The Life Legacy of Eric Pulier

When it comes to doing something that has a lasting impact many people choose the way of being a philanthropist in order to do so. Eric Pulier is one such as leader and entrepreneur who knows all about this.

Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he lived a pretty modest lifestyle though he took a strong interest in forming his own database company while he was in high school. After leaving high school, he applied to Harvard University and began attending classes there in 1984, majoring in English and American literature while also taking classes in visual and environmental studies as well. He was also an editor for the Harvard Crimson, the school’s newspaper and eventually graduated in 1988 as magna cum laude.

Upon completion of his college career Pulier left New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles, California in 1991 and his first task was founding a company called People Doing Things (PDT). The goal of the company was to address big issues such as education, health care, poverty among other by using new and innovative technology to do so. Three years later, he founded Digital Evolution, which was one of several companies he founded or co-founded, including X-Prize, Desktone, ServiceMesh Inc and Media Platform, all of which use technology and multimedia to educate people using it and provide new and innovative technologies to advance progress.

While founding multiple technological businesses is a major claim to fame for him, Pulier has also been a frequent donor and philanthropist over the course of his career. For instance, he is a frequent donor to the X-Prize Foundation and even sits on the innovation board for the company. Another one of his ventures in business and philanthropy was working with the Multiple Sclerosis Society, allowing its user to learn more about the disease through the use of technology. Other facets of Pulier’s life include being a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, headed by former president Bill Clinton and donating funds to free college programs geared towards helping students have a more affordable college education.

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Keith Mann Raises Money

Keith Mann is a successful businessman who has a big heart for others. He has recently announced a scholarship for some schools in the New York area. This is important news because many schools lack adequate funding for their students. Many areas of New York are struggling to pay all of their bills. With the latest contribution, it will now be much easier for these schools to service their students adequately. Keith is a great example of the positive impact that one person can make.

Keith Mann

From an early age, Keith Mann has always been focused on others. He always wants to help other people any way that he can. He has a passion for education in his area. He grew up in New York, and he was not born with wealthy parents. He had to attend the same schools that lack proper funding. Although he was able to succeed in life, he still believes that many children are not given the same opportunities as others. Private schools in New York are extremely expensive, and few families can afford to pay that tuition.

Helping Others

Keith Mann has always wanted to help others with his extra money. When he first started his companies, he would always give a percentage back to charity. In this part of his life, most of his time is spent helping other people in a variety of ways. Mann is a charitable person who has helped people across the world. Anyone who wants to make an impact on the world should emulate his life.

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John Goullet Continues to Exercise his IT Staffing Expertise through Diversant LLC

Diversant represents one of the fully licensed and established Minority-Owned Business Enterprises in the United States. The firm was established by Gene C. Waddy and is currently one of the leading African-American owned firms in the IT staffing services sector.

The company portrays its founder’s commitment, personal drive, and expertise to assist and empower others in society. Diversant was in a position to withstand the economic depression and pursue more success. It has garnered a positive reputation among various Fortune 500 companies.

Diversant’s Advisory Board

Diversant has an Advisory Board, which it formed in a bid to gain from the guidance and advice received from senior executives not included in the daily running of the company. The board consists of business specialists and industry leaders who offer advice on issues regarding strategic planning and commercial development. The Diversant management team meets with members of the Advisory Board on a constant basis to review the performance of the company.

Services Offered

Its service and product range includes direct hire, IT staff augmentation and creative diversity services and solutions. The company assists customers to meet their goals or objectives through involving them as business partners as well as utilizing a consultative technique.

Details Pertaining John Goullet

John Goullet is well known for his entrepreneurial abilities, especially in the IT sector. His career began while serving in the capacity of an IT consultant before venturing into the IT staffing business in 1994.This saw him establish his enterprise known as the Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing firms specializing in providing IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the United States. For a five years duration, the company achieved tremendous success. Subsequently, Info Technologies garnered the eight rank on Inc. Magazine‘s list consisting the 500 top growing privately owned businesses in the United States.

The year 2010 witnessed the coming together of two great IT companies including Gene’s Diversant Inc. and John’s Info Technologies to create Diversant LLC. Currently, Gene serves as the chief executive officer while Goullet is the principal. In his position, he continues to find new ways of dealing with the challenges associated with the dynamic IT sector.

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James Dondero Hails International with the Argentina Bond Market

For those who seek to diversify their bond portfolios, they would be best served by seeking the wise pearls of wisdom from the CLO mogul, James Dondero of Highland Capital Management. Recently, Argentina took a much anticipated step toward participation in International Bond Markets once again. They were to raise some $12 Billion in capital with James Dondero joining in the buy for Highland Capital investors. This is the strong suit of Highland Capital Management, which has over $19 Billion in credit hedge funds and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Managing emerging market funds has also been more than a significant pastime at Highland Capital. James Dondero has the background as one of the world’s most skilled and successful fund and credit asset managers.

Jim is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital, which he established with his associate Okada more than three decades ago. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the decisions the firm has made with credit assists and hedge fund has turned to gold, over and over again. Jim holds many valued credentials as well as world class experience since his days just out of college. He earned the titles of CMA and CFA, which stand for Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. He graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia and simultaneously from McIntire School of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance.

His decisions and choices through diligent analysis have garnered his clients deep financial rewards in investments in the credit market and in bonds such as this new emerging renewal of involvement in the International Bond Market of Argentina. As Argentina engages in selling off vast amounts of debt for settling up with its creditors, Dondero has confidence in his strategy moving forward. “We plan to hold what we have in the original bonds but are looking to buy some of the new issuance. We’re optimistic on where Argentina is likely to price the debt and where it’s likely to trade, especially relative to the other Latin American sovereigns.”

Having been the manager of large credit portfolios for American Express, GIC, a Subsidiary of Protective Life, Morgan Guaranty, and being on the board of directors for MGM Studios and many large healthcare debt management firms, James Dondero knows what to do and when to do it. By the second quarter of 2016, the Argentina bonds will have yielded 7.5 to 8 per cent. After the movement proceeds as anticipated in that market, Highland and its clients will be set to be the most profitable after a financial bond sale ban is lifted by a US District judge on Argentina.

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The Experience Gained Working At White Shark Media

There are thousands of people who apply for jobs in the United States of America every day. When doing this, it is important to make sure that one is comfortable at the workplace so that he or she can become more productive.

There are many companies in the United States that provide the American people with the opportunity to earn a living and at the same time give them a chance to learn and acquire important skills and experience. One of the best companies to work for in the United States of America is White Shark Media. It is one of the best companies that provide top notch internet marketing solutions to different clients to ensure optimal results for the companies. Read more about it here:

There are numerous benefits that accrue with working for White Shark Media. One is that White Shark Media provides an opportunity for the employees to learn and grow in the company. This is because they work with some of the best marketing experts at White Shark including its Chief Executive Officer.

Owing to the learning experience, the person is able to gain invaluable experience that makes him an excellent internet marketing expert thereby building his resume. White Shark Media offers a comfortable working environment for the employees and this encourages commitment from the employees to offer the best to the clients.

Some of the employees working for White Shark Media stated that the company offers equal opportunities to its employees and ensures that there is continued growth among the staff (get more details: There are different employment opportunities that the company offers the people. These include sales representatives and internet marketing solutions experts.

The other benefits that make White Shark Media the best company to work for is that the employees can get to leave one hour earlier if they are able to finish their respective duties on time.

On top of that, the employees have access to most of the tools right at the comfort of their homes. The salary paid to the employees is also reasonable in the current economic times.

White Shark Media is one of the leading digital marketing agencies providing internet marketing solutions to medium to small business entities around the United States of America.

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The commitment of the company to ensuring that clients receive quality internet marketing services has helped the company be recognized as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America. It was founded some time back in 2011 by Danish entrepreneurs with wide experience in offline and online marketing.

The Launch of GoFundMe Campaign

Ross Abelow has a campaign that aims at raising $5000 to provide resources to animals and shelter homeless animals. The GoFundMe campaign site provides additional information on this campaign that targets homeless animals. The city attorney was excited to announce about this campaign that will see to it that animal shelters in New York City are able to give homeless animals support. The launching of this campaign took place in January 13th and its main goal is to provide $5000 that will be of benefit to shelters in the city.

As a result of the cold temperatures during this winter, homeless animals are at a higher risk since they do not have shelter. Cold weather is not favorable to such animals and the solution would be to provide shelter to prevent diseases and deaths. The campaign purposes at supplying money to shelters in New York City to help them take care of things like animal vaccines, blankets and food for the animals due to an increase in distressed animals.

Most of these shelters are not in a position to add more animals because they lack funds while others lack space. The good news is that these additional funds from the campaign will enable shelters take in more animals and in turn save the homeless animals. Therefore, vulnerable animals need not suffer any more. Mr. Ross will head the campaign to raise additional funds as a way of being involved in the community. He views this campaign as a way of giving back to the community. Mr. Ross is active on social media. Therefore, animal lovers can join this campaign and save vulnerable animals. Do not let animals get sick or go hungry during this winter season; do something by being part of the campaign.

Ross Abelow

Ross is an attorney mainly based in New York, NY. He operates in other states too. He practices family law and entertainment trade. The attorney helps entertainers in the city as well as working with divorcing couples as they go through the divorce process. Entertainment law is a little bit complicated and it needs a professional to handle it. Ross has the experience in that sector and has represented finest entertainers in New York City history especially in disputes concerning intellectual property.

Divorce proceedings require a legal expert like Ross. He negotiates during divorce proceedings. The attorney ensures that both parties get what they want and that they feel that they got a fair deal. Mr. Abelow is a respected professional in New York.

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Marc Sparks Shows That Even the Rich Have a Heart

The business world is full of very many talented entrepreneurs. However, very few have that perfect mix of savvy, intelligence determination and sheer arrogance to succeed in every venture that they are involved in. Marc Sparks has succeeded in everything he has put his hands on. People come to him with questions, and he answers them with solutions.

He is what we can call an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. His work is to provide the upcoming entrepreneur with solutions basically what he does is offer solutions by getting the new startups business premises, connect them with suppliers and vendors, get them financing when it comes to banking. He has been I this business for more than thirty-five years and his book “They Can’t Eat You” tells it all.

Marc Sparks business model is one that centers around efficiency. He is not willing to compromise the real life with a promise of a better tomorrow. He knows how to treat his workers with dignity and will not allow them to be shacked up in a dingy building. That is why he moved his business to a new modern building to reflect the status of his firm.

What he and his company does is to make the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs come true. Their clients go to them with a viable business idea and Marc Sparks and his team turn it to gold – more can be found at He has so much success in this, but he attributes all his to hard work and being savvy when it comes down to business. Many people might not like his approach, but as it is, the reputation speaks for itself.

Marc Sparks has so much about him, but those who have met him say he is a humble down to earth guy. He is the founder and Chief Financial Officer of Timber Creek, LP. Growing his business has been an about hard work, but he is reaping from it now. Read more: What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From A Presentation

Apart from being a serial entrepreneur, he is also a philanthropist and-and ardent Bible fun when it comes to offering help to the needy. He has been working with numerous charitable organization to help make a better living for the people who are less fortunate in life.

Among some of his great charity activities is helping in the creation of various shelters that offer food and roof over many homeless people. He has also been involved I the construction of multiple affordable homes for families who can’t afford as well as with his Sparks Kids.

This is a charity event that saw thousands of laptops donated to children to help them I learning (click here to read more: Currently, he is working closely with the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter that usually shelters more than 160 people per night in Texas.

Timber Creek is the investment company owned by Marc Sparks. He also happens to be the founder and the CEO. Very few people are aware of the hard work that has been put to see the organization rise to its current status.

The firm is a private equity firm that specializes in make the dreams of upcoming young entrepreneurs with a great mind the avenue of fulfilling their business destiny. The company provides all the help that a takeoff business require like legal, capital, marketing and even offering business premises –

What You Need to Know Before Investing in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country by size in Latin America, and one of the largest in the world. It also has a substantial population of 200 million. It’s a country at with rich natural resources and plenty of creative people. No wonder it continues to be a destination for investors- all despite its current economic and political crises.

Not long ago, one of the top Brazilian investment bankers, Igor Cornelsen had given advice for investors looking to invest in his native country. The advice is based on Mr. Cornelsen’s decades of experience and was posted on CNBC’s website.

First of all, investors should focus on building business relationships on and networks with Brazilian partners. Brazil is a country where these connection matter. It is also a way to meet other entrepreneurs to do business with.

Secondly, investors need to prepare themselves for the red tape. Lots of it. Some Brazilian laws are restrictive at, the labor market is rigid, regulations can be complex, and the bureaucrats unfair.

A final piece of advice of Igor Cornelsen relates to country’s foreign exchange restrictions. As a foreigner, you’ll need to hold the local currency with an authorized financial institution. And, there’s no single exchange rate (which puzzles many). The rate is actually based on a type of a transaction.

By keeping these points in mind, doing business in Brazil should be simpler. Igor Cornelsen is currently retired from investment banking, although he still works as a proprietor of Bainbridge Group where he focuses on identifying opportunities to invest in the stock market, foreign exchange, and commodities. In the past, Igor cornelsen was also responsible for managing some of the most prestigious Brazilian banks.

Increase In Awareness Of Visual Search Engines Developments From Slyce

Would you want to live in a world where you can buy literally anything in your environment? You already live there. In fact, you have been in this world for quite some time. Ever since online shopping became a mainstream way to buy clothing, shoes, apparel, gifts and more, the retailers that existed offline started moving their storefronts to the internet.

All the major retailers can now and have been able to make huge profits by selling their products in the online marketplace. The internet is a major marketplace that has been thriving recently, so developers decided to bring in a new standard in technology for online shopping.

Key Developments In Online Shopping

In order to bring a quicker and easier experience to shoppers and retailers alike, developers and engineers got together in order to create a new function in online shopping called visual search recognition. Visual search recognition is a technology that uses a visual search engine in order to find any products that a user desires.

The user simply downloads the free application onto their smartphones or similar devices. After that, the user is able to access the visual search engine on their device to bring up results based on an image that they capture with their device.

The user has a variety of options that they can manage in order to find a product based on the image that the user submits. The user can decide to submit a picture of an actual object, a picture of a picture of the object (i.e. advertisement), or a form of barcodes (i.e. QR code).

This technology was designed in an attempt to make the shopping experience easier and more reliable for the image recognition control of the consumer. Consumers were complaining about the old traditional online shopping approach producing poor results in terms of the recommendations. Users will not have this experience when using a visual search engine.

Success Visual Search Engine

One of the most successful visual search engines is made by a company called Slyce. This company has increased the awareness of visual search recognition within the online shopping industry. Slyce has also introduced a number of fascinating upgrades to this new form of consumer relation management. The apps that Slyce develop allow users to see entire marketplaces from a single retailer. Slyce has since developed relations with a number of large retailers, including Neiman Marcus and Tilly’s.

Helane Morrison’s Life Achievements

Helane Morrison is among the few women who are making it in the corporate world. Through Hall Capital Partners LLC one is able to get a quick look at the career journey of Helane Morrison. She is currently the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Before becoming an attorney, Helane Morrison was a journalist. She joined the University of California where she earned her J.D. Her law career started off when she worked as the law clerk of Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmum and U.S Court Of Appeal judge Richard A.Posner for two years.

Helane Morrison has worked at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm from 1986-1996. While here she specialized in securities actions and Security Exchange Matters. In the year 1999, she joined the U.S Securities Exchange Commission where she was tasked with the responsibility of securities enforcement and regulatory issues in the commission. While here she was promoted to head of enforcement at the Securities Exchange Office in San Francisco.

The infamous global financial crisis, made people really doubt the United States financial stability and security. The corruption and lack of ethical standards that was revealed proved how much the financial sector was in dire need for reform and transformation. With these revelations the public mindset was slowly changing as they preferred to have their stocks being liquidated to gold. There have been calls for a better accountability mechanism for the financial sector and institutions. With the US presidential elections coming to a close, the country’s financial sector ought to be safeguarded to the fullest.

Helane Morrison joined the US Securities Exchange and through this she was able to ensure that people’s rights were not violated and that investigations were undertaken. It is said that the government took a long time to notice her capabilities and desire to protect the US financial sector. During her time at the commission, Helane instituted suits against some of the top business executives in the United States. She managed to make them accountable and through this she managed to raise business ethics to another notch. Her determination and resilience saw her being named as the first woman to be Head of Commission and Regional director. Helane Morrison managed to expose the false trading that American Amicable was undertaking and negatively impacted over 50,000 military personnel. Corrupt auditors were not exempted from Helane’s investigations and she managed to institute suits against auditors at Ernst and Young.