Increase In Awareness Of Visual Search Engines Developments From Slyce

Would you want to live in a world where you can buy literally anything in your environment? You already live there. In fact, you have been in this world for quite some time. Ever since online shopping became a mainstream way to buy clothing, shoes, apparel, gifts and more, the retailers that existed offline started moving their storefronts to the internet.

All the major retailers can now and have been able to make huge profits by selling their products in the online marketplace. The internet is a major marketplace that has been thriving recently, so developers decided to bring in a new standard in technology for online shopping.

Key Developments In Online Shopping

In order to bring a quicker and easier experience to shoppers and retailers alike, developers and engineers got together in order to create a new function in online shopping called visual search recognition. Visual search recognition is a technology that uses a visual search engine in order to find any products that a user desires.

The user simply downloads the free application onto their smartphones or similar devices. After that, the user is able to access the visual search engine on their device to bring up results based on an image that they capture with their device.

The user has a variety of options that they can manage in order to find a product based on the image that the user submits. The user can decide to submit a picture of an actual object, a picture of a picture of the object (i.e. advertisement), or a form of barcodes (i.e. QR code).

This technology was designed in an attempt to make the shopping experience easier and more reliable for the image recognition control of the consumer. Consumers were complaining about the old traditional online shopping approach producing poor results in terms of the recommendations. Users will not have this experience when using a visual search engine.

Success Visual Search Engine

One of the most successful visual search engines is made by a company called Slyce. This company has increased the awareness of visual search recognition within the online shopping industry. Slyce has also introduced a number of fascinating upgrades to this new form of consumer relation management. The apps that Slyce develop allow users to see entire marketplaces from a single retailer. Slyce has since developed relations with a number of large retailers, including Neiman Marcus and Tilly’s.