Thor Halvorssen Does Great Work

Thor Halvorssen has human rights in his genes. His father was a legendary political figure in his native Venezuela, who was thrown in prison after he tried to expose high-level corruption. His mother was once shot and badly wounded in a protest against the authoritarian policies of the late Hugo Chavez. But that’s not all. Thor’s grandfather, a noted Norwegian diplomat, resisted the Nazis, and once even got into a fistfight with a Nazi.

So, even though Thor comes from a privileged background, he hasn’t forgotten about the plight of those who are less fortunate. He attended college in the United States (the University of Pennsylvania) and, upon graduation, has devoted his professional life to human rights.

He founded his own Human Rights organization, the Human Rights Foundation, which today is based in New York and employs 12 people. Every year, Thor and his team host an illustrious human rights event called the Oslo Forum. Some have likened to the Davos Forum of the Human Rights World. He invites powerful, wealthy philanthropists and Human Rights activists from authoritarian countries in the developing world. The activists speak in front of philanthropist audiences, who often contribute large sums of money and work their connections for the activists’ causes.

If there’s one country close to Thor’s heart, it’s North Korea. The isolated Asian country has been ruled by three generations of the Kim family. Its population has suffered under communism and even endured a famine in the 1990’s that decimated its people. The country remains almost completely cut off from the rest of the world.

But Thor is working to change that. His mission is to deliver western media—movies, TV shows, criticisms of the North Korean regime—to the North Korean people. In this effort, he’s launched hot-air balloons, equipped with western media, from South Korea. Once the hot-air balloons infiltrate North Korean airspace, they are timed to drop their items in the North Korean countryside. Thor especially wants to North Koreans to get ahold of, “The Interview,” a Seth Rogan movie that skewers North Korea’s leader.

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Solo Capital: Expanding Around The World

Solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011. The firm is also known as Solo Capital UK, Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital Markets. The firm is regulated by the United Kingdom but it now also has offices in Dubai. The firm started out with a just a few individuals, Shah, a handful of graduates and a couple of traders. It did not take long until they have more than 100 employees. The firm has assets that are worth 67 million pounds, a cash flow of 30 million pounds and a net worth of 15 million pounds. They have 3 divisions that offer services. The first division is Professional Sports Investments. Within this division, Solo Capital offers commercial advisory and representation, talent acquisition and asset and performance management. The second division is proprietary trading. Within this division, commodities, FX and derivatives are available. The third division is consulting. Under consulting, Solo Capital offers performance, investment and human capital.

Sanjay Shsh has turned Solo Capital into a massive success. Because of Solo Capital and a few other ventures, Shah is now worth 280 million dollars. He owns more than 3 dozen companies around the world and every country from the United Arab Emirates to the British Virgin Islands. But before Shah was buying businesses, he worked for various investment firms that helped to give him the experience he needed in order to succeed later. He worked first for KPMG as a trainee Chartered Accountant. He then worked in a variety of positions for companies like Rabobank, Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch. He also worked for Morgan Stanly and ING Bank.

Prior to gaining vast experience in accounting, Shah was born and raised in London. He went on to King’s College. He originally wanted to study medicine but quickly figured out that medicine was not for him so he decided to instead pursue accounting. During his days at King’s College, Shah enjoyed promoting concerts in clubs around London. He later was able to utilize this passion.

This occurred when he was able to take a step back from his position of oversight at Solo Capital. Shah decided that he wanted to get involved in promoting events in Dubai. He contacted a promotional firm in Dubai and they chose to partner on a jazz festival. It was such a success that it is now an annual event where thousands attend in Dubai. The firm that Shah partnered with, Done Events, was also able to connect him to several musicians who have helped him raise money for his charity, Autism Rocks. Shah founded this charity in order to raise money and support his diagnosed son.

A Summary About Solo Capital And It’s Owner Sanjay Shah.

Solo Capital Markets is a top global boutique investment firm that operates from London and Dubai. Solo Capital is also a proprietary, trading and consulting firm. The proprietary trading branch of the firm deals with the trade of FX, commodities, and derivatives. On the other hand, Solo Capital also offers consultancy services to multinational corporations and companies, big time investors and governments. They specialize in consultancy in investment, performance, and human capital. Solo Capital also offers management of various professional sports investments for firms, billionaires, and organizations. Their services include talent identification and acquisition, commercial advisory services, commercial representations, asset management and technical performance management. Solo Capital also enjoys the luxury of having highly qualified staff to in their firm. This staff offers the best services to their clients.

Sanjay Shah is a British national who currently stays in Dubai with his family. As of now Sanjay Shah considers himself retired from active roles in business management and engages more with his charity organization Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a foundation that promotes public awareness of autism and raises money to fund research on autism. This organization also promotes the provision of medical care and therapy care to children with from less fortunate parents who cannot afford to give them private treatment. Autism Rocks also gives donations to hospitals and health care centers that deal with autism to ensure they give better services to their less fortunate patients. Autism rocks have also partnered with researchers at a university, who run deeper research on autism and how to help children suffering from it. Autism Rocks raises its funds through organizing celebrity concerts for its partners and guests who donate and all money collected at here goes to fund autism projects.

Sanjay Shah is an excellent accountant who has worked at various prominent organizations such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. In 2003, Sanjay Shah joined ING Bank to the position of senior equity finance trader for linear equity derivatives that were trading in London and New York. From ING Bank, Sanjay Shah joined Rabobank where he worked until 2009 for private business. While at Morgan Stanley, Sanjay Shah rose through the ranks fast and became the co-head of JM Morgan Stanley Securities Pvt Ltd, which deals with institutional equity business around the world. Sanjay Shah had joined JM Morgan Stanley Securities in 1996 for the position of Head of Sales. This was his stair up the management of this firm. Through long time working at different positions for different organizations, Sanjay Shah was able to gain a lot of experience that has helped him a lot in the business world. He used this to take his start-up firm Solo Capital, from being just a start up, to one of the biggest companies in the world.

Nicki Minaj Performs For Human Rights Violators

Nicki Minaj has never been known for her run of the mill personality or conservative politics. Rather she is typically associated with the outrageous and the weird not to mention her one of a kind personality. Well, Minaj has stayed true to her personality when she recently gave a performance that was bankrolled by the Angolian government.

It seems that the 2 million dollar payday was enough to make her look the other way in terms of human rights and government corruption. It is no wonder, Minaj does come from an impoverished background and is probably trying to amass a nest egg that will last a lifetime. Who can blame the former poor for trying to never be that way again?

The Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen did bring Minaj aware of what was going on. Stating that the government has about 70% of the population in destitution and that they are eliminating any threats to their power structure.Mr. Halvorssen seeks to eliminate the inequalities that prevent human harmony from flourishing.

The Human Rights foundation that Thor Halvorssen founded and is based out of New York, has gone o every corner of the planet to help those who are downtrodden and being abused by a number of different factions. Halvorssen believes that instances like the one with Minaj can be avoided. If the celebrities would stop pandering to the whims of oppressive governments for the sake of the almighty dollar, life could be made just a bit better for the masses.

The list includes such people as Sting, Mariah Cary, Kanye West and even Jennifer Lopez. Is it a case of selling out for money, or simply not caring about how those oppressive governments treat their people?

Maybe some day they will realize the harm that they have aided in causing to millions, but this will probably never be the case.