Talkspace Is Transforming Mental Health Treatment

Leaning to manage and cope with mental illness can be difficult. Many people who are diagnosed with depression find it hard to stay motivated. Some even experience a loss of interest in the things that they once enjoyed the most. While there are countless options available for treatment of depression, studies show that physical activity can be equally effective.

Because depression lessens one’s desire for physical activity, those who are depressed often lack such. The lack of motivation and energy can cause even more distress for people coping with mental illness, thus increasing the severity of their side effects. When we are depressed, our brains experience chemical imbalances. Dopamine levels decrease, and our bodies begin to feel overwhelmed. In atypical depression, symptoms include “leaden paralysis”, a sensation that causes you limbs to feel heavy and numb. The combination of these negative effects can cause self-doubt and negative thought, which make coping with depression even more difficult.

Support is amongst some of the most powerful tools against depression. The road to recovery can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be traveled alone. Talkspace is an app that connects people who suffer from depression with a licensed therapist through a safe and convenient platform. After a completing a simple assessment, clients are matched with a therapist that best fits their needs. Immediately after sign up, they are connected with their therapist. Because of the many stigmas placed on depression and other mental illnesses, those who suffer from these conditions are often too ashamed to seek help. It is the mission of Talkspace to break the barriers between quality treatment and mental illness and provide alternative options for treatment for those fighting these conditions every day.