End Citizen United: Bringing An End To The Rigged Political System Of United States

It would only be a matter of time before it is confirmed that a Russian company that has connection to Kremin bought political ads meant to influence the presidential election. The efforts by Russia to interfere with the 2016 elections were sophisticated and comprehensive despite the ban on foreign countries spending on campaigns. The election laws and enforcement policy crumbled.

There is a lot of confidence in Robert Muller and his team that their investigation will determine whether or not Donald Trump’s team assisted the Russian firm which meddled with the elections. Politicians have ignored the existing financial laws for many years and have opened the floodgates for unlimited political spending which cannot be traced. This allows money donors to tilt scales to their favor as they have created a rigged system.

The confirmation of the presence of political ads that have been bought by the government is an indication of how vulnerable the elections have become and how the country is not ready to handle the current situation. Billionaires and foreign governments have access to the levers of power of the country’s democracy.

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The interference is traced back to a 2016 digital ad campaign worth $100,000 yet the exact amount spent to interfere with the election by Russia or any other country might never be determined since the loopholes of the law at the enforcement agencies allow people to spend with no accountability. Before news of Russia’s interference with the elections, there were some other findings.

A Chinese owned company that is incorporated in California known as Pacific International Capital took advantage of the loophole to contribute $1.3 million in support of Jeb Bush. This could just be a tip of the iceberg on the revelation of the secret donations which are difficult to track. FEC reports that there are fifteen cases of illegal foreign campaign spending. Washington is not short of solutions but it lacks the courage as there are many ideas and proposals of how to close the existing loopholes.

For many years, Democrats have been trying to overcome the DISCLOSE Act of the Republicans that would obligate groups to disclose all secret political spending. Democrats have re-introduced the By the People reform package that includes the constitutional amendment to overturn united citizen and misguided Supreme Court measures.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is donor funded and it focuses on the election of campaign finance reformers meant to overturn Citizens United. End Citizen United was founded on March 1st 2015. End Citizen United was formed with an aim of putting an end to the political funding groups that have ulterior motives of paying for elections to go their way. End Citizen United is financed by grassroots donations. Apart from the commitment to end Citizen’s United, they also work to see that pro-reform candidates are elected.

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How End Citizens United Is Serving America In The Age Of Trump

The team at End Citizens United have one heck of a challenge ahead of them now that Donald Trump is residing in the Oval Office, pushing his destructive agenda on the people of the United States. For the better part of the past decade the United States government has been under siege by special interests, corporate lobbyists, and dark money. The fundamental problem here is that right wing politicians have been perverting the concept of free speech and replacing it with the concept of cash ruling everything. We are living in a time where grassroot foundations can make a big difference and thankfully that is what is happening now to address these concerns.

End Citizens United has put themselves on the front line in the quest to undo the damage done by Citizens United, a right wing group that started this degradation and decline toward dark money in politics. End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been serving the American people faithfully for the past year or so. Their goal is to raise money in order to support legislators who are ready and willing to fight for campaign finance reform. Campaign finance reform is a common phrase thrown around in political theater but it isn’t one that is fundamentally understood by the American people. Campaign finance reform is just a shorthand way of saying that politicians are looking to repeal the Citizens United decision that went before the Supreme Court in 2010. Read more on fec.gov

Leading the political action committee that is End Citizens United is Tiffany Muller. Muller knows how difficult the work is that the team has ahead of them but they know that they can’t give up. Muller was proud to announce that nearly 100,000 people donated to to the fund through the first quarter of the 2017 fiscal year. Of those 100,000 donations nearly half of them were giving to the PAC for the first time ever. They managed to raise nearly $4 million through these donations at End Citizens United and that set them up perfectly for their goal of earning $35 million throughout 2017.

Muller, formerly a political director for Senate Democrats, knows that the fight is long and lasting but they are tapping into a very important emotion that is running through America. Muller pointed out that democrats, progressives, and moderates around the country were embarrassed and angry over the election of Donald Trump. Giving to End Citizens United is a way for these donors to give back and fight against the disastrous and destructive regime that Donald Trump is running in the White House. Donald Trump has a growing list of opponents ahead of them and End Citizens United is happy to take on the title.

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