Lime Crime Overcomes Challenges and Sells in China

Vegan makeup company, Lime Crime, recently expanded its sales reach to China, but it was not a simple task for them by any stretch of the word. In fact, they had to use an innovative strategy because of the mandates that China had about selling wholesale cosmetic products. In China, a company cannot wholesale cosmetics unless they conduct tests on an animal with the cosmetics. This was a hindrance for the company since it does not believe in harming animals in any way. However, the administrators put their heads together and came up with a smart solution.

Lime Crime got around all the limitations by joining forces with a company called Revolve. Revolve is a California-based fashion company that is well respected and already has a large following. By getting together with Revolve, Lime Crime was able to offer its products to the masses and boost its sales massively. The revolve team spoke in Lime Crime’s behalf and made diligent efforts to let potential customers know that it was the only authority on the product line. Many counterfeit sellers were trying to offer Lime Crimes’ products to the masses without approval. Revolve stopped those actions and opened up new opportunities for LC to get its product out there.

Lime Crime has an overall culture of fun and kindness to animals. The leaders believe in originality and expression, so they purposely go outside the box when it comes to creating new and innovative styles. They’re always presenting something new and exciting.

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