Jorge Moll – Bridging Our Understanding Of Science And Morality

We have been led to believe that morality is learned but research in the area of neuroscience is shedding light that there is much more to making moral decisions than we thought. Jorge Moll, a researcher in the field of neuroscience is now suggesting that morality may be hardwired in our thinking.

Jorge Moll, working with neuroscientist researcher Jordan Grafman, ran a study on how the brain reacts when a subject was asked to think about giving money away to charity or keeping the money for themselves. Their brains were being scanned while they considered this choice. The results were astonishing. Visit Jorge’s profile on

The scans showed that the subjects brains reacted by activating a primitive part of the brain that lights up when reacting to cues of sex and food. This study suggests that being selfish is not natural. It appears that sharing is rewarded internally by our own bodies.

This revolutionary discovery may confirm the moral teachings that have been handed down for thousands of years through religions and the teachings of philosophers. Perhaps morality is instinctual. It begs the question that it is not just human but may exist in animals also. One study that was done with two rats, and had one rat given electric shocks when the other rat took a bite of food. Soon, the rat stopped eating.


It seems that empathy is natural. When we can sense the what those around us are going through, we accept the responsibility to react appropriately and with support. This response does appear to be instinctual. Tests conducted by neuroscientist Antonio R. Damasio was done on subjects that had damage to a part of the brain, ventromedial prefrontal cortex. These people did not respond to a group situational dilemma with a natural moral compass but rather a logical, uncompassionate, self-preservation response regarding themselves.

It is encouraging to find a meeting of the minds, so to speak, bridging the gap between religious teachings (perhaps more reminders than teachings) and science. Scientist such as Jorge Moll is creating that breakthrough and adding new depth to our understanding of who and what we are. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

James Dondero Iconic success

James Dondero is a man who has excelled in the world of finance. Through his educational background, James Dondero has been able to apply his skills to start his own firm. He understands the financial needs of all his clients and thus has excelled in having a large chain of success. He is the person who can be attributed to the success of the Highland Capital Management. The firm has continuously continued to increase its revenues and the client base through the leadership of James Dondero. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

The vast experience of James Dondero in the field of finance goes to above three decades. This experience has assisted greatly in the steering of the Highland Capital Management. He notes that for one to excel in the world of finance one has to understand the results that are required by the clients. This will ensure that your firm gains the trust of your client and thus are able to increase the retention rate of your clients. It also should be monitored to ensure that the implementation of investment plans does not lead to losses in the company noting that finance part of the business is very critical and delicate.


James Dondero understands the role of decision making in a firm and its impact. He is able to make decisions that have fruitful results to the company. His brilliance continues to the formulation of the course of action. He notes that the implementation of the course of action after any decision is made should be clearly implemented. It also should be monitored to ensure that the implementation does not lead to losses in the company noting that finance part of the business is very critical and delicate.

The finance guru once worked with a company that was known as Protective Life where he was able to raise the revenues of the company two approximately over two billion before leaving it to start his entrepreneurial career. He is also a charitable investor who has continuously undertaken different roles in the charitable organization. One of the key areas he has speared in supporting is the education sector. He provides scholarships to the less fortunate students to ensure that they realize their dreams. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

The business ideals that have helped Anthony Petrello Grow His Business to a Multi-million empire

Nabors Industries is one of the most successful in the oil and petroleum sector. The company has been in operation for several decades now and they have established their presence in both the local and the international industry. The man who can be credited for the success the business company has been experiencing of late in Anthony D. Petrello. Tony has been the chairman and CEO of the group for close to five years now, but he has worked in other capacities at the firm for the past three decades. When he started out, he was just an intern, but he has managed to rise to the position of leadership because of his exemplary leadership skills and his positive thinking skills.

Before he joined Nabors, there are other companies that Anthony had worked with. He started out with a position at the Barker and Mackenzie Law Firm. During his stay with this company, he was able to gather enough leadership skills to help him become an active, determined and success oriented leader. The one thing that he says was the turning point in his leadership training was learning the importance of having a great team.

The team that he is currently working with at the top of Nabors includes the likes of Restreppo Williams, Mark Andrews and Carina Gillenwater. He insists that a leader will be effective only when the team working under them has a positive attitude towards leadership. The biggest challenge to leadership will be having people that do not believe in your leadership working directly under you.

Educational Background

The academic journey of Anthony Petrello  started at the Harvard School of Law. He has a degree in mathematics from Yale University. When he started his career, he worked mainly with the legal sector, but after joining Nabors, he has concentrated on his role as a leader. When he is not busy with his work, he participates in a number of charities. One of the charities that is closest to his heart is the Texas Children’s Hospital. He has had a personal experience with a special needs child, which contributed towards his passion for the cause.

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The Fabletics CEO is Making Big Changes

Adam Goldenberg has been doing a lot of interviews lately. He has done these to help promote his business and to make sure that people know that there are new things that are going to come for the Fabletics and JustFab brands. He also wants people to see that the changes that are being made are all positive ones and are things that people can truly enjoy when it comes to the fashion choices that they have. Adam Goldenberg knows about fashion, the trends and what is going to work for people in the future of the Internet and these selling options on

When it comes to fashion, people can get the most out of the options that they have with Goldenberg if they just do what they can to make sure that things are going the right way. He wants to see people have the best chance possible and be able to get what they need out of the different situations. Since Adam Goldenberg has been able to do a lot with the options that he has, he has made sure that he is doing everything that he can to include different fashionable options for the people who shop with him.

According to, trends are about more than just fashion and Adam Goldenberg knows that. He knows that trends often involve technology and he has kept up with nearly all of them. This has allowed him to constantly update the TechStyle brands and to make sure that they are getting what they can for the people who he serves. There are many options when it comes to TechStyle and to the brands that are associated with it. Adam Goldenberg wants to make sure that his business is as trendy as possible for all of the customers that he works with in the different areas.

The choice to do more with the business is something that Adam Goldenberg is always coming after and always making sure that he can do the right way at There are many choices that he has made. Perhaps one of the hardest choices that Adam Goldenberg has done is to make sure that he is doing what he can to include different options with the brand. He loves the idea of people buying exclusively from his website but also realizes that he can offer to more people if he uses things like Amazon to help the business sell more clothes.

Arthur Becker Helps Madison Partners

In the past, Arthur Becker had a lot of his own businesses. These were mainly in the technology and real estate sectors. He was a very busy person who did what he could to make money and to also help people who needed his expertise. It was something that he felt strongly about but it was also something that he had to take somewhat of a break on because of his age and his abilities. Arthur Becker tried to make sure that he was doing what he could to make things different and that led him to his latest venture. He was only able to do what he could with Madison Partners because of the way that he worked on businesses in the past. It allowed him the chance to see that there was more for him to offer and that the company would be a great place for him to rest while still making a lot of money. Click here to know more.

During his time as a business owner, he was busy and did a lot of different things. This was something that he was confident in and very good at since he was doing more with the options that he had. Because of the way that he did things, he chose to make sure that things were being done the right way. It was also something that he did his best at while he was doing more with the options that he had. Whether he was helping people figure out which biological technology was going to help cancer or the way that he could use information technology for real estate, he never stopped working.

While he was in business, he recognized that real estate was very lucrative. It was something that he could make a lot of money at and something that he knew he would be able to do if he kept working toward success. Arthur Becker wanted to make sure that the real estate aspect of his career was able to carry over into the Madison Partners stage of his life so that he could do more with what he had for different people.