Waiakea – Packaged Water sans Environmental Hazards

Hardly anything, apart from humans of course, damages the environment as much as plastics do. There are islands of floating plastic in our oceans and millions of land and sea animals are being harmed and killed by the mountains of plastics that exist.

To make matters worse, plastics are not biodegradable which means that a plastic bottle thrown in the ocean with remain as it is almost forever.

As more and more plastic is being synthesized, this problems is only likely to grow. A big proportion of the floating monstrosity of plastic are bottled used for packaging drinking water.

As a result, there is a worldwide campaign to boycott packaged drinking water. Some packaged water companies have taken heed to this trend and have started making amends. One such company that perhaps stand at the top of the pile is Waiakea water.

According to New You, Waiakea Water, or Waiakea spring water, as it knows as because of it being collected from a single spring has taken environment consciousness to new heights. So, how is this particular brand different from others and how does it help in conserving our environment?

The process starts with the collection of water. As mentioned earlier, the water is sourced from a natural spring in Hawaii, a renewable source of water. The bottling facility also partly makes use to renewable energy sources.

The plastic that is used is not virgin plastic but is 100% recycled. This means that no new plastic is being synthesized, less energy is being consumed and more carbon emission is just a fraction of what it is for virgin plastic bottles.

All of this ensures that Waiakea has a negative Carbon footprint on the planet. To boot, the company helps the charity organization Pump Aid supply more than 600 liters of waters to people in rural Africa for the sale of every 1 liter of Waiakea H2O.

Environment friendliness is not the only reason why one should consider buying this brand of packaged water. The water is sourced at the foot of the Mount Loa volcano and passes through many feet of volcanic structure which embeds it with necessary minerals and silica.

The minerals naturally present in this water include the very essential ones like Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. Learn more about Waiakea water: https://gust.com/companies/waiakea

Normal water is tasteless and is neither acidic nor alkaline. Waiakea water packaged drinking water is also slightly alkaline, having a pH close to 8-9, which gives it its distinct sweet taste.