The Amazing Deeds of End Citizens United

The Amendment that was introduced by Johnson was useful to the churches. The churches and the organizations that provided charities to numerous institutions would be protected by the amendment. This was in respect to the political donors that had an interest in manipulating the organizations.

The entities that involved paying taxes and the churches accepted the Johnson amendment. This amendment was provided in the United States Constitution. The constitution has allowed charitable organizations to support events that are also related to political matters. Churches have held events in relation to the registration of voters. Funds have been contributed from the events that have facilitated the voting exercises in the churches.

The voting exercise is regarded as beneficial to the individuals as it does not favor any part of the congregation. The Johnson amendment was enacted with an aim of supporting the church and organizational activities. Political rallies are not part of the organization’s aim. The Johnson amendment has been successful in achieving its goals. Funds have been channeled to the charity organizations through the events that have been conducted.

The citizens have been exempted from paying taxes through the amendments. The Johnson amendment was legalized in the year 1954. The End Citizens United was formed in 2010. The organization was founded after the Supreme Court ruling against the citizens. Individuals were given the same acting rights as the corporations that are located in the country.

The amendment also ensured that there was the freedom of speech where the individuals could express themselves during events. The court had issued a ruling that favored the freedom of speech where individuals could even express themselves politically. The End Citizens United had the aim of safeguarding the amendments that had been put in place by the Johnson.

The End Citizens United was founded in 2015. The Johnson amendment was introduced in the United States in 1954. Lyndon Johnson was the brains behind the organization. Lyndon at the time was a senator who was based in Texas. The Johnson amendment did not have any issues at the time that it was being enacted.

The religious organizations that are based in the United States benefited greatly from the amendment since 119 billion dollars had been donated to them by the Americans. The Johnson’s amendment has been embraced by many individuals in the society. The End Citizens United has been instrumental in helping the reviving of the Johnson agreement after its decline.

The agreement has been useful to the society by enhancing the separation between the state and the church. The End Citizens United has enhanced development projects in the country excluding politics. Tiffany Muller is the current president of the organization. The amendment has demonstrated good preventative measures by avoiding the church money to be misused. Read more on End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:


End Citizens United Plans to Protect Johnson Amendment

A new political action committee in the United States is taking shape in its bid to campaign for finance reform in the nation. The committee is planning to channel millions of dollars to various Democratic candidates contesting the Senate and House races across the country.

The committee acts as an extension of the continuous fight that End Citizens have had in the attempt to reform the financial sector. Currently, the group aims to pass an amendment that will reverse the Supreme Court decision of 2010. In its ruling, the court gave rise to mighty PACs allowing a tidal wave of dark money in the political arena. So far the group has received over 325000 signatures in support of the amendment.

Whereas End Citizens United are working hard to reform the campaign finance laws, the Republican leaders are slowly stripping some of these finance laws. The question that lingers in the minds of many is, will the Supreme Court allow tax-exempt rights to be extended to churches and other non-profit making organizations?

Already, the president has previously issued an executive order in an attempt to weaken the Johnson amendment. The amendment prohibits nonprofit organizations like churches from participating either directly or indirectly in political associations and campaigns that oppose or support a particular candidate. Now, the house is determined to abolish the amendment in its entirety.

With these developments, the End Citizen United have issued a statement condemning such a move by the state. In the message, the group fears that abolishing the specific law may turn churches and other non-profit bodies into tools for secret campaign funding and spending. And as if that is not all, the money will be channeled tax-free. Therefore, the funds will be directed to churches with the aim of supporting specific candidates, those who make the donations will also receive tax deductions.

Sponsored by Lyndon Johnson, the amendment has protected churches and other charities from manipulation from political donors. Even after becoming law, the Johnson Amendment was a non-issue to most players in the sector. Churches and charity organizations had accepted the law as a separation between the state and the church as provided for in the United States Constitution.

However, contrary to the beliefs of many, the law does not prohibit these groups from being involved in the political course. They are all allowed to weigh the various political causes and arrange for events to support any side. For instance, for a long time, the church has been involved in mobilizing voters.

The spirit of the Amendment is to bar donors from making political contributions disguised as tax-exempt religious donation while in the real sense they are channeling it to the political cause that they subscribe to and support. Learn more:


End Citizens United Works to Protect Johnson Amendment

In 1954, the Johnson Amendment was made into law. This amendment made it illegal for organizations which are tax-exempt and non-profit, among them the churches, to openly and publicly campaign for or against a political candidate or party. Now, the Republican party is working hard to push back on this amendment, frustrating years of progress which has made political discourse more issue and policy-based. Yet, despite this being an outrageous step which should be a talking point in all national media houses, it has been choked by all the dramatic and sometimes outrageous activities of President Donald Trump. In fact, these have dominated both local and international media at the expense of other major stories. Visit End Citizen United to know more.

The first attempt at repealing the Johnson Amendment was made when the House Financial Services appropriations bill was presented to Congress. Contained in this bill was language which weakened the amendment and made it open to a different interpretation. Luckily, this attempt failed. The campaign to repeal, or weaken the Johnson Amendment did not end with this failure, however. The tax reform bill  which is now on the table contains language which alters some of the most important parts of the amendment. The most notable of these alterations is one which aims at exempting the church from the amendment while leaving other organizations still bound by it.

These cunning attempts by the Republican Party legislators have caught the attention of End Citizens America which has vowed to save the Johnson Amendment. The repercussions of repealing the amendment, argues End Citizens America, would be devastating to democracy in America. This is considering that churches and other tax-exempt organizations can, and often raise such huge amounts of money. For instance, Americans donated over 119 billion dollars to the church in 2016 alone. The 2016 presidential election on its part, which is considered the most expensive presidential election in American history, only spent 6.5 billion dollars. This shows the amount of financial ammunition would be handed to the politicians and political parties by allowing churches to actively participate in the political process. It would also mean that Americans would be unable to trace where the funds they contribute to the church, funds which a mostly contributed in good faith to support good courses, would be used. It is a dangerous possibility and End Citizens America has vowed to prevent it from happening.

End Citizens America was formed in 2010 in response to a Supreme Court decision which made it possible for big corporations to invest in political campaigns anonymously. It is a PAC whose main objective is to prevent the entrance of dark money into the American political process. Since then, End Citizens America has been instrumental in fighting retrogressive policies and supporting progressive ones. It does so by supporting politicians and political campaigns that align with their core values and work for the greater good of the American democracy and people.

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End Citizens United is the Solution for the Political System

If you have enough age to vote in the United States, and if you’ve already voted more than once, you have probably noticed how the political system awkward rules that allow for many billionaires in the country to boost the reach of their favorite candidates. Why is that? Why does the United States allow for magnates to fund candidates with money and influence?

This was not always the case. It all began with the approval of a landmark, in 2010, that changed politics forever. The landmark was called “Citizens United,” and it had the intention of promoting freedom of speech. However, there was a bigger problem at stake that hadn’t been noticed by the politicians that approved the landmark. With the freedom of speech, unconscious funding would become the norm for many of the political disputes in the future.

With the Citizens United, the U.S. has entered a state where many billionaires and people of power are funding the campaigns of their favorite political candidates and Democrats. They use funding from organizations, institutions, and committees to raise money for the campaigns of those candidates, thus naturally boosting their reach and influence in the elections.

That has been noticed in 2004’s Bush campaign for Presidency, and it was also present in 2016’s dispute of Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. Magnates like George Soros, one of the most prominent billionaires in the world, were seen funding the campaign of Hillary Clinton against Trump.

With the country experiencing corrupted elections and many candidates with corporations behind their actions, there are organizations that are trying to change this reality and raising awareness of the issue.

This is the case of End Citizens United, a political action committee that focuses on reversing the effects of the Citizens United landmark and to raise awareness while raising funds from American citizens to combat politicians that approve the landmark.

In 2016, they have raised money from thousands of members and grassroots donors in the United States, and the same scenario is happening in 2017 but of much greater magnitude. The group believes that, by the beginning of 2018, the number will more than duplicate itself, with hundreds of thousands of donors helping the group raise awareness of the Citizens United problem. For  more info about us: click here.

In 2017, the committee was able to elect Jon Ossoff, a pro-reform Democrat. Jon Ossoff agreed to raise awareness of the Citizens United situation once he was inside the political system, and that is exactly what he did. The End Citizens United group is using the campaign-funding problem to elect pro-reform politicians on their own, illustrating the bigger picture to their enemies as well. The truth is: Both sides can abuse the Citizens United political state, but it is very unhealthy for the country.

With the help of the End Citizens United PAC, many Americans are raising their voice about wanting for the landmark to be changed or removed completely.

End Citizen United: Bringing An End To The Rigged Political System Of United States

It would only be a matter of time before it is confirmed that a Russian company that has connection to Kremin bought political ads meant to influence the presidential election. The efforts by Russia to interfere with the 2016 elections were sophisticated and comprehensive despite the ban on foreign countries spending on campaigns. The election laws and enforcement policy crumbled.

There is a lot of confidence in Robert Muller and his team that their investigation will determine whether or not Donald Trump’s team assisted the Russian firm which meddled with the elections. Politicians have ignored the existing financial laws for many years and have opened the floodgates for unlimited political spending which cannot be traced. This allows money donors to tilt scales to their favor as they have created a rigged system.

The confirmation of the presence of political ads that have been bought by the government is an indication of how vulnerable the elections have become and how the country is not ready to handle the current situation. Billionaires and foreign governments have access to the levers of power of the country’s democracy.

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The interference is traced back to a 2016 digital ad campaign worth $100,000 yet the exact amount spent to interfere with the election by Russia or any other country might never be determined since the loopholes of the law at the enforcement agencies allow people to spend with no accountability. Before news of Russia’s interference with the elections, there were some other findings.

A Chinese owned company that is incorporated in California known as Pacific International Capital took advantage of the loophole to contribute $1.3 million in support of Jeb Bush. This could just be a tip of the iceberg on the revelation of the secret donations which are difficult to track. FEC reports that there are fifteen cases of illegal foreign campaign spending. Washington is not short of solutions but it lacks the courage as there are many ideas and proposals of how to close the existing loopholes.

For many years, Democrats have been trying to overcome the DISCLOSE Act of the Republicans that would obligate groups to disclose all secret political spending. Democrats have re-introduced the By the People reform package that includes the constitutional amendment to overturn united citizen and misguided Supreme Court measures.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is donor funded and it focuses on the election of campaign finance reformers meant to overturn Citizens United. End Citizen United was founded on March 1st 2015. End Citizen United was formed with an aim of putting an end to the political funding groups that have ulterior motives of paying for elections to go their way. End Citizen United is financed by grassroots donations. Apart from the commitment to end Citizen’s United, they also work to see that pro-reform candidates are elected.

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Betsy DeVos Uses Philanthropy To Add To Education Options For Parents Across The U.S.

The popular and respected philanthropist Betsy DeVos has been at the center of the education reform movement for many decades and has been, in my opinion, a major part of the reason why American parents now have the chance to play a key role in the way their children are educated. I believe the work of Betsy DeVos can be seen as beginning long before she was a major part of any political group or well known philanthropist; in fact, the U.S. Secretary of Education became involved with education reform when the movement was seen as radical and Betsy herself was a mother looking for the best education for her own children.

Betsy DeVos has taken a different approach to her work to bring about education reform in the U.S. as she believes this is a civil rights issue where parents should not be punished for the zip code they live in. In my opinion, Betsy DeVos has shown a great deal of impressive leadership through her roles as the leader of many different education based groups, such as the Alliance for School Choice and the All Children Matter Super PAC focused on bringing change to the education industry across the U.S.

Over the course of her life I have discovered Betsy DeVos has been a major political contributor and donor, beginning with her days as a student at Calvin College and continuing through her work with the Republican Party of Michigan; the busy life of Mrs. DeVos in terms of business and education reform has seen her take on a range of political activities in her home state and now across the U.S. One of the major aspects of her career has been the millions of dollars provided each year to education reform groups reflecting her own take on how best to make the education system better for students from all areas of the country.

In 2015 alone, Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick provided around $3 million in support of education reform groups, plus further funding given to support groups seeking to bring attention to the education reform movement. Betsy DeVos and her husband are reported to have provided more than $139 million in charitable donations to various groups in the five areas identified by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation ( as of great importance across their lifetime. As part of the DeVos family that controls the direct sales company AmWay she is part of a family who, I believe, place a great deal of importance on the philanthropic aspects of life resulting in the family providing more than $1 billion in funding for various philanthropic groups.

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Helane Morrison’s Life Achievements

Helane Morrison is among the few women who are making it in the corporate world. Through Hall Capital Partners LLC one is able to get a quick look at the career journey of Helane Morrison. She is currently the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Before becoming an attorney, Helane Morrison was a journalist. She joined the University of California where she earned her J.D. Her law career started off when she worked as the law clerk of Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmum and U.S Court Of Appeal judge Richard A.Posner for two years.

Helane Morrison has worked at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm from 1986-1996. While here she specialized in securities actions and Security Exchange Matters. In the year 1999, she joined the U.S Securities Exchange Commission where she was tasked with the responsibility of securities enforcement and regulatory issues in the commission. While here she was promoted to head of enforcement at the Securities Exchange Office in San Francisco.

The infamous global financial crisis, made people really doubt the United States financial stability and security. The corruption and lack of ethical standards that was revealed proved how much the financial sector was in dire need for reform and transformation. With these revelations the public mindset was slowly changing as they preferred to have their stocks being liquidated to gold. There have been calls for a better accountability mechanism for the financial sector and institutions. With the US presidential elections coming to a close, the country’s financial sector ought to be safeguarded to the fullest.

Helane Morrison joined the US Securities Exchange and through this she was able to ensure that people’s rights were not violated and that investigations were undertaken. It is said that the government took a long time to notice her capabilities and desire to protect the US financial sector. During her time at the commission, Helane instituted suits against some of the top business executives in the United States. She managed to make them accountable and through this she managed to raise business ethics to another notch. Her determination and resilience saw her being named as the first woman to be Head of Commission and Regional director. Helane Morrison managed to expose the false trading that American Amicable was undertaking and negatively impacted over 50,000 military personnel. Corrupt auditors were not exempted from Helane’s investigations and she managed to institute suits against auditors at Ernst and Young.

The Myth Of Charles Koch’s Beliefs Is Now Being Questioned

Charles and David Koch have seen their backing for the Republican Party in the U.S. demonized in recent years as liberal political activists have looked to strike fear into the hearts of the population by failing to provide a true sense of why the brothers are playing a major role with the GOP. Charles Koch has played a major role in U.S. politics and philanthropy for many years; the interests of the Wichita, Kansas based business leader who is ranked as the joint fifth wealthiest person in the U.S. alongside his brother David are varied, and take in the backing of more than just political causes.

Charles Koch has created a network of hundreds of charitable and political groups working towards the same goals for the people of the U.S., but also backs causes he is personally interested in, such as the Wichita State basketball team. The network of groups backed by Charles Koch are based on the beliefs he himself holds, but do not pose a threat to democracy as they stand to promote the idea of free thinking within a conservative mindset.

One of the main charges that has been laid at the feet of Charles and David Koch is that they promote the ideals that back only their own interests as business leaders, but the facts do not back up these charges as they have come out against policies that would aid their business options. Charles Koch has often fought against tax breaks he believes are unfair despite the fact they may ease the tax burden on both himself and the companies he heads.

Many within the U.S. media and liberal political parties have questioned why Charles Koch plays such as major role within the politics of the country, but his work in politics stretches back a number of decades. In terms of the GOP, the backing of President George W. Bush from 2003 onwards marks the start of major campaign funding for Charles and David Koch; hundreds of other wealthy conservative and Democrat donors also took advantage of campaign funding changes to make sure their political views were backed by the candidates of their choice.

Charles Koch’s Political Dilemma: An Interview with Vanity Fair

Known for their impact on U.S. politics, the Koch brothers, Charles and David, believed their strategies had worked, placing them in prime position to elect a Republican president in 2016. Unfortunately, David Koch could not foresee Donald Trumps’ entering the election campaign. In the Vanity Fair article “Can the Koch Brothers Stop Trump?” Charles not only laments their lack of influence over the 2016 campaign but shares some of their reasons for opposing Trump. A serious dilemma looms; whether to invest in attacks against the Democratic presidential candidate or devote campaign resources to block Trump’s becoming the Republican Presidential nominee.

Charles, the older brother, doesn’t believe in party labels. After graduating from M.I.T, the self-described “classical liberal” focused on expanding a free market that would support his family’s business goals. After a failed attempt to build a viable third party during the 1970’s, the Libertarians, the Kochs changed strategies to work through an existing party, the Republicans. Using their Libertarian network, the Kochs would inject their philosophies, changing the party’s platform. During the 2012 campaign, Obama outmaneuvered their candidate, Mitt Romney.

The article continues, describing Koch’s covert efforts to harness the political system, describes the depth of the Trump dilemma, then discusses how Koch’s efforts have not only decentralized the political process but has inspired other wealthy mega-donors to shun existing political institutions to strike out on their own. The article concludes that these efforts have decreased the Koch’s carefully cultivated influence and have led to an era if uncertainty for Charles Koch’s family, businesses and politics.