Brown Modeling Agency: A Mission of Modeling Excellence

Despite being one of the most fascinating industries on earth, professional modeling is rather small in size. This industry is very exclusive, and only a chosen few of people will ever get to work from within its infamous borders. Some of the biggest cities in the world has modeling agencies, but what about the average-sized cities? Austin, Texas, personifies this notion perfectly as it is the home for one of the industry’s best. Brown Modeling Agency is at the top of its game even though it has only been around for a few years. This agency has it all, whether it’s for general-talent, or it’s for photogenic models. There are over 400 individuals that work and refer to this place as home.


What areas does the agency cover? Brown Agency is a full-service agency, and it covers every aspect of the entertainment business. This includes print, film, television, promos, commercial, industrial video, conventions, catalogue, fashion, runway and many more. The agency has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception, and it has connections to the Los Angeles media scene. Some of its models have graced the prominent stages of New York Fashion Week, Austin fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and Dallas Fashion Week. On top of that, the agency has booked many high-profile jobs with blockbuster names such as Louis Vuitton, Landshark Beer, Dell, Dodge, HBO, Bing, Bright House, TNT, Toyota, L’oreal and others. Central Texas has been put on the map for all to enjoy. Check out to see more.



Justin Brown, founder of the agency, is a man with the plan. He has used his expertise and experience to create a fully functioning modeling agency. Justin has worked as a model, and he has worked behind the scenes in this business. The Reno-native has come a long way since his inception, but he has made a huge name for himself thanks to his ethics. Brown Modeling Agency and Justin Brown is the perfect combination because without one, you can’t have the other. This is the future of model and talent services in the 21st century, and no other agency is outperforming this one on a consistent basis.