Cone Marshall’s Efforts in Strengthening Tax and Estate Laws

Situated in Auckland, Cone Marshall is a well-established law company that has played a critical role in the law industry for over 18 years. This firm has gained a good reputation over the years following the quality solutions it provides to its clients on tax and estate cases including unique consultancy and global problems presented by companies and attorneys. Cone Marshall is managed by two experienced principals and this has been the reason behind its success. Under proper leadership, this law firm has remained the biggest and most respected advocate for transparency in both tax laws and estate cases. Cone Marshall has an impressive online portfolio and this clearly shows the dedication it has in serving clients from distinct geographical locations thus acquiring the international status.



Strongholds of Cone Marshall


Good leadership is one of the many aspects of Cone Marshall that have stood out over the years. This law firm is handled by two experts with competent and amazing past career histories. These experienced professionals are Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Before joining Cone Marshall, Karen worked for ten years in the commercial litigation department of a prominent law firm located in London. Since 2005, she has worked with Cone Marshall and has been a respected principal since 2006. Karen Marshall serves as an adviser to most statutory trustee firms and has an extensive experience in managing trusts.


With a wide experience on matters of tax laws, Geoffrey Cone has also been instrumental to Cone Marshall. He has dealt with complex global tax planning as well as trust and he is well versed and highly trained in management services. Following the increase in numbers of complex cases involving global trust, Cone Marshall has improved its structure with an end goal to ensure work presented by its esteemed clients is not only handled professionally but also delivered in time.



About Cone Marshall


Founded in 1999, Cone Marshall has had a great impact in the New Zealand’s law industry by establishing amazing services. This firm is among the very few companies that have managed to efficiently perfect the art of handling both international tax and trust laws. Cone Marshall works with attorneys and family advisers from dissimilar jurisdictions to assist them provide better solutions for their clients. The presence of a trained and strong team of professionals at Cone Marshall has not only pushed the firm to attain a global status but also become a reputable company in property management.