Jon Urbana From a Different View

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur who is making big splashes in many different areas. He is the co-founder and operator of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camp was established in Denver, Colorado and has been very successful. Jon Urbana not only knows how to coach the sport, but he has experience playing it as well. Urbana played a few years of professional lacrosse before deciding to carry on his passion by coaching the sport to youth.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

In addition starting businesses, Jon Urbana also has a very creative side that he is expressing in many different forms. He has his own blog in which he features some of his writing. Also, Urbana shoots impeccable videos. His catalogue includes everything from nature shots to very artistic and abstract concepts. Music is also a passion of Urbana’s that he is pursuing. Lastly, Urbana shoots and produces many videos of his own.

In this video, viewers can find information about Jon Urbana’s pursuits as well the lacrosse camp that he started. The video briefly discusses Urbana’s success as an entrepreneur as well as giving a glimpse into his other artistic abilities.

Not all of Jon Urbana’s videos are informational however. For instance, in this video, Jon Urbana captured a beautiful shot of an Alaskan moose eating from some brush. The Facebook video he uploaded is only 10 seconds long but it really captures the moment where the viewer can feel as though they are only feet from this beautiful creature.

Another video of Urbana’s entitled “Clouds Rule the Sky” feature a black and white shot of clouds rolling over a beautiful lake.

There are videos that discuss some philanthropic projects that he is involved with. In this video, Urbana introduces a GoFundMe campaign he established in an effort to raise money for Earth Force, a non-for-profit focused on being environmentally friendly. He mentions that it was the children from his youth lacrosse camp that inspired him to start the campaign.