Keith Mann Strives For Unity In New York: The Fight Against Community Crime and Violence

The recent attacks on the NYPD haven’t left officers feeling secure and hopeful about their position in recent months. However, this gloomy attitude must go! Renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist and a law-abiding New York resident, Keith Mann won’t stand for it. It’s been almost a year since he and his wife Mrs. Keely Mann sponsored lunch for the precinct on 54th Street. Mann is on a mission of promoting morality in a bid to disarm the forces of violence and protests. This isn’t his first act of gratitude for the said precinct. In fact, he’s been a constant measure of hope for the entire department. For years, he’s nurtured a close-knit relationship with the unit. Furthermore, his uncle commands the neighboring Staten Island division where he’s a distinguished detective.

Of course, the officers regretted having experienced the chaotic revelation of what should’ve been a non-violent protest. Unfortunately, things quickly went haywire and Mann was deeply hurt knowing how moral and devoted the NYPD has been in controlling community violence. Sadly, this revelation was untoward. The vigilant NYPD department has steadfastly addressed security concerns since the incident. Mann advocates the importance of both civilians and NYPD officers to conduct themselves in a law-abiding manner.

In a bid to strengthen security efforts, he’s encouraged citizens to support the NYPD unit in their quest to stop common violence and criminal insurgency. Keith Mann campaigns for a more secure neighborhood and surrounding communities. Above all, he’s concerned about the relationship involving citizens and law enforcement officers. Mann runs a successful hedge-fund boutique, namely Dynamic Search Partners which he co-founded in 2001.

The company plays a fundamental role in managing numerous hedge funds for parent accounts. Prior to launching his private practice, Mann consulted for Dynamic Associates where herpes quickly become a top-tier hedge fund manager. At Dynamic Search Partners he’s the appointed managing director. Primarily, this newly launched consultancy handles a series of tasks such as; providing executive and alternative staffing solutions to heavyweight private equity companies.

Besides managing the company’s affairs, Mann remains committed to promoting education. In fact, he’s a frequent donor of Uncommon Schools needing educational tools and supplies to reach academic goals. With Mann backing educational programs for students in need of financial assistance, New York will certainly have more college graduates. Another charitable organization Mann supports is the prominent Hope-and-Heroes foundation.

The Difference Between Dengue And Zika

Dr. Sergio Cortes is a world renowned doctor that lives in the city of Rio De Janiero, Brazil. Dr. Cortes works as the State Health Secretary of Rio de Janeiro and he is a member of the national Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in the Brazilian Confederation of Volley. Dr. Cortes is also a well known Harvard business school graduate.

Many individuals have heard of Dr. Cortes because of the many investigations that he has done on health matters. He has also written many articles that speak of his findings in orthopedics and also that give information to those individuals that are interested in finding ways to prevent and relieve medical problems. Dr. Cortes is an individual that not only enjoys being a doctor, but he has general concern for the safety and well-being of his patients and for individuals around the world. He is active on the social media, and he can be followed on twitter and linkedin.
Dr. Cortes did an interview with Noticias R7 in which he talked about how to differentiate the symptoms of the Dengue virus and
Zika virus. These two viruses are both transmitted by mosquitoes. Even though the symptoms of these two viruses are very similar, there are some ways to differentiate between the two. The things that these two viruses have in common are body aches and high fevers. It is very important to be able to tell the difference between these two diseases. Dengue is the first virus that he compared to the other. Dengue is categorized by muscle pain along with pain behind the eyes. The virus is categorized by itching and red eyes as well.

Regardless of if an individual is suffering from either virus, it is important for them to get medical care as soon as they realize that the symptoms could possibly point to one of these diseases. Dr. Cortes is involved in numerous studies to see if it is possible for an individual to become ill with both viruses at the same time.  There are many scientists that are involved in the creation of a vaccine that is hoped to prevent Dengue fever, and there are continued studies being done to see if it is possible to come up with a vaccine that can also prevent Chikungunya as well.

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