George Soros Takes Hate From Anti-Semites

Those on the very far right and anti-semites of all stripes are coming out to attack the billionaire Soros after the most recent e-mail like from Wikileaks. The idea of a George Soros Wikileaks type connection is hard to wrap your head around and may well only really exist in the minds of those who do not like the man in the first place. They certainly have an agenda to try to bring him down, but that does not mean that there is any validity to the claims that they make against him. In fact, this is starting to look just like the latest George Soros conspiracy that they have managed to manufacture.

It is believed that the George Soros emails that have leaked are the work of Russia hackers who do not appreciate the issues that Soros stands for or the work that he does. There are also plenty of George Soros conspiracy believers in Russia as well as those who simply do not like him because he is Jewish.

The Russians claim that they are defenders of the Palestinians against Israel but the way in which they word things makes it obvious that they are not objecting to firing up those who have anti-semitic views as well. They have tried to toe that line very carefully, but it does not appear that they have done a great job of hiding their true motives.

There are people on the other side of these George Soros emails who defend them and say that the only things that the leaked emails show are support from the billionaire for causes that are very noble and should be applauded. They point to reports that the billionaire has helped to fund causes that are intended to protect human rights and encourage a spirit of cooperation and understanding.

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Obviously, these are not the type of things that Neo-Nazis and others want to hear or believe about George Soros. They have it in their mind that he is an evil mastermind who pulls the puppet strings behind the scenes in order to have people bend to his will. Of course, such claims are not founded, but that does not stop them from continuing to try to drive this idea home.

They believe that he is involved in some type of “Jewish plot” to bring in more and more immigrants into Europe. For Neo-Nazis the idea of having these new immigrants in Europe alone is enough to really get them scared. It is sad in a way to see them so paranoid and afraid of other people coming into their country, but that is the stance that they have selected to take.

It should come as no surprise that this George Soros Wikileaks conspiracy idea has no more basis in reality than any of the other countless ideas that the far right wing comes up with to explain George Soros and the work that he does. For the most part they just want to hate him no matter what it is that he does.

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