OSI Industries: The Top Meat Processing Company

Considering this to remain conventional wisdom, food remains one of the most important things people need in order to survive. However, people cannot eat everything. In fact, food preparation remains a top concern. Without the proper etiquette regarding food preparation, people may contract diseases such as Listeria, salmonella, or worse. In addition, mishandled food could lead to an eventual death. Therefore, it remains a food preparer’s responsibility to provide the public with safe and sanitary food. Fortunately, countries such as the United States have agencies such as the USDA that regulate food for public consumption.

In particular, one company has single-handedly set the precedence regarding food preparation. Without any further “ado,” OSI Industries remains a premier food preparation company. Moreover, the company remains privately-owned in Aurora, Illinois. Furthermore, the company provides services in both the retail and food service industries. Also, OSI Industries remains a multi-billion dollar company. Since 1909, the company has remained an authoritative figure in the food industry. In addition, the company began as a family-owned business. However, it would soon become a wholesale meat market. Click here to know more.

By 1928, the company became known as Otto & Sons. Furthermore, the company built up its reputation by providing customers with a superior quality of meat. Eventually, the company would grow too big to remain exclusively in Illinois. In fact, companies such as McDonald’s began to take notice. By 1955, the company would foster a healthy relationship with McDonald’s. Moreover, their partnership only added to the company’s continued growth. With such hard work and attention to detail, the company soon became one of McDonald’s top meat suppliers. By 1975, the company became known as OSI Industries. Recently, OSI Industries purchased a Tyson food plant in Chicago for $7.4 million dollars. Moreover, they purchased Baho Food. Therefore, their visibility increased in Europe.