Adam Milstein: The Next Generation of Leaders Is Here

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and an activist who is well known in the Jewish community, both in the United States and in Israel, and beyond. He has done a lot for the Jewish community and for Israel. He is also an author and a writer. He writes blogs for the Times of Israel, one of the top destinations online for news and opinions about Israel and the Jewish community.

In a recent article, Adam Milstein wrote about how the Jewish community outside of Israel will rise up to meet the challenges that face them. He said that they will do it with Israel in their hearts. He wrote that Jews always stood up to defend Israel, from the very beginning of its creation. Ben Gurion and his friends were not able to build Israel without standing up to the British. Many Jews stood up to the Nazis, like in the Warsaw ghetto. There is now a new threat to Israel, and it comes from the movement that calls itself the BDS movement, which stands for Boycott, Divest, and Sanction. They want to boycott the State of Israel and separate it from the rest of the world, including the Jewish community in the United States. Adam Milstein says that we must stand up to this and not let it happen. We must make our voices heard and prevent the BDS movement from gaining traction.

Adam Milstein says that he believes that the next generation of leaders is here already. These are young people who live with the spirit of Ben Gurion and the other early leaders who fought for Israel. He says that he meets these people every single day through his activism and philanthropy work. He sees these young people participating in activities in Israel that help strengthen the Jewish people. He says that we must encourage and support these people because they are the counter to the BDS movement. They are the answer. We must give them a platform and a voice, and we will see results soon enough.

Bruno Fagali: How To Get Good Representation In Your Legal Case

If you are serious about getting reliable advice or representation, then get in touch with Bruno Fagali – one of the leading attorneys in Brazil.

If you’re not a lawyer, you may not know the protocol for properly completing certain legal documents. A trained legal professional knows what to do and what to avoid in certain situations and can get you the best possible outcome in your case.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most reputable lawyers in Brazil with great expertise in Regulatory Law, Urban Law, Administrative Law and Compliance issues. Bruno Fagali has been providing superior representation to individuals and businesses for many years.

Bruno Fagali is well versed in litigating highly complex cases. Bruno Fagali has a prominent law firm in Brazil and numerous clients come to him with their complex legal matters. Bruno Fagali is passionate about rendering outstanding guidance and representing his clients effectively.

Bruno Fagali knows how to challenge evidence and also is highly skilled in suppressing evidence. You will certainly be pleased with the strategies and techniques that Bruno Fagali uses when it comes to representing clients in court or in out of court settlement.

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Kenneth Goodgame predicts the business future at True Value

Predicting the future of any business is close to impossible. However, for business marketing, retail and sales, Kenneth Goodgame has proven to have the right skills to predict future market trends. He has enough knowledge to predict the future of a particular product. Kenneth has the skills to know reliable marketing strategies. He ensures that a business venture gets maximum profits from its business strategy. With such an expert, any company can be assured that it will reach its business goals and attain top positions in the market.

Marketing is usually a complicated process. Most companies avoid it altogether resulting in a bad performance. Enterprises that fail to have a proper marketing plan end up failing. Kenneth Goodgame has helped many business and clients grow their business. He designs an appropriate marketing strategy that makes it possible to record profits and improve business operations. His excellence in his work saw him work at True Value Company. He assisted the company to improve its sales and profits.

Kenneth Goodgame can be described as a real symbol of proper leadership. He comes out as a man of many attributes. He has a good brand perception, product creation, and resourceful. His leadership skills have seen him possess the ability to turn his ideas suggested by his team to a collaborate effort. Goodgame motivates his team members and has earned their trust, respect, and belief. His focus on every business problem has been to assist the company. He strives to achieve company goals and develop a long-term business strategy.

Goodgame has had an extensive education and experience in marketing. He received his undergraduate studies in Finance and Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He worked with several companies in the marketing department after graduation. He used to work for Techtronic Industries between 2008 and 2010. He assisted in the formation of a new retail section that improved company sales. He later moved to Ace Hardware between 2010 and 2013. He was in charge of monitoring losses and profits and global purchases in the enterprise. Goodgame has distinguished himself as an expert in the marketing department. He has enabled several companies to develop a successful business strategy.

James Dondero Provides $1 Million Dollar Grant

The co founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero recently announced that he will give $1 million to a local Dallas charity known as The Family Place. This organization helps support victims of family violence. With the $1 million grant offered by James, The Family Place will be able to come up with a considerable portion of the $2.8 million it needs to fund its annual Legacy Campaign. Dondero’s announcement of providing the grant came when he attended the 21st annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. By providing this $1 million grant, James Dondero will be in position to continue making a difference in his community.

James Dondero co founded Highland Capital Management in the year 1993. He started this firm after a long career in the finance industry. When starting up Highland Capital Management, James Dondero looked to continue working with large institutional investors by managing their capital. James had his firm offer a number of ways to manage large amounts of capital by taking advantage of hedge funds, equity securities and collateralized loan obligations. Over the years, James and his firm have helped a number of investors more easily and efficiently manage their capital on a regular basis. With this success, James decided to expand his firm to other parts of the world in countries such as the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Korea.

Prior to starting up his own finance firm, James Dondero worked in the finance field as a credit investor and a chief investment officer. At the beginning of his career, James was working as a trainee in which he would analyze and invest in credit securities. He experienced a considerable amount of success at this position as well as gaining some valuable experience. After a number of years, Dondero would advance to higher level positions such as chief investment officer. When working at this position, James would manage billions of dollars in assets for major corporations such as American Express. Before James started his career, he went to the University of Virginia where he attained degrees in accounting and finance. In his spare time he engages in philanthropic activities for causes such as education, healthcare and veterans affairs.

Diversant Principal John Goullet

Diversant is one of the top technology staffing firms in the United States. For over twenty years, Diversant has helped a number of companies locate and hire the top talent in the information technology industry. Along with helping companies hire the best technology professionals, Diversant has also assisted a number of technology workers find the best opportunity to advance their career. While there are a number of staffing firms that work with technology professionals, Diversant separates itself from the rest with its core values. Whenever Diversant works with companies and technology professionals, it adopts the philosophy of using teamwork, discipline and diversity. As a result, Diversant has been able to consistently meet the needs of a number of companies looking for technology professionals.

The firm Diversant is currently led by the principal John Goullet. He has worked in the technology industry for nearly three decades. As a result, John has a lot of experience when it comes to helping companies meet their technology staffing needs. Since the information technology industry is always evolving, companies will need to have the latest technology available for use. Goullet understands this and can therefore give recommendations to these companies looking to get the most out of their technology. As well as understanding the technology needs of companies, Goullet is also aware of the latest skills that technology professionals must have. Therefore he helps companies find the most experienced workers who have the most up to date skillsets to fill positions.

At the beginning of his career, John Goullet would work as a traditional employee. While working in this capacity, John would serve as a consultant for a number of computing companies. While working as an employee, John Goullet would manage and evaluate all of the technology resources such as hardware and software. He would also make recommendations to his employers on what to use in order to maximize their efficiency. After working as a consultant, John began to notice the growing demand of companies looking to hire technology professionals. Therefore, he founded his own technology staffing firm. After a few years, he merged his firm with Diversant to take on his current position as principal of the company.

Mike Baur Spurring Business Growth Through the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a venture capitalist and an experienced businessman. He holds previous experience in the Swiss banking sector, so he is working to extend his support to young entrepreneurs with tenable business ideas. He launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 to help young professionals, and the company has to date supported hundreds by nurturing their ideas.


The Swiss Startup Factory is an incubation program that seeks to support entrepreneurs with ideas based on digital products. Those who prove able are picked and taken through a series of sessions and given resources to help them understand their journey in entrepreneurship better.



In just three months, one is able to move from a simple idea to the market. The accelerator program catalyses the process of implementing one’s ideas and developing a product that is targeted at elevating the business to a higher level in the market. There are several expert input sessions and 101 mentor sessions that are handled collaboratively by mentors.


This program works with a network of investors and entrepreneurs who are successful and among the best in the market. The acceleration steps include the selection stage, then for three months the entrants are taken through sessions meant to build, learn and measure their capabilities. The final stage entails a demo meant to reinforce what they have learnt along the way.


Digital transformation

Each company appreciates the need for automation and digitization. More than 72 percent of companies in Switzerland believe that embracing digital transformation will help them perform better. The Swiss Startup Factory is helping entrants to the program to understand how to digitize for maximum productivity. The company works with experts, who help entrants to the program in their digital transformation journey through analyses and the formation of products and business models.


The challenger looks into the business model and challenges some concepts to test for viability. This helps to identify hidden potential that could inspire success in the business, or any elements that should be eliminated for the business to become successful.


CEO & Founder, Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a banker by profession and he has served in the Swiss Private Banking sector for about 20 years. He has held executive positions in major financial institutions and upon his exit from the industry, he ventured into supporting young entrepreneurs. At 39 years of age, he launched the Swiss Startup Factory, an ICT Startup Accelerator serving Switzerland. He has invested a lot of money and time into the company and is optimistic it will work with more entrepreneurs.

Don Ressler And His Business Background

Don Ressler is the co-founder of JustFab, a company he built with Adam Goldenberg out of their parent company, Intelligent Beauty. Ressler has made a career developing brands, and offering advice to other companies on building brands. JustFab is a special kind of brand that is marked by cheaper prices with elegant style, and social media as its backbone. JustFab has given way to other companies in its niche such as Fabletics, FL2, FabMen, Fabkids, and now FabShoes. Ressler has helped build quite a team at JustFab, and his and Goldenberg’s creativity have led to many new markets being opened for the company.

Don Ressler got his training in marketing consulting, spending much of his career doing so for various companies. He established his own company, back in the late 90’s, and then digital media agency Intermix Media bought it out. He worked for Intermix Media for about 5 years, and while there he met Adam Goldenberg, a young man who he would team up with for many future endeavors. Ressler and Goldenberg wanted to bring more revenue to Intermix Media, so they started up a subsidiary advertiser called Alena Media Group. It worked quite well for the year it existed, but then NewsCorp bought out Intermix Media and Don Ressler and Goldenberg’s company was put on the back shelf.

When that happened, Ressler and Goldenberg left Intermix Media and started trying out other brands. They started out with Intelligent Beauty, and under that company they started Dermstore, a skin care product brand, and Sensa, a health and nutrient drink product line aimed at weight loss. But on the heels of these startups, they decided to try something few men of their profession did. They launched a fashion retail brand, JustFab and decided to take it where nobody else had.

JustFab has primarily sold its products online, though recently physical stores have opened where their products can be purchased on Pando. But JustFab needed people directing the company who were in touch with what customers were looking for. Kimora Lee Simmons was one such person, a fashion model who knew a thing or too about impressing followers. She became head of JustFab’s creative design department and eventually company president, but she wasn’t the only one. Kate Hudson took a keen interest in the athletic wear that Fabletics brought, and soon she became the chief endorser. Her brother Oliver also endorsed Fabletics2, the men’s brand.

The Business Of ClassDojo

Sam Chaudray, a Welsh native came to Palo Alto in California with his fried Dom Liam to start up an ed-tech company. During their stay, they had conversations and discussions with teachers and educators. Time flew by so quickly and, with their visas expiring they had no choice but to return to the United Kingdom. But, the most important question to educators, “What is the worst part of teaching”, weighed heavily on their minds. Soon ClassDojo was born.


It’s is an app that teacher, parents and students can download. ClassoDojo is available through the Apple Store and Google play. Users are said to be in the millions. Most have said it has transformed their lives and ground up change. In 2015, Lindsay McKinley, head of communications say that there are more that 500,00 users and, they are still growing. The app has allowed teachers to share what is going on in the classroom so the parents can see how their children are progressing. It sure is a time saver from that montly parents teachers conference.


ClassDojo helps the children with connection, while having a different mindset about the way they are being educated. Students become interested and take a very active role. They can show their parents what progress has been made throughout the day. This really encourages classroom interaction. It is done by photos, videos and messages, creating a positive culture with classroom and school. ClassDojo was designed by engineers,and educated for all over the world. It is designed to be very safe and, is rated one of the best educational technology teaching app on the market. It also gives teaches a communication platform to interact with the children and parents.


Over 2 in 3 schools in the United States school use it, that number includes charter, public and private, along with 180 other countries. The app will translate messages in whatever language that is comfortable for the parents. The app can be used on any iOS(an operating system manufactured by Apple, Inc.), Android, Kindle Fire and computers. The students will have a user name to sign in, while the teachers and parents will use their email. Parents are saying how much they love this app because it eases the worry when they leave their younger children. Now with ClassDojo some of those worry can dwindle.

Kevin Seawright And RPS Solutions: Making Homeownership Affordable In Baltimore

The Larry Young Morning Show in Baltimore recently featured Kevin Seawright, a man on a mission to help people own homes. Seawright is the founder of RPS Solutions LLC. The venture is a joint partnership that creates affordable housing for people in Baltimore by renovating or constructing reasonably priced homes. Seawright explained that RPS Solutions helps local residents to be able to purchase homes and this helps to stabilize the community. The company also creates opportunities for first time buyers and helps local people invest in the city, have an ownership stake in it, and be proud of the community they helped to create.

Seawright explained that another of the goals of RPS Solutions is to raise the home ownership rate in Baltimore above 48.3% by providing affordable alternatives to renting. The vision is that will help the socioeconomics in Baltimore to become more stable. Kevin Seawright’s interest in economic development and improving the quality of life in Maryland and the surrounding region is nothing new. He’s worked in real estate, education, and local government for many years in New Jersey, Washington, and Maryland.

Kevin Seawright has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, an MBA, professional certification in Project Management, and Executive Leadership Certification from the Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business. Notre Dame points to Seawright as the ideal example of what can be accomplished by people who complete the program. But its the work that Seawright has done that has truly made him an outstanding public servant and business person. Seawright was Baltimore City Community College Executive Director of Operations to Baltimore City Community College. During his time there he improved the school’s management structures and efficiency.

Seawright has also served as Maryland Executive Director of Operations, vice president of Finance and Human Capital for Tito Contractors in Washington, DC, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Baltimore City Government. He has also served as Executive VP and CFO of NCEDC in Newark, New Jersey since September 2014. Kevin Seawright is also a family man who enjoys traveling, sports, his church, the Babe Ruth Museum, and supporting youth programs.

Andy Wirth Goes On KCRW Radio About The Drought

KCRW Radio has Press Play with Madeleine Brand, and her show hosted Andy Wirth for a talk about the drought in California. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

He wants to make sure that everyone in the state knows that the drought is a very serious thing, and he wants to be sure that all the people who are not helping out today will be helping.

Andy Wirth wants to see people making a change in the way they live, and he wants them to know that they way they are living can change to help the drought.

He talked a lot about the ski season in the Olympic Valley where he owns lodges, and he hopes the people in the valley can survive this long drought.

There has been less snow in the mountains because of the drought, and Andy Wirth is concerned that that lack of rain in the southern part of the state is going to hold over into other parts of the state that are in dire need of help.

There has to be snow falling where he lives, and he wants to see industry continue in his area in spite of the drought.

There are many things that can be done to handle the drought but the most important part to Andy Wirth is that people are pitching in and talking about what they think they can offer to the people of the state.

He wants the people who live in the area to have a chance to get their voices heard, and he also wants to make sure that the valley is going to survive.

He talks of making sure that the government knows what the people think, and Andy Wirth will continue to advocate for the environment so that there is nothing lost to the drought that has already stolen some skiing time.

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