Bob Reina Discovers Powerful Email Marketing Tool Back In The 90’s

Remember the screech of the internet when you used to have to sign in through the phone line? Well, that grating sound is music to the ears of Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, the world’s 8th largest online internet content provider. Eons ago, back in 90’s, Bob was trying to send a 10-second video through America Online and the now-extinct internet provider said it couldn’t be done. And way back then, when the internet was in it’s infancy, Bob figured out how to attach the video to an email with the help of a few friends.

Ten second videos sound mundane these days, you can watch whole movies on YouTube with a smart phone now; but that small video clip was about to give birth to Talk Fusion. Bob and his friends have now made a media empire built on embedding videos into emails for the purposes of email marketing.

Think about it, even back in the 90’s with that 10-second video clip, you are much more excited to open a friend’s email if there is a video attached. Whether it is family across the country or a friend checking in with you, you get excited opening an email with a video embedded in it. Why would it be any different when receiving an email from a company? You’d be much more inclined to open that email, wouldn’t you?

The stats tell the whole story. People are 20% more likely to open an email when there is a video embedded. Once they open that email, they are 2 to 3 times more likely to click through to your site. This all results in a 40% boost in revenue from your email marketing campaign. If that doesn’t impress you, maybe the ease of use will.

Talk Fusion makes it simple to embed videos into emails. They give you the option of over 1,000 templates. Then, when you become comfortable with the process, you can make your own templates to suit the image of your business. If you are going to invest in an email marketing campaign, it pays to use Talk Fusion.

Oisin Hanrahan Launches Handy onto Successful Track

Handy, an on-demand cleaning and handyman services, was recently featured in an article for The Next Web about its launch from a startup to an up and coming dominating force in the services market. The article focuses on Oisin Hanrahan, the founder of Handy, and his strategic vision for launching the company into the flourishing success it is experiencing today. Although the company is only three years old, Handy now boasts a total worth of approximately $500 million.

Part of what Hanrahan attributes to Handy’s success is its prime location in New York City, which has supplied plenty of demand for its on call services. Handy has now grown to a staff of 160 employees and over 10,000 independent contractors on call. Hanrahan says that by relying on a large proportion of independent contractors to meet clients’ needs, Handy provides an incredible amount of flexibility for its contractors’ work schedules. As an appealing way for all sorts of types of handymen and part time workers to make some extra cash, Handy never has a shortage of labor available to meet clients’ orders.

Rather than focusing on its competition, Hanrahan has been committed to growing Handy into whatever place in the home services market he can carve out. This now includes being able to order an independent contractor to come help deliver and assemble furniture or equipment purchased from another vendor. Hanrahan says he will continue to look for ways to innovate Handy so that it keeps ahead of market trends and is always flexible enough to meet demand for in home services. Hanrahan is also considering expansion into additional cities and is poised to continue to grow the company with cash reserves now totaling $50 million. Handy will certainly be a company to keep an eye on for rapid growth for years to come.

Talk Fusion Corners Video Emailing Marketing

Founded by marketing industry professional Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is a rapidly growing video communication company. What started as just video email marketing has turned into a company that offers video email, a mobile app, a video newsletter generator, tools for creating e-subscription and video auto responses, social media, video sharing, and video blogs. Currently, the Florida based company is ranked as the 8th largest online video content provider in the world.

Per a study conducted by Relevancy Group, video emails increasing marketing revenue by around 40%, which makes a company like Talk Fusion an ideal company for the market. Its been found that customers are more likely to open a marketing email that contains video, making it more time efficient that text as well as being more effective. It gives the seller a better way to express the brand’s personality.
The company got its start in 2007 when the founder, Bob Reina, wanted to include a short video in an email he was sending to friends, but America Online told him it couldn’t be done. Reina, together with a tech savvy friend, worked together and created a way to include videos in emails.
What makes Talk Fusion so different than its competitors is its easy use. Often times, newbies in video-marketing find the entire process of attaching videos to emails a bit difficult. Talk Fusion has created a method that offers more than 1,000 templates for any and every situation. Once users get comfortable with the application they have the option to create their own templates.
If you are in the market for video email services to aid your business and promote growth, Talk Fusion is a company to turn to. They have something for every size company and options and services that can fit any situation.