Citizens have had in the attempt to reform the financial sector. Currently, the group aims to pass an amendment that will reverse the Supreme Court decision of 2010. In its ruling, the court gave rise to mighty PACs allowing a tidal wave of dark money in the political arena. So far the group has received over 325000 signatures in support of the amendment.

Whereas End Citizens United are working hard to reform the campaign finance laws, the Republican leaders are slowly stripping some of these finance laws. The question that lingers in the minds of many is, will the Supreme Court allow tax-exempt rights to be extended to churches and other non-profit making organizations?

Already, the president has previously issued an executive order in an attempt to weaken the Johnson amendment. The amendment prohibits nonprofit organizations like churches from participating either directly or indirectly in political associations and campaigns that oppose or support a particular candidate. Now, the house is determined to abolish the amendment in its entirety.

With these developments, the End Citizen United have issued a statement condemning such a move by the state. In the message, the group fears that abolishing the specific law may turn churches and other non-profit bodies into tools for secret campaign funding and spending. And as if that is not all, the money will be channeled tax-free. Therefore, the funds will be directed to churches with the aim of supporting specific candidates, those who make the donations will also receive tax deductions.

Sponsored by Lyndon Johnson, the amendment has protected churches and other charities from manipulation from political donors. Even after becoming law, the Johnson Amendment was a non-issue to most players in the sector. Churches and charity organizations had accepted the law as a separation between the state and the church as provided for in the United States Constitution.

However, contrary to the beliefs of many, the law does not prohibit these groups from being involved in the political course. They are all allowed to weigh the various political causes and arrange for events to support any side. For instance, for a long time, the church has been involved in mobilizing voters.

The spirit of the Amendment is to bar donors from making political contributions disguised as tax-exempt religious donation while in the real sense they are channeling it to the political cause that they subscribe to and support. Learn more:


James Dondero Iconic success

James Dondero is a man who has excelled in the world of finance. Through his educational background, James Dondero has been able to apply his skills to start his own firm. He understands the financial needs of all his clients and thus has excelled in having a large chain of success. He is the person who can be attributed to the success of the Highland Capital Management. The firm has continuously continued to increase its revenues and the client base through the leadership of James Dondero. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

The vast experience of James Dondero in the field of finance goes to above three decades. This experience has assisted greatly in the steering of the Highland Capital Management. He notes that for one to excel in the world of finance one has to understand the results that are required by the clients. This will ensure that your firm gains the trust of your client and thus are able to increase the retention rate of your clients. It also should be monitored to ensure that the implementation of investment plans does not lead to losses in the company noting that finance part of the business is very critical and delicate.


James Dondero understands the role of decision making in a firm and its impact. He is able to make decisions that have fruitful results to the company. His brilliance continues to the formulation of the course of action. He notes that the implementation of the course of action after any decision is made should be clearly implemented. It also should be monitored to ensure that the implementation does not lead to losses in the company noting that finance part of the business is very critical and delicate.

The finance guru once worked with a company that was known as Protective Life where he was able to raise the revenues of the company two approximately over two billion before leaving it to start his entrepreneurial career. He is also a charitable investor who has continuously undertaken different roles in the charitable organization. One of the key areas he has speared in supporting is the education sector. He provides scholarships to the less fortunate students to ensure that they realize their dreams. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Clay Siegall Talks About Seattle Genetics’ Journey To Success

As a young boy, Clay Siegall was always interested in medicine, technology and overcoming diseases. He believed that there are unlimited ways through which man could intervene in the course of nature and improve the health and wellness of sick individuals. As a zoology student at the University of Maryland, he continued to keep an eye on the developments in the medicine world. According to his recent interview with the Inspirery, the executive leader did not intend to join the industry until one of his relatives was diagnosed with cancer. The young adult watched as the relative fought helplessly with the disease. This situation changed his approach to life. He developed a strong will to work hard to revolutionize cancer treatment. He furthered his education and obtained a PhD in genetics before joining the cancer research industry for hands on experience. Clay co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. The biotech company specializes in making cancer therapies using the ADC technology.

When it was founded, Seattle Genetics operated on a tight budget. The company relied on investors to fund its research. This situation limited how far the company could venture out on its research. Clay decided to improve the company’s capital structure by floating the first Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2000. The offering provided the company with millions of dollars that it used to fund its operations. Seattle Genetics advanced its therapies and released the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate therapy in 2011. The drug is doing well in the market. Clay helps the company to generate revenues by licensing its technology to other biotechnology firms. This strategy helps the company make extra money while also increasing the pace through which new and better cancer therapies are released. In the interview, Clay revealed that his company became profitable in 2010. The visionary leader encourages entrepreneurs to be patient.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is a shrewd entrepreneur and a genetics expert. The holder of a George Washington University’s doctorate in genetics is the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics, a leading biotech firm, which is based in Seattle. Through his company, Dr. Clay develops viable cancer therapies using antibody drug conjugate technology.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, Clay worked for various cancer research institutions, including the National Cancer Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and National Institutes of Health. The genetics expert has over 15 patents.