The Rise and Fall of Online Start-up Companies

Staring a new online business is always a risky venture, which turned out to prove true for the company of Homejoy Inc. This house cleaning service was formed by Adora and Aaron Cheung in 2013. This San Francisco based company was designed to let people book the services they needed for either home repair or house cleaning through their website. To get the ball rolling, Homejoy was able to raise just over 37 million dollars from investors. Unfortunately, the success of Homejoy was short lived and the siblings decided to close up shop by filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

A True Success Story

While Homejoy Inc might have run into obstacles too great to overcome, their competitor, Handy, is still going strong. This start-up company offers clients the ability to book their services by setting their appointments online. The staff will confirm the date and time submitted by the homeowner before sending any team to their home. Handy’s website is also designed to accept electronic payments, which makes the process of hiring a professional cleaning team easy and convenient. The website has an easy to use form for individuals interested in getting a price quote up front.

Handy employs only the best professionals on their team. The company does a complete background check of everyone they employ to ensure their staff is not only trained to provide superior cleaning service, but is trustworthy as well. The company offers a 24-hour phone service to answer any questions a client might have. They also offer a guarantee of customer satisfaction for a job well done, or they will issue a money back refund. Not only does Handy have a staff of of cleaning professionals, but they also employ professionals who can assist with home repairs.

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