Advantages of Taking out a Stock-Secured Loan Through Equities First

Over the past five years, the credit markets across the United States and the rest of the world have been very conservative. While most lenders will still give away secured loans, those that are looking for unsecured personal loans will find that it is very difficult to qualify for loans today. Those that are approved will also have to accept high-interest rates and fees.

While getting a personal loan can be tough today, those that are looking for financing can still get a loan by working with specialty finance firms. One specialty finance firm that has provided hundreds of loans over the past few years to consumers is Equities First.

Equities First provides a unique type of loan in which a consumer will provide a stock portfolio as a form of collateral. The lender will then take a first-lien position in the stock portfolio, which then allows them to liquidate the stocks portfolio if the loan goes into default. Since the lender has a strong piece of collateral, they are then able to provide a loan with low-interest rates and fees. Further, they are often able to provide a loan commitment up to nearly 100% of the stock portfolio value.

Borrowers of stock-secured loans should also be aware of the benefits of these loans. Beyond the low pricing options, borrowers will also find that they are able to benefit by liquidating their stock without actually selling it, which can have significant tax and investment planning benefits.

When taking out a stock secured loan, the borrower will be able to avoid capital gains taxes. Depending on how long the stock has been owned, a borrower could incur a lot of additional taxes by selling. By taking out a loan instead, the borrower will be able to delay the sale, which could push the ultimate sale into a lower-tax period.

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Ricardo Tosto, A Preeminent Corporate Litigation Lawyer in Brazil

In Brazil, there has never been a shortage of excellent lawyers. That is because of how the legal system is designed in the country. There are many law schools in the country that ensure each year, many students graduate in readiness to join the legal profession. Brazil is one of the leading countries with the biggest number of law schools as well as lawyers. Its lawyers are highly trained and qualified. The Brazilian Bar Examination ensures that only the best join the legal practice field in the country. In addition, the mandatory internship always ensures that individuals are well equipped with the essential skills for the practice.
An individual looking for legal representation can easily find a lawyer that specializes in any field of law. That includes criminal law, employment and labor law, family law intellectual property law, sports law, real estate law, as well as corporate litigation law. One of the Brazilian lawyers that have made immense contributions to the legal practice in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. In particular, Tosto has impacted corporate litigation law in a big way.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho
Ricardo Tosto is a preeminent Brazilian lawyer. He is a highly respected Brazilian legal practice strategist. Mr. Tosto began his legal profession in a small law office that expanded to be the region’s most experienced corporate litigation law firm. Following the success of the law firm, Tosto opted to establish his own firm, which went on to be one of Brazil’s leading law firms.

Tosto has handled well known cases nationally for companies as well as public personalities. In addition, he has offered legal services to politicians that have different ideological views and important corporations in Brazil. Tosto has also defended Brazilian multinationals as well as the government. Additionally, the adoption of many legal mechanisms is attributed to him. The mechanisms that Tosto pioneered have become the regularly used tools by the legal community in Brazil.

He has also mentored several Brazilian lawyers. Some of them work with him in his company as partners. They all started in the firm as interns. Ricardo Tosto supervises the firm’s important cases and provides innovative strategies. He also provides strategic leadership whenever there are special situations.

George Soros Offers His Views on The Ukraine and The EU

Right now the European Union is facing a series of crises, all of them ongoing and all of them quite serious. In the view of George Soros, financial guru and hedge fund owner, the EU has been forced to move from crisis to crisis in the past few years, and the situation is undoubtably daunting.

Soros spoke out about the situation in a recent article in

In Soros’ view, the EU leaders need to take time to focus on what is happening in the Ukraine, as a stable Ukraine will benefit the rest of the region overall.

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Save the New Ukraine

Right now the country is looking at the world from the vantage point of a “new” Ukraine. This came about from the spirit of the Maidan revolution in 2014. The Ukraine now looks to be heading forward with a goal of becoming more independent and stable, which is good news for the EU. The danger is in the Ukraine falling back into a Greek style debt situation, which would undoubtably lead to trouble all around for the EU.

George Soros Ukraine is proposing a major financial support package for the Ukraine, to help it stabilize. This package would also offer political risk insurance at an affordable level, as well as some major incentives to attract private investment. Soros also recommends that the gas monopoly (which is state run) in the Ukraine be dismantled. The economy there would benefit from market lead prices for gas. Some financial support for gas could be offered, though, for those in need.

Ultimately, a more stable and free Ukraine would be an attractive place for investors, which would lead to even more stability for the country. Yes, the EU has a lot on its plate right now, but it is Soros’ view that support for the Ukraine right now is an absolute must.

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What You Need to Know Before Investing in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country by size in Latin America, and one of the largest in the world. It also has a substantial population of 200 million. It’s a country at with rich natural resources and plenty of creative people. No wonder it continues to be a destination for investors- all despite its current economic and political crises.

Not long ago, one of the top Brazilian investment bankers, Igor Cornelsen had given advice for investors looking to invest in his native country. The advice is based on Mr. Cornelsen’s decades of experience and was posted on CNBC’s website.

First of all, investors should focus on building business relationships on and networks with Brazilian partners. Brazil is a country where these connection matter. It is also a way to meet other entrepreneurs to do business with.

Secondly, investors need to prepare themselves for the red tape. Lots of it. Some Brazilian laws are restrictive at, the labor market is rigid, regulations can be complex, and the bureaucrats unfair.

A final piece of advice of Igor Cornelsen relates to country’s foreign exchange restrictions. As a foreigner, you’ll need to hold the local currency with an authorized financial institution. And, there’s no single exchange rate (which puzzles many). The rate is actually based on a type of a transaction.

By keeping these points in mind, doing business in Brazil should be simpler. Igor Cornelsen is currently retired from investment banking, although he still works as a proprietor of Bainbridge Group where he focuses on identifying opportunities to invest in the stock market, foreign exchange, and commodities. In the past, Igor cornelsen was also responsible for managing some of the most prestigious Brazilian banks.