Sapphire is the New Diamond: Sapphire Engagement Rings

Traditionally, when most people think of engagement rings, they think of diamond rings. For years, diamond has been the universal — and most popular — engagement ring. Recently, however, a new trend has popped up; sapphire engagement rings. While diamond rings are beautiful, more and more people have grown interested in using the beautiful sapphire gem in its place.

For anyone looking into purchasing a sapphire engagement ring in place of a diamond engagement ring, the National Sapphire Company is the place to go. The company is the leading authority and place to go for natural and untreated sapphire stones. As The National Sapphire Company sapphires are untreated, you don’t need to worry about the gem you’re receiving being altered in the slightest. But now, you might be wondering — why would one want to forego diamond in favor of sapphire? There are actually a variety of fairly good reasons — from simply preferring the appearance, to the symbolism, to name a few.

Possibly one of the most prominent reasons one would choose to use a sapphire ring in place of diamond is the appearance. While sapphires are typically believed to only be a very vibrant and beautiful blue, sapphire can actually be a variety of colors; such as pink, and purple, to name a few. As diamond engagement rings are typically clear, a sapphire engagement ring gives more options for color.

Additionally of note, sapphire actually has a relatively interesting symbolism when used as an engagement ring. While diamonds are traditionally viewed as a promise of things to come, sapphire engagement in an engagement ring symbolizes not only faithfulness, but also sincerity.

Finally of note, one other reason people are making the transition from diamond to sapphire is influence from famous/prominent people. Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge donned a sapphire ring in place of diamond, around the time the transition became widespread and popular — which could have likely influenced the transitions of others.

If you are interested in a sapphire engagement ring, remember to look into the National Sapphire Company, for the best untreated, natural sapphires.