The Blend of Lives Riding the Greyhound Busses

Doug Levitt is an artist and a former journalist. He has spent the past 13 years of his life traveling across the United States of America using the bus line of Greyhound. In the United States that bus line is viewed as a very last resort. Doug Levitt, however, has travelled more than 120 000 miles across the United States in order to do enough research for his book called The Greyhound Diaries.

Over the course of his travel research, Doug Levitt has met people from the underbelly of America. He has travelled hours on end sitting next to ex-offenders who have just been released from jail, neo-Nazis, and more. Doug Levitt has travelled the United States of America from side to side more than 20 times in those 13 years.

One of the latest experiences that Doug Levitt had was to ride the Greyhound bus for 20 hours next to a Neo-Nazi. The man had a tattoo of Hitler, and a number of gang member tattoos as well. Doug Levitt is Jewish so sitting next to a neo-Nazi quite naturally was terrifying to him. The man actually offered Levitt a tuna sandwich and kipped on the floor so that Levitt could have a nap on the two seats a bit more comfortably. The man Levitt had to travel next to explained the way jail is like for convicts at length. He gave an extensive explanation on where convicts separate based on race among other things. Doug’s media blog.

Doug Levitt shares that he might be the only person on those busses that is taking the bus by choice and not because of necessity. He also shares that he is surrounded by the most overlooked people. Society turns their backs to the kinds of people that board the bus. Doug Levitt has been sitting among people coming from poverty and homelessness. Many people are runaways or former convicts, or are suffering from a mental illness and addiction. It is a blend of lives that can’t be found anywhere else. On the long bus journeys those people start peeling of the fa├žade layer by layer and Doug Levitt can witness the real person who riding next to him.

Michael Jackson Fan And Impersantor Sergio Cortes Sergio Cortes’ Early Interest In Michael Jackson

Spanish born Sergio Cortes is living his dream life. He has the opportunity to mimic his most favorite superstar and role model, who is Michael Jackson. According to the now famous Michael Jackson impersonator it is not only a dream come true, but it is great privilege to be able to perform for millions of fans around the world as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Sergio Cortes’ fascination with pop artist Michael Jackson began during his childhood. Mr. Cortes credits his mother to introducing Michael Jackson to him by tuning the television to a Michael Jackson performance while he was sitting on the couch watching TV. At the the time, Michael Jackson was still singing in a band called Jackson 5. He was not performing solo yet. Yet Sergio Cortes had singled Michael Jackson out as the person he wanted to grew up to be like. Michael Jackson had been a role model for Sergio Cortes since he was a little boy going to school. He continued to be a role model for him throughout his life, and remains a role model for him even though he had sadly passed away in 2009.

The Beginning of Sergio Cortes’ Impersonation Career

Sergio Cortes’ breakthrough can also be credited in a way to Michael Jackson. Cortes began imitating Jackson after watching him sing and dance on television. Sergio began dressing like Jackson and trying to copy his dance moves. He had a difficult time at first, but eventually mastered the art of singing and dancing similar to his role model Michael Jackson.

One day when Sergio Cortes was dressed up like Michael Jackson, he was approached by representatives from magazines and TV shows. They had wanted Sergio Cortes to pose for a photography session. The photography session made Sergio Cortes famous as a Michael Jackson impersonator. After the photo shoot Sergio Cortes received several invitations around the world to perform in American Idol like music singing competitions on TV.

Performing at music competitions around the world helped kick start Sergio Cortes’ impersonation career. He gained fame, and also gained a following of Michael Jackson fans. After Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, Sergio Cortes recalls that is was very difficult for him to cope with the sudden loss of his role model. Cortes says that performing as Michael Jackson did helped him overcome the grief he felt when his idol had died.

Sergio Cortes says that people flocked to his concerts after Michael Jackson died. His reminiscence of Michael Jackson at his concerts helped millions of avid Michael Jackson fans cope with the loss of one of their favorite music artists. For more information about Sergio Cortes and his concerts you can check out his Facebook page and Twitter page.