Glen Wakeman’s News On Emerging Markets

Glen Wakeman is a person who believes in renovating businesses that are struggling and has a track record of doing just that. He has offered his take on emerging markets (NewsSky). Glen Wakeman said that despite the rumors of tough economic times surrounding the Fed’s interest rate increases, he said he believes there’s promise of return on US investments because of three factors that pertain to the US economy. The first is the “rule of law” that makes for a stable place for investors to come to. He also said even with raised interest rates, the Fed’s policies still have kept one of the most stable currencies in the world. And then Glen Wakeman points to keeping productivity up in the labor market as a positive sign for emerging markets.

Glen Wakeman always had a plan to put business startups as a priority coming into his professional career. He attended college first at the University of Scranton where he received a BS in Finance and Economics, and then later finished grad school at the University of Chicago. His first business projects came while he was working for General Electric’s capital management firm. Glen Wakeman traveled to many different countries and even became head of GE’s Latin America division. Wakeman did very well here and moved headquarters to Miami and started a US-based asset holdings company under it worth $2.7 billion.

Glen Wakeman left the banking industry in 2015 and decided to invest in other startups. He then founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which has been a starting point for people who want to go into business but need a concrete plan to do so. Glen Wakeman also is working with Sitter Bees, an app used for locating babysitters, and Dreamfunded, a San Francisco venture capital firm started by Manny Fernandez.