Jose Manuel Gonzalez Makes Bold Statements About Venezuelan Economy

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a politician and agriculturalist providing his services as the deputy of the national Assembly in Guarico back in 2010.Jose Manuel Gonzalez has served as the President of the National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela (FEDENAGA). As a part of his accomplishments, he has also been in charge of fourteen chambers within FEDECAMARAS. Gonzalez is currently in the process of running for governor. He has gained favor among people by openly expressing his distaste for leaders who allow their state to worsen while earning a salary.

Gonzalez feels that Venezuela has more than enough resources to improve the quality of life for all of its citizens. Venezuela is rich with fuel but they import oil at a high cost. Gonzalez has suggested that the government support the economy better by mining for oil in their own country instead. He believes in increasing the production of domestic products through national and legal security measures and changing the economic model in this way.

He has made it apparent in his public statements that he feels the government isn’t going to change the economic model and he strongly feels that this should happen. He is of the opinion that if the government changed some agricultural policies, the country could fend for itself much better. A suggestion has been made by him for the government to encourage more farming in areas with agricultural competition. The idea is to take farming as a serious full time position, increasing the food supply, and hopefully reducing smuggling to surrounding states.

The politician remains concerned with the state of the economy in Venezuela. More specifically, he is concerned with the availability of food and the food smuggling crisis. The government purchases food from farmers at paltry prices. This leads many farmers to seek out customers that will pay fair prices for their goods, leading to the food smuggling problem. It is the belief of Gonzalez that farmers will have more respect for their own trade when the government pays higher rates for food. The people cannot depend on farming as a stable career, further weakening this industry.