End Citizens United Plans to Protect Johnson Amendment

A new political action committee in the United States is taking shape in its bid to campaign for finance reform in the nation. The committee is planning to channel millions of dollars to various Democratic candidates contesting the Senate and House races across the country.

The committee acts as an extension of the continuous fight that End Citizens have had in the attempt to reform the financial sector. Currently, the group aims to pass an amendment that will reverse the Supreme Court decision of 2010. In its ruling, the court gave rise to mighty PACs allowing a tidal wave of dark money in the political arena. So far the group has received over 325000 signatures in support of the amendment.

Whereas End Citizens United are working hard to reform the campaign finance laws, the Republican leaders are slowly stripping some of these finance laws. The question that lingers in the minds of many is, will the Supreme Court allow tax-exempt rights to be extended to churches and other non-profit making organizations?

Already, the president has previously issued an executive order in an attempt to weaken the Johnson amendment. The amendment prohibits nonprofit organizations like churches from participating either directly or indirectly in political associations and campaigns that oppose or support a particular candidate. Now, the house is determined to abolish the amendment in its entirety.

With these developments, the End Citizen United have issued a statement condemning such a move by the state. In the message, the group fears that abolishing the specific law may turn churches and other non-profit bodies into tools for secret campaign funding and spending. And as if that is not all, the money will be channeled tax-free. Therefore, the funds will be directed to churches with the aim of supporting specific candidates, those who make the donations will also receive tax deductions.

Sponsored by Lyndon Johnson, the amendment has protected churches and other charities from manipulation from political donors. Even after becoming law, the Johnson Amendment was a non-issue to most players in the sector. Churches and charity organizations had accepted the law as a separation between the state and the church as provided for in the United States Constitution.

However, contrary to the beliefs of many, the law does not prohibit these groups from being involved in the political course. They are all allowed to weigh the various political causes and arrange for events to support any side. For instance, for a long time, the church has been involved in mobilizing voters.

The spirit of the Amendment is to bar donors from making political contributions disguised as tax-exempt religious donation while in the real sense they are channeling it to the political cause that they subscribe to and support. Learn more: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/


End Citizens United Works to Protect Johnson Amendment

In 1954, the Johnson Amendment was made into law. This amendment made it illegal for organizations which are tax-exempt and non-profit, among them the churches, to openly and publicly campaign for or against a political candidate or party. Now, the Republican party is working hard to push back on this amendment, frustrating years of progress which has made political discourse more issue and policy-based. Yet, despite this being an outrageous step which should be a talking point in all national media houses, it has been choked by all the dramatic and sometimes outrageous activities of President Donald Trump. In fact, these have dominated both local and international media at the expense of other major stories. Visit End Citizen United to know more.

The first attempt at repealing the Johnson Amendment was made when the House Financial Services appropriations bill was presented to Congress. Contained in this bill was language which weakened the amendment and made it open to a different interpretation. Luckily, this attempt failed. The campaign to repeal, or weaken the Johnson Amendment did not end with this failure, however. The tax reform bill  which is now on the table contains language which alters some of the most important parts of the amendment. The most notable of these alterations is one which aims at exempting the church from the amendment while leaving other organizations still bound by it.

These cunning attempts by the Republican Party legislators have caught the attention of End Citizens America which has vowed to save the Johnson Amendment. The repercussions of repealing the amendment, argues End Citizens America, would be devastating to democracy in America. This is considering that churches and other tax-exempt organizations can, and often raise such huge amounts of money. For instance, Americans donated over 119 billion dollars to the church in 2016 alone. The 2016 presidential election on its part, which is considered the most expensive presidential election in American history, only spent 6.5 billion dollars. This shows the amount of financial ammunition would be handed to the politicians and political parties by allowing churches to actively participate in the political process. It would also mean that Americans would be unable to trace where the funds they contribute to the church, funds which a mostly contributed in good faith to support good courses, would be used. It is a dangerous possibility and End Citizens America has vowed to prevent it from happening.

End Citizens America was formed in 2010 in response to a Supreme Court decision which made it possible for big corporations to invest in political campaigns anonymously. It is a PAC whose main objective is to prevent the entrance of dark money into the American political process. Since then, End Citizens America has been instrumental in fighting retrogressive policies and supporting progressive ones. It does so by supporting politicians and political campaigns that align with their core values and work for the greater good of the American democracy and people.

Know more:https://technewsspy.com/2017/10/06/end-citizens-united-explains-why-we-need-to-re-evaluate-our-campaign-finance-rules/


End Citizens United is the Solution for the Political System

If you have enough age to vote in the United States, and if you’ve already voted more than once, you have probably noticed how the political system awkward rules that allow for many billionaires in the country to boost the reach of their favorite candidates. Why is that? Why does the United States allow for magnates to fund candidates with money and influence?

This was not always the case. It all began with the approval of a landmark, in 2010, that changed politics forever. The landmark was called “Citizens United,” and it had the intention of promoting freedom of speech. However, there was a bigger problem at stake that hadn’t been noticed by the politicians that approved the landmark. With the freedom of speech, unconscious funding would become the norm for many of the political disputes in the future.

With the Citizens United, the U.S. has entered a state where many billionaires and people of power are funding the campaigns of their favorite political candidates and Democrats. They use funding from organizations, institutions, and committees to raise money for the campaigns of those candidates, thus naturally boosting their reach and influence in the elections.

That has been noticed in 2004’s Bush campaign for Presidency, and it was also present in 2016’s dispute of Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. Magnates like George Soros, one of the most prominent billionaires in the world, were seen funding the campaign of Hillary Clinton against Trump.

With the country experiencing corrupted elections and many candidates with corporations behind their actions, there are organizations that are trying to change this reality and raising awareness of the issue.

This is the case of End Citizens United, a political action committee that focuses on reversing the effects of the Citizens United landmark and to raise awareness while raising funds from American citizens to combat politicians that approve the landmark.

In 2016, they have raised money from thousands of members and grassroots donors in the United States, and the same scenario is happening in 2017 but of much greater magnitude. The group believes that, by the beginning of 2018, the number will more than duplicate itself, with hundreds of thousands of donors helping the group raise awareness of the Citizens United problem. For  more info about us: https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?strID=C00573261 click here.

In 2017, the committee was able to elect Jon Ossoff, a pro-reform Democrat. Jon Ossoff agreed to raise awareness of the Citizens United situation once he was inside the political system, and that is exactly what he did. The End Citizens United group is using the campaign-funding problem to elect pro-reform politicians on their own, illustrating the bigger picture to their enemies as well. The truth is: Both sides can abuse the Citizens United political state, but it is very unhealthy for the country.

With the help of the End Citizens United PAC, many Americans are raising their voice about wanting for the landmark to be changed or removed completely.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Makes Bold Statements About Venezuelan Economy

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a politician and agriculturalist providing his services as the deputy of the national Assembly in Guarico back in 2010.Jose Manuel Gonzalez has served as the President of the National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela (FEDENAGA). As a part of his accomplishments, he has also been in charge of fourteen chambers within FEDECAMARAS. Gonzalez is currently in the process of running for governor. He has gained favor among people by openly expressing his distaste for leaders who allow their state to worsen while earning a salary.

Gonzalez feels that Venezuela has more than enough resources to improve the quality of life for all of its citizens. Venezuela is rich with fuel but they import oil at a high cost. Gonzalez has suggested that the government support the economy better by mining for oil in their own country instead. He believes in increasing the production of domestic products through national and legal security measures and changing the economic model in this way.

He has made it apparent in his public statements that he feels the government isn’t going to change the economic model and he strongly feels that this should happen. He is of the opinion that if the government changed some agricultural policies, the country could fend for itself much better. A suggestion has been made by him for the government to encourage more farming in areas with agricultural competition. The idea is to take farming as a serious full time position, increasing the food supply, and hopefully reducing smuggling to surrounding states.

The politician remains concerned with the state of the economy in Venezuela. More specifically, he is concerned with the availability of food and the food smuggling crisis. The government purchases food from farmers at paltry prices. This leads many farmers to seek out customers that will pay fair prices for their goods, leading to the food smuggling problem. It is the belief of Gonzalez that farmers will have more respect for their own trade when the government pays higher rates for food. The people cannot depend on farming as a stable career, further weakening this industry.