The Amazing Deeds of End Citizens United

The Amendment that was introduced by Johnson was useful to the churches. The churches and the organizations that provided charities to numerous institutions would be protected by the amendment. This was in respect to the political donors that had an interest in manipulating the organizations.

The entities that involved paying taxes and the churches accepted the Johnson amendment. This amendment was provided in the United States Constitution. The constitution has allowed charitable organizations to support events that are also related to political matters. Churches have held events in relation to the registration of voters. Funds have been contributed from the events that have facilitated the voting exercises in the churches.

The voting exercise is regarded as beneficial to the individuals as it does not favor any part of the congregation. The Johnson amendment was enacted with an aim of supporting the church and organizational activities. Political rallies are not part of the organization’s aim. The Johnson amendment has been successful in achieving its goals. Funds have been channeled to the charity organizations through the events that have been conducted.

The citizens have been exempted from paying taxes through the amendments. The Johnson amendment was legalized in the year 1954. The End Citizens United was formed in 2010. The organization was founded after the Supreme Court ruling against the citizens. Individuals were given the same acting rights as the corporations that are located in the country.

The amendment also ensured that there was the freedom of speech where the individuals could express themselves during events. The court had issued a ruling that favored the freedom of speech where individuals could even express themselves politically. The End Citizens United had the aim of safeguarding the amendments that had been put in place by the Johnson.

The End Citizens United was founded in 2015. The Johnson amendment was introduced in the United States in 1954. Lyndon Johnson was the brains behind the organization. Lyndon at the time was a senator who was based in Texas. The Johnson amendment did not have any issues at the time that it was being enacted.

The religious organizations that are based in the United States benefited greatly from the amendment since 119 billion dollars had been donated to them by the Americans. The Johnson’s amendment has been embraced by many individuals in the society. The End Citizens United has been instrumental in helping the reviving of the Johnson agreement after its decline.

The agreement has been useful to the society by enhancing the separation between the state and the church. The End Citizens United has enhanced development projects in the country excluding politics. Tiffany Muller is the current president of the organization. The amendment has demonstrated good preventative measures by avoiding the church money to be misused. Read more on End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:


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