Ricardo Tosto Noted as the Most Prominent Lawyer and a Market Leader in Brazil

Brazilian law has been based on statutes but more recently a system called sumula vinculate which is a summary. This summary registers peaceful or majority interpretation of specific topics, which has been based on similar cases. The purpose of this is to make public the jurisprudence of society and promoting a uniformity between decisions.

A binding summary is the philosophy of the law that when voted on and then approved by the Federal Supreme Court, with at least 2/3 of the members, becomes a binding understanding that all judges, courts, and public administrations must follow. It acquires strength of law, which creates a legal bond and effects everyone.

This system has been derived mostly from the civil law systems of other European countries, and in particular, Portugal, Germanic law, and the Napoleonic Code. In Brazil, there are many labeled systems of the law. In October of 1988, the Federal Constitution was created and is to this day the supreme law of the country, although it has been amended many times over the years.

The country is a Federative Republic that is formed by the indissoluble union of the Federal District, the States, and municipalities. The 26 federate states of Brazil have the power to make their own laws and adopt their own Constitution.

In the area of Brazilian Lawyer, one man is the acknowledged leader and he is Ricardo Tosto. His law practice has been recognized by the Legal 500 and the publication, Analise 500.

Ricardo Tosto’s firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados is the biggest and the most prestigious in Brazil.

The legal specialties of Brazil for this firm deal with Debt, Political, Civil, Business and Credit Restructuring, and contracts. With their extensive experience, there is no match for any legal professional help you may need.

Ricardo Tosto attended Armando Alvar Penteado Foundation Extension, Business Administration and Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in law.

Ricardo Tosto and his firm are the specialist in litigation. He was responsible for conducting the mass litigation in the office in an efficient and organized manner. Ricardo Tosto is a market leader and is the most prominent lawyer in the firm.