Who is Brad Reifler?

Brad Reifler is the Founder and currently CEO of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. This business is an international financial services company that advises their clients on investment management and investment banking services. Forefront Capital treats their clients like partners, and this unique relationship allows them to work closely with their mostly middle-class investors on a more personal level. It has been said that 1% of the people are considered the “elite” class. Brad Reifler and his company serve the 99% who are often overlooked when it comes to investment opportunities. The asset management products offered by Forefront are a higher yielding, lower risk market.

Recently, as Brad announced on SlideShare, Forefront Capital joined into a partnership with Easterseals Dixon Center, an organization that provides assistance to military families and veterans in obtaining education, employment and healthcare as needed. The Easter Seals Dixon Center is physically located in Washington, DC, but the assistance is performed throughout the United States, wherever veterans and military families live. Forefront Capital chose this organization to partner with because the company, and specifically Brad Reifler believes that Easterseals Dixon Center has made a valuable and positive impact, changing the lives of the people who have served our country.

In a comment made by Mr. Reifler, his company chose Easterseals Dixon Center because the company wants to be involved with a charity that makes a true difference on the lives of a very special and often ignored group of people. Forefront Capital also wants to make a considerable difference with veterans and their families affected in a negative way because they cared enough about our country to give up their daily lives to protect her.

Oftentimes, veterans serving the U.S. return to their communities needing a source of financial stability. Forefront Capital wants to help these potential clients and as associates the company can provide more hands-on support. As part of the arrangement, Forefront Capital has promised a $3 million donation to the Easter Seals organization to help with programs the Center offers such as health care, continuing education, and job training. When the veteran or any members of his family has completed training, the Dixon Center also counsels and assists with job placement.

The partnership works in favor of everyone involved. Forefront Capital gets an opportunity to use much needed funds for a good cause. Easter Seals benefit from the initial $3 million boost to veteran’s programs. And the veteran’s and their family’s benefit by getting an opportunity to contribute to their communities in a different way, and the financial stability needed to put them back functioning as a member of society in a positive way. Read the full story on Brad’s partnership on MSN.

Whistleblowers Have New Protection From A Specialty Law Firm

Whistleblowers over the years have been very afraid to come forward because they have information that can take down whole companies. They could have been in danger, and they did not have any real incentive to help the government catch people. They would spend their lives being pariahs, and it would be nearly impossible to get another job. Now there is a law firm at Labaton Sucharow that will help people who are blowing the whistle on their employers, and they can get the help they need with new rules in the Dodd-Frank bill. The change in the rules makes whistleblowing safer, and Labaton Sucharow will help every whistleblower get the assistance that is needed.

A whistleblower is going before the government to offer information to help prosecute someone, and then they will have to testify in court. They might need to get protection, and they will have a claim to a portion of the funds that they uncover. The change in the rules for the act entitles people to up to 30% of what their information uncovers, and they will need that money to get on with their lives in another place.

Every whistleblower who is in need of information should get all their questions answered at their consultation. They can work with a lawyer from Labaton Sucharow to figure out what steps they need to take to be safe, and then they need to file paperwork so that they can be paid the money they are owed under the law. Only a SEC Whistleblower lawyer can do this quickly and correctly for the sake of the client.


Labaton Sucharow will help the client make sure that they can file their claim with the government over the money they are owed, and then they will make sure that the funds are forwarded to the client. Lawyers at Labaton Sucharow also help prepare people for court, represent them if they are sued by an angry employer, and make sure that they have representation if they have a hard time getting another job. Whistleblowers need legal counsel to make sure that they are doing the right thing at all times. There are a lot of legal maneuvers that have to happen when a whistleblower gets into a case of this magnitude, and the lawyers at Labaton Sucharow will make sure that the whistleblower has the information they need before they begin to participate in an investigation.