White Shark Media Rises On The AdWords Sea

Billions of dollars is generated by Google AdWords every quarter. Bing AdWords also delivered $1 billion to parent company Microsoft in 2015. What this means to the business world is people are using AdWords. All of that money sent to the companies running such advertising systems is based on customers clicking on ads. With the right management, a business endeavor of any size could do quite well. White Shark Media of Miami, FL is available to assist those who want their AdWords campaigns effectively managed.


A number of complexities must be weighed when running an AdWords campaign. Budgeting, targeting, and more are involved. Search engine marketing (SEM) specialists who have extensive knowledge about how online marketing works are more than capable of guiding someone with limited knowledge. Based on testimonials at White Shark Media’s website, working with the firm and its SEM specialists has born fruit for many clients. The clients are proud to report they did well with their campaigns.


Frequently, business owners and entrepreneurs want to jump into the brave new world of a different advertising strategy. The only reason they choose not to is they may lack the familiarity necessary to run the project correctly. By working with a firm such as White Shark Media, necessary tasks may be outsourced.


And for those who are unhappy with a current AdWords campaign strategy, hope exists. White Shark Media is able to take over the reigns of an underperforming endeavor. The company also reversed an original policy about scrapping all aspects of pre-White Shark Media campaigns. Effective components can be retained per the new client’s wishes.


Those wishing to learn how White Shark Media operates and what the company’s team can do just have to ask. More than ask, they can enroll in a free online — or phone — evaluation. White Shark Media wants to prove to people what they can do. A comprehensive reveal of how the company works and what type of management is enacted shall be noted. The informative evaluation allows a caller to make important decisions about signing up with the firm.


White Shark Media handles a limited amount of other online marketing tasks in addition to AdWords management. Potential clients should discuss these other areas of expertise with a company representative. Likely, the potential client may discover White Shark Media is capable of performing a vast amount of work to the benefit of said client.

How A Reputation Management Company Can Help You

Status Labs is one of the leaders in the reputation management industry. Just over a year ago, Status Labs experienced what it’s like to face reputation crisis and was able to resolve the situation effectively using their expertise and top notch resources.

Dealing with a reputation issue is not an easy task. When faced with such a problems, it is always advisable to consult a reputable firm with years of experience delivering satisfactory results. And that’s where Status Labs can help – to help you remove negative reviews and promote positive content that projects an impressive image of your company.

The Internet expansion along with the popularity of social media in the last several years has created new opportunities and challenges. People use these resources to research companies and products before making a buying decision, but they also share information can affect your reputation online.

Businesses with negative reputation find it extremely difficult to operate profitable or successfully. This is because people don’t want to deal with a company that is not credible. If you don’t take steps to suppress negative comments or derogatory reviews about your business, you will eventually suffer devastating consequences. Having a reliable online reputation and crisis management system is a proven way to identify impending problems and respond immediately.

Status Labs has the knowledge and experience to repair and restore your online reputation no matter how challenging the situation. The company has reputation management professionals who are skilled at monitoring, repairing, managing and shaping conversations about you or your company. They help you find out what people see when they look you up on the Internet.

Status Labs helps businesses make smart decisions about their online reputation and how to target their promotions effectively online. Their mission is to set clients up with a suitable system in place, so they can focus on their business while these professionals handle their reputation management for them. When you contact them, these professionals will review your reputation needs and develop a customized online reputation and crisis management solution for your company.

Twitter: @statuslabs

Darius Fisher Showing How to Grow a Company

Darius Fisher created Status Labs and helped shape it out of nothing. The company, which focuses on online reputation management, does everything in its power to help both individuals and companies grow through their online presence while also make sure the Internet content posted about the company is the very best information and is not harmful to the business. That is why Darius Fisher is continually looking for ways to showcase how his own company has grown and how it has proven to be successful.

Recently, Darius Fisher indicated that his company, Status Labs decided to stretch out in an ambitious attempt to grow the company. Now, the company has grown from 25 individuals a year ago to 35 employees, all of whom are SEO experts and who assist with social media, public relations, digital marketing while performing countless tasks, both for the company and for clients of the company. As Darius wants other businesses to understand, it is all about building respect between the business and the clients. There needs to be a strong, mutual growth and respect between the businesses for everything to work out properly.

Status Labs has done everything in its power to grow and to work with the best of the best. In fact, over the last year, Status Labs has worked with companies including Dress for Success, The Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas, Urban Roots and the Capital Food Bank of Texas (the company itself is based out of Austin, Texas). With all of this in mind, the company has done some great things and has managed to grow the business. It isn’t a fluke the company has done so well though. It simply shows the business isn’t just about growing itself for the sake of growth, but for the sake of expanding its services to become a major player in the world of online marketing and reputation.

Darius Fisher knows other businesses are able to replicate the growth and services it offers. It is just about providing a quality service and by putting the best effort into the interactions with clients.