Adam Milstein: The Next Generation of Leaders Is Here

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and an activist who is well known in the Jewish community, both in the United States and in Israel, and beyond. He has done a lot for the Jewish community and for Israel. He is also an author and a writer. He writes blogs for the Times of Israel, one of the top destinations online for news and opinions about Israel and the Jewish community.

In a recent article, Adam Milstein wrote about how the Jewish community outside of Israel will rise up to meet the challenges that face them. He said that they will do it with Israel in their hearts. He wrote that Jews always stood up to defend Israel, from the very beginning of its creation. Ben Gurion and his friends were not able to build Israel without standing up to the British. Many Jews stood up to the Nazis, like in the Warsaw ghetto. There is now a new threat to Israel, and it comes from the movement that calls itself the BDS movement, which stands for Boycott, Divest, and Sanction. They want to boycott the State of Israel and separate it from the rest of the world, including the Jewish community in the United States. Adam Milstein says that we must stand up to this and not let it happen. We must make our voices heard and prevent the BDS movement from gaining traction.

Adam Milstein says that he believes that the next generation of leaders is here already. These are young people who live with the spirit of Ben Gurion and the other early leaders who fought for Israel. He says that he meets these people every single day through his activism and philanthropy work. He sees these young people participating in activities in Israel that help strengthen the Jewish people. He says that we must encourage and support these people because they are the counter to the BDS movement. They are the answer. We must give them a platform and a voice, and we will see results soon enough.

George Soros-A Lifetime of Giving

George Soros is a well-known philanthropist who has given billions of dollars to organizations and causes that he strongly supports. Born in Hungary, in 1930, he lived through the Nazi occupation from 1944-1945. He came to the United States afterward and worked his way up from a poor immigrant to a successful businessman.

Soros has given over $32 billion dollars since 1984. He recently gave $18 billion to the Open Fund Society, which helps oppressed people around the world. The Fund gives individuals and groups that fight for freedom financial and emotional aid as they struggle for equal rights for such groups as immigrants and Jewish citizens. Soros’ dream is to create governments that stand for freedom and justice for all members of society.

In conjunction with the Open Society Fund, George Soros helps to fund university students who would otherwise be kept out of colleges and unable to pay for tuition. He intends to help people that he can who are discriminated against because of where they are born. Despite opposition from right-wingers who don’t appreciate his liberal viewpoint, Soros maintains to use his wealth to help.

There are many haters of Soros who persist that he is using his money to control government and legislators to bring power to his own political views. This demonization of humanitarian giving and George Soros specifically, is not a new political tool. The criticism and hatred have spread from his home country of Hungary to Moscow and the United States.

There have been politicians in many different countries who have tried to attack Soros by tying all types of misdeeds to him. They claim he is buying off government leaders and trying to change elections with his money and prestige. These criticisms are all a part of a political tool to stop Soros and to disparage his reputation.

In 2015, when there was a large influx of immigrants and refugees, many conservatives called Soros a far-right nationalist who was helping illegal immigrants enter different countries. This ploy was highlighted dangerously in Poland when Soros was burned in effigy for being an Orthodox Jew with wealth and influence. A ruling conservative in Poland called Soros, “the most dangerous man in the world.”

These attacks and attempts to demonize Soros have an undertone of Anti-Semitism with aspects of prejudiced attitudes that insist a Jewish man should not be so powerful and should remain in his “place.” Some have called these attacks of George Soros a “witchhunt,” led by the radical conservatives in the United States.

George Soros has made a difference in the globalization of public health and protecting the rights of minorities. He has used his fortune to cause changes in things that he sees and feels. His billions of dollars have brought positive changes and even at 86 years old, Soros is a compassionate humanitarian who doesn’t believe in just talking about change. He believes that those who are fortunate enough to succeed should use everything in their power to help those who can’t always help themselves.