Multi-State Campaign Signifies The Importance Improved Of Inmate Calling Features

Securus Technologies has taken a multi-state initiative to bring their customer’s a video chat service sponsored by Vimeo. This interactive feature is currently being used by 160,000+ customer’s nationwide. Video chatting is a technologically advanced feature that allows inmates and their families to talk over the internet. PRN Newswire reported, Securus Technologies is one of the fastest growing inmate calling network providers in the industry because of their video chatting initiative. Securus is committed to spreading the word on saving inmate’s families time and money. Say goodbye to public transportation or arranged commute to and from a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies is well known, for being a leading inmate regulation network with monitoring and surveillance. They work closely with the Public Utility Commission to regulate correctional calling. A recent fourth quarter audit caught irregularities with Global Tel-Link that allowed free inmate calls in Louisiana for a limited time. Securus has also received certification 1 that will give them international coverage. Thousands of men and women know the Securus name is backed with service excellency. You’re invited to visit their secure website for more details and promotional offers today.


Securus Technologies Features


Telephone Pay Options


Imagine being able to get all of your calling features conveniently over the phone because Securus makes it a reality. You never have to leave home by using your valid debit or check card from your landline or smartphone.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail features are available to inmates through their commissary as a personalized feature. Loved ones can leave inmates a message to retrieve at their own discretion. Voicemail features allows inmates to prepare for a life outside of the facility including a job search inquiry. Leave a message for an inmate with important details when you want.


GTL’s horrible actions have been exposed

The prison communications industry is vital to American life, but it usually goes unnoticed. Without great prison communications companies, prisoners would not be able to contact their friends, families, and lawyers. The legal system would slow down as lawyers would not be able to get deals through, and investigators would have one less source of information. America needs great prison communications companies, and Securus is up to the task.

Securus has been in the prison communications field for many years. They pride themselves on offering top-quality phone lines to prisoners at reasonable prices. They know family members do not deserve to be punished for their loved ones’ crimes, so they keep the communication lines open. Securus operates their company with integrity, and they expect that same integrity from their competitors. Unfortunately, one of their competitors does not act with integrity.

GTL has been a power in the prison communications industry for many years. Recently, they posted record profits. These profits are incredible, but the method they used to achieve the profits is quite sad. GTL has been ripping off their customers at every turn.

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Securus discovered GTL’s actions and they knew they had to act. Securus is planning to issue a series of press releases that will expose GTL’s actions. The first press release revealed GTL’s actions in Louisiana. GTL regularly overcharged customers by charging more than the posted rate, charging for unused time, and by double billing customers. Over the course of a few years, GTL managed to defraud customers in Lousiana of more than a million dollars. These actions were extremely immoral, and they harmed prisoners throughout the state.

GTL has acted improperly in prisons throughout the country, and Securus hopes to fully expose GTL’s actions. They want GTL to change their actions and act with integrity in the future.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.