Marc Sparks Shows That Even the Rich Have a Heart

The business world is full of very many talented entrepreneurs. However, very few have that perfect mix of savvy, intelligence determination and sheer arrogance to succeed in every venture that they are involved in. Marc Sparks has succeeded in everything he has put his hands on. People come to him with questions, and he answers them with solutions.

He is what we can call an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. His work is to provide the upcoming entrepreneur with solutions basically what he does is offer solutions by getting the new startups business premises, connect them with suppliers and vendors, get them financing when it comes to banking. He has been I this business for more than thirty-five years and his book “They Can’t Eat You” tells it all.

Marc Sparks business model is one that centers around efficiency. He is not willing to compromise the real life with a promise of a better tomorrow. He knows how to treat his workers with dignity and will not allow them to be shacked up in a dingy building. That is why he moved his business to a new modern building to reflect the status of his firm.

What he and his company does is to make the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs come true. Their clients go to them with a viable business idea and Marc Sparks and his team turn it to gold – more can be found at He has so much success in this, but he attributes all his to hard work and being savvy when it comes down to business. Many people might not like his approach, but as it is, the reputation speaks for itself.

Marc Sparks has so much about him, but those who have met him say he is a humble down to earth guy. He is the founder and Chief Financial Officer of Timber Creek, LP. Growing his business has been an about hard work, but he is reaping from it now. Read more: What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From A Presentation

Apart from being a serial entrepreneur, he is also a philanthropist and-and ardent Bible fun when it comes to offering help to the needy. He has been working with numerous charitable organization to help make a better living for the people who are less fortunate in life.

Among some of his great charity activities is helping in the creation of various shelters that offer food and roof over many homeless people. He has also been involved I the construction of multiple affordable homes for families who can’t afford as well as with his Sparks Kids.

This is a charity event that saw thousands of laptops donated to children to help them I learning (click here to read more: Currently, he is working closely with the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter that usually shelters more than 160 people per night in Texas.

Timber Creek is the investment company owned by Marc Sparks. He also happens to be the founder and the CEO. Very few people are aware of the hard work that has been put to see the organization rise to its current status.

The firm is a private equity firm that specializes in make the dreams of upcoming young entrepreneurs with a great mind the avenue of fulfilling their business destiny. The company provides all the help that a takeoff business require like legal, capital, marketing and even offering business premises –