Keith Mann: He Can See What’s Really Going On

You don’t get to be in a position like Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners by accident. It happens by being smart and being alert at all times. Nothing is going to get past him and nothing is going to phase him. He can see what is truly going on and he can make heads or tails out of things. That is why he is a truly wise man and why he has had so much success in his line of work. Right now, he has been keeping up to date on all of the negative press regarding the police. First and foremost, he is not happy about it.


He has a family connection with it as his uncle is a detective. He has heard first-hand stories of all they have had to endure and how tough it is. It is tough on both the police and their families. They have to miss out on many important events and in a lot of instances, they are forced to work on holidays. Their families have to worry about them a lot as well and it takes its toll on them emotionally and physically. They just hope and pray that they come home each and every single night.


That is why Keith Mann is sick to his stomach with the negative press that is out there regarding the police because of a few cops. That is truly unfair. Just imagine what the world would be like without any police to keep the streets safe and keep people out of harm’s way. It would be mass chaos and quite scary, to say the least. They have a thankless job and one that they are oftentimes underpaid for as well. However, they do it to the best of their abilities and they have saved countless lives.


That is why Keith Mann went out of his way to treat the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch on two occasions. He knows how much the cops have done for him and his family and he wanted to do something nice for them and give them something to be happy about and feel good about.