Danny Ferry’s Contract Termination Battle Continues For Bruce Levenson

The Atlanta Hawks proved that a steady rise through the NBA standings under the leadership of owner Bruce Levenson and General Manager Danny Ferry could lead to success after Levenson’s ownership group led the historic franchise from the bottom of the NBA standings in 2004 to the number one seed by the time the group was sold in 2015. According to Forbes.com, over the course of 2015, prior to the sale of the Hawks franchise for an estimated $850 million the legal team for Bruce Levenson believe Danny Ferry made a series of comments and completed different actions that should have been construed by insurance giant AIG as leading to a constructive dismissal claim.

By September 2016, Bruce Levenson’s legal team were still fighting for the compensation the former owners of the Hawks believe was owed to them after establishing a workplace based insurance policy with AIG; the New Hampshire based insurance giant is reported in court papers to have cut off negotiations following the sale of the Hawks in the Summer of 2015. Court papers filed in September 2016 revealed AIG had already acknowledged the policy held by Bruce Levenson’s group had been triggered by the comments and action of Danny Ferry in the weeks prior to the sale of the franchise.

In 1977 Bruce Levenson was working as a journalist when he came together with business partner Ed Peskowitz to start an oil industry newsletter that would expand to become the globally recognized United Communications Group; UCG has become a major part of the technology landscape in creating a real time series of technologies that provide updated information throughout the world. Through the success of his work, Bruce Levenson has become a major philanthropist (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html) who recently chaired a ball held by the Kennedy Center for the Arts to benefit the Anti-Defamation League.


Advantages of Taking out a Stock-Secured Loan Through Equities First

Over the past five years, the credit markets across the United States and the rest of the world have been very conservative. While most lenders will still give away secured loans, those that are looking for unsecured personal loans will find that it is very difficult to qualify for loans today. Those that are approved will also have to accept high-interest rates and fees.

While getting a personal loan can be tough today, those that are looking for financing can still get a loan by working with specialty finance firms. One specialty finance firm that has provided hundreds of loans over the past few years to consumers is Equities First.

Equities First provides a unique type of loan in which a consumer will provide a stock portfolio as a form of collateral. The lender will then take a first-lien position in the stock portfolio, which then allows them to liquidate the stocks portfolio if the loan goes into default. Since the lender has a strong piece of collateral, they are then able to provide a loan with low-interest rates and fees. Further, they are often able to provide a loan commitment up to nearly 100% of the stock portfolio value.

Borrowers of stock-secured loans should also be aware of the benefits of these loans. Beyond the low pricing options, borrowers will also find that they are able to benefit by liquidating their stock without actually selling it, which can have significant tax and investment planning benefits.

When taking out a stock secured loan, the borrower will be able to avoid capital gains taxes. Depending on how long the stock has been owned, a borrower could incur a lot of additional taxes by selling. By taking out a loan instead, the borrower will be able to delay the sale, which could push the ultimate sale into a lower-tax period.

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Mike Baur Spurring Business Growth Through the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a venture capitalist and an experienced businessman. He holds previous experience in the Swiss banking sector, so he is working to extend his support to young entrepreneurs with tenable business ideas. He launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 to help young professionals, and the company has to date supported hundreds by nurturing their ideas.


The Swiss Startup Factory is an incubation program that seeks to support entrepreneurs with ideas based on digital products. Those who prove able are picked and taken through a series of sessions and given resources to help them understand their journey in entrepreneurship better.



In just three months, one is able to move from a simple idea to the market. The accelerator program catalyses the process of implementing one’s ideas and developing a product that is targeted at elevating the business to a higher level in the market. There are several expert input sessions and 101 mentor sessions that are handled collaboratively by mentors.


This program works with a network of investors and entrepreneurs who are successful and among the best in the market. The acceleration steps include the selection stage, then for three months the entrants are taken through sessions meant to build, learn and measure their capabilities. The final stage entails a demo meant to reinforce what they have learnt along the way.


Digital transformation

Each company appreciates the need for automation and digitization. More than 72 percent of companies in Switzerland believe that embracing digital transformation will help them perform better. The Swiss Startup Factory is helping entrants to the program to understand how to digitize for maximum productivity. The company works with experts, who help entrants to the program in their digital transformation journey through analyses and the formation of products and business models.


The challenger looks into the business model and challenges some concepts to test for viability. This helps to identify hidden potential that could inspire success in the business, or any elements that should be eliminated for the business to become successful.


CEO & Founder, Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a banker by profession and he has served in the Swiss Private Banking sector for about 20 years. He has held executive positions in major financial institutions and upon his exit from the industry, he ventured into supporting young entrepreneurs. At 39 years of age, he launched the Swiss Startup Factory, an ICT Startup Accelerator serving Switzerland. He has invested a lot of money and time into the company and is optimistic it will work with more entrepreneurs.

Sam Tabar Gets an Appointment to Serve as the Chief Operating Officer of the FullCycle Energy Fund


The FullCycle Energy Fund chose Sam Tabar to serve as its Chief Operating Officer from December 2015. His primary role at the company will be overseeing the fund administration strategy. Mr. Tabar was happy to be appointed by the firm, and he anticipates that he will be able to help it in achieving its mission of avoiding expensive, pollutant fuels to minimize the prices of fuels that are friendly to the environment. Most of his career has been in the financial sector where he has been reviewing budget policies. He formerly served the Merrill Lynch of the Bank of America as the leader of the capital strategy. The primary responsibility of Mr. Sam Tabar at the firm was to assist fund managers in meeting organizational investors, who include foundations, pensions, endowments, family offices, and funds of funds. He also worked at the Sparx Group (PMA) as the co-head of marketing, and he controlled all the aspects of an international marketing effort.


Apart from serving as a financial manager, Sam Tabar has also been an attorney for various law companies. They include the Schulte, Roth & Zabel and the Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom law companies. He has a bachelor’s degree in arts and masters of law, which he got from the Oxford University and the Columbia Law School respectively. While he was in college, he was the Columbia Business Law Journal’s editor. Mr. Sam Tabar is a venture investor and was one of the frontrunners in capitalizing in the Tribute and SheThinx, which is a firm that is dedicated to empowering women across the planet by supporting the feminine hygiene sector.


FullCycle Energy Fund is an organization that was established in 2013, and its primary purpose was to sponsor and own developments that transform the relationship between people and waste by changing an expensive environmental issue into a clean fuel. The fuel is precious and can be used by various communities across the planet. The institution has an aim of investing in emerging and retrofit conventional plants that generate electricity from expensive, dirty fuels to cheap, clean fuels that are made from municipal solid waste. For more information on Sam, check him out on Pinterest.

Olympic Valley Incorporation Story

Ski resorts are a booming business in a lot of areas. A lot of people enjoy being outdoors, and this is a great way to take the next step in a business and help people along the way. One of the largest ski companies today is Olympic Valley. The company recently incorporated, and this is a major story because it allows the company to expand more rapidly. As a small business, it can be hard to get financing and other business needs from banks. However, with incorporation, you can get more legitimacy within the industry. The story behind Olympic Valley has not always been smooth. However, the owners are now looking to the future and want to get past some of the issues that they have had before.

Ski Resort Business

Running a ski resort is a lot harder than many people imagine. There are a lot of things to juggle with customers, and just one bad winter can really hurt the profits of the business. Many people realize how hard things are going to be and end up dropping out. This is not good news for someone who is looking to start a business in the industry. Anyone who wants to take the next step and invest in a business needs to make sure they understand all of the risks. Starting a business is really risky, especially in a business like this one. It requires a lot of startup capital, and if you do not have the cash on hand you will have to borrow it. The debt payments will make up a large percentage of your overall expenses in this business.

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Driving Customer Traffic

Customer traffic is essential to making a positive impact in this area of business. If you do not have a steady stream of customers, your business will quickly die out. This is why the weather is so important. If it is a really cold winter, few people will want to come out and enjoy skiing. The best time for this business is a really mild winter where people want to play in the snow and it is not too cold to be outside. As a business owner, you have to understand all of the risks associated with opening a business. This is why there was a lot of internal strife when Olympic Valley opened up.

Final Thoughts

Over time, opening up a ski business takes a lot more time and money than many people realize. All business requires a lot of hard work, but if you want to take the next step you have to be willing to serve customers as well. In the future, Incorporate Olympic Valley looks toward the future towards an aggressive growth plan with their partners.