Writer, Filmmaker, Historian…Michael Zomber is a Man of Many Passions

Michael Zomber started out life in Washington, D.C. and when you grow up in a place that is filled with as much rich history as that there is little wonder that a person would develop a love of the past and a desire to fully understand it. Indeed, Michael has that love and has dedicated his life to it. He is a successful businessman, a philanthropist, a writer, a filmmaker, and as he states is most importantly a husband and a father. He lives outside of Philadelphia, another history rich city lie D.C., with Andrea and their two children. Through all of these roles in his life though he has one common element that drives him, he loves history, especially he has a love for Japanese history and culture.

Michael is the author of more than a dozen screenplays, and has, along with his wife and co-producer Andrea made several films though his proprietary film company Renascent Films LLC. He has also written several books including a concise exploration of how early Christianity heavily influenced the development of the traditional samurai values. This work entitled Jesus and the Samurai, has been widely regarded as a fundamental change piece in the fields of study regarding early Asian cultures and how the West influenced them.

In addition to Jesus and the Samurai, Michael has also written several fictional works including the critically acclaimed Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, and the equally well received Son of Kentucky which is a novel which paints a picture of life in rural America in the years just prior to the Civil War as seen through the story of Josiah Johnson. Josiah is a poor tobacco farmer in the wilds of Kentucky who stands by his principles and refuses to farm his crops with the help of slave labor. Josiah’s determination to stand by what he believes him put him at odds with his friends and neighbors as the clouds of conflict gather over the country.

Michael Zomber has also been featured many times in the History Channel series Tales of the Gun. He has served as a guest historian on other History Channel projects as well and is considered to be an expert of antique weapons and means of war, most notably for his being an authority of the ancient art of Japanese Sword making. His has been called upon many times provide expert guidance and knowledge in cases where a weapon needed to be authenticated or traced to a particular historical event or person.

Michael Zomber is a man who was instilled with a love of history from the moment he entered the world. He has lived that love through his entire life and strives to keep learning and understanding all that he can about the past, so that he may be a part of building a better future.