Maggie Gill Becomes A Healthcare Success In Florida, Georgia, And South Carolina

Maggie Gill has been a major part of the healthcare industry of the southeast of the U.S. throughout the 21st century after working in some of the best known healthcare systems in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina with a remarkably high level of success. Maggie has become well known for her abilities as a financial expert and for forming a number of strategic partnerships designed to provide benefits for patients and the medical groups she works with.


In terms of the latest developments in the career of Maggie Gill, she has recently been seeking to develop new healthcare plans with partners throughout the southeast of the U.S. before finally reaching a deal with Eon Health to create a new Medicare Advantage plan for patients in Georgia and South Carolina; this low cost plan shows the level of empathy Gill has for the patients she serves as she has been seeking new ways of providing the highest level of treatments alongside a low premium cost.


To make sure her career has been as successful as possible Maggie Gill completed an education she can be proud of and has looked to continue her education throughout her career. The Florida State graduate went on to continue her studies with a graduate degree from Florida’s Saint Leo University before seeking postgraduate qualifications from the iconic Wharton School.


Maggie Gill arrived at Memorial University Medical Center in 2004 and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 2005, and would later rise to the dual roles of CEO and President of the medical group in 2011. Under the leadership and guidance of Maggie Gill the management team at Memorial Health have been honored for their work with seven awards being given to individuals and community programs at Memorial over the course of 2016.

The Expertise of Madison Street Capital in handling the Corporate World

Madison Street Capital is an internationally recognized enterprise that has majored in offering top notch finance services. The business has specialized in providing banking solutions. Its service delivery is supported by outstanding values, and they are integrity, excellence, and leadership. The firm is depended upon by a wide range of clients who are both in the private and the public sector on Chicago Tribune. Madison is served by highly skilled and experienced professionals who have an excellent understanding of the corporate world. They can act swiftly whenever new investment opportunities arise. The company’s approaches of doing business are outstanding, and they are devoted to ensuring that all the parties that participate in a transaction gain profits on The staff of the firm has created international networks that are efficient, and they assist them in linking buyers and sellers. The customers of the business have been accessing unparalleled platforms for receiving funding and making investments.

Madison Street Capital has been highly trusted by its clients for the outstanding business skills that its employees have. Its staff has been trained to act swiftly, and therefore, they assist clients in completing their transaction in a timely manner. The firm has been renowned as a dependable provider of valuation and finance guidance across the globe. It has established branches in different parts of the world, and they include North America, Asia, and Africa. The diverse locations at that the company is based in have assisted it to created excellent relationship and networks globally.

The company has conducted many successful transactions in the recent years. They include the divestment Dowco Technology Services, which is a top software reselling enterprise. Its client in the deal was the Dowco Group of Companies. Madison was also in charge of another transaction where Dowco sold the Fabtrol Systems, Inc., which offered software for controlling steel fabrication and was based in Eugene, Oregon. The firm was purchased by the U.K’s AVEVA Group plc. The investment company’s services were also hired by GMS-Pavilion Properties, LLC, which needed guidance in the controlling its facility that is worth $2.5 million. It assisted the Hatch Chile Co. in the management of a $7 million mezzanine amenity that it acquired from the Farragut Capital Partners.

Success has been an essential thing in raising Madison Street Capital’s reputation. The firm has been honored several times since it was founded. The awards that it received in 2015 include the Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year and the 40 Under Forty Industry Mavericks Award. In 2016, the enterprise received nominations from the M&A, which chose it to contest for the and Cross-Border Deal of the Year and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm.

Why James Hopes Has Hope For The Future

For most, aging is simply a natural aspect of life, but futurist Jason Hope sees things differently. He believes that aging is just another disease and we can treat it accordingly. To bring about the end of aging, Hope is investing in the Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence Institute. The research conducted here can involve everything from lengthening telomeres to funding new pharmaceuticals.

Focused on developing ways to prevent and reverse aging, the SENS institute fits the definition of what Jason Hopes believes will define the future ahead of us.

The Internet Of Everything

The Internet of Everything is one of the latest buzzwords in tech, but Jason Hope sees the phenomena expanding even more in the future. As an active investor in the tech industry, he puts his money where his mouth is. Specifically, he believes future appliances will collect and share data to a far greater extent than we see today. That data will lead to all sorts of revolutions in home life, work, and other areas of our life. Most people will live in “smart” homes capable of automating just about every household chore out there. Ultimately, the Internet of Everything gives us the chance to live lives with more convenience and leisure.

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Giving Back To The World

Jason Hope is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, but he does believe in using his money to help others in need. His philanthropy mostly focuses on ways to use technology to solve the world’s problems. This means Hope puts a lot of money into scientific research and ways to apply the results. That optimism for the future runs through just about everything Jason Hope does. His businesses are built around tech, his life philosophy is built around tech, and the way he approaches important issues is filtered through it as well.

The Future Is Now

While Jason Hope’s futurism tries to predict what will happen next, he is strongly invested in the world around him. Entrepreneurship, especially in the industries Hope focuses on, is essentially trying to make predictions come true. He finds businesses he believes will succeed, and he gives those businesses the help they need to grow. When someone decides to take action into their own hands, that person has the ability to shape the ultimate outcome. With everything riding on his predictions, it’s safe to assume that Hope is right about the trajectory of technological development.

Keith Mann: He Can See What’s Really Going On

You don’t get to be in a position like Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners by accident. It happens by being smart and being alert at all times. Nothing is going to get past him and nothing is going to phase him. He can see what is truly going on and he can make heads or tails out of things. That is why he is a truly wise man and why he has had so much success in his line of work. Right now, he has been keeping up to date on all of the negative press regarding the police. First and foremost, he is not happy about it.


He has a family connection with it as his uncle is a detective. He has heard first-hand stories of all they have had to endure and how tough it is. It is tough on both the police and their families. They have to miss out on many important events and in a lot of instances, they are forced to work on holidays. Their families have to worry about them a lot as well and it takes its toll on them emotionally and physically. They just hope and pray that they come home each and every single night.


That is why Keith Mann is sick to his stomach with the negative press that is out there regarding the police because of a few cops. That is truly unfair. Just imagine what the world would be like without any police to keep the streets safe and keep people out of harm’s way. It would be mass chaos and quite scary, to say the least. They have a thankless job and one that they are oftentimes underpaid for as well. However, they do it to the best of their abilities and they have saved countless lives.


That is why Keith Mann went out of his way to treat the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch on two occasions. He knows how much the cops have done for him and his family and he wanted to do something nice for them and give them something to be happy about and feel good about.

Thor Halvorssen Does Great Work

Thor Halvorssen has human rights in his genes. His father was a legendary political figure in his native Venezuela, who was thrown in prison after he tried to expose high-level corruption. His mother was once shot and badly wounded in a protest against the authoritarian policies of the late Hugo Chavez. But that’s not all. Thor’s grandfather, a noted Norwegian diplomat, resisted the Nazis, and once even got into a fistfight with a Nazi.

So, even though Thor comes from a privileged background, he hasn’t forgotten about the plight of those who are less fortunate. He attended college in the United States (the University of Pennsylvania) and, upon graduation, has devoted his professional life to human rights.

He founded his own Human Rights organization, the Human Rights Foundation, which today is based in New York and employs 12 people. Every year, Thor and his team host an illustrious human rights event called the Oslo Forum. Some have likened to the Davos Forum of the Human Rights World. He invites powerful, wealthy philanthropists and Human Rights activists from authoritarian countries in the developing world. The activists speak in front of philanthropist audiences, who often contribute large sums of money and work their connections for the activists’ causes.

If there’s one country close to Thor’s heart, it’s North Korea. The isolated Asian country has been ruled by three generations of the Kim family. Its population has suffered under communism and even endured a famine in the 1990’s that decimated its people. The country remains almost completely cut off from the rest of the world.

But Thor is working to change that. His mission is to deliver western media—movies, TV shows, criticisms of the North Korean regime—to the North Korean people. In this effort, he’s launched hot-air balloons, equipped with western media, from South Korea. Once the hot-air balloons infiltrate North Korean airspace, they are timed to drop their items in the North Korean countryside. Thor especially wants to North Koreans to get ahold of, “The Interview,” a Seth Rogan movie that skewers North Korea’s leader.

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Sapphire is the New Diamond: Sapphire Engagement Rings

Traditionally, when most people think of engagement rings, they think of diamond rings. For years, diamond has been the universal — and most popular — engagement ring. Recently, however, a new trend has popped up; sapphire engagement rings. While diamond rings are beautiful, more and more people have grown interested in using the beautiful sapphire gem in its place.

For anyone looking into purchasing a sapphire engagement ring in place of a diamond engagement ring, the National Sapphire Company is the place to go. The company is the leading authority and place to go for natural and untreated sapphire stones. As The National Sapphire Company sapphires are untreated, you don’t need to worry about the gem you’re receiving being altered in the slightest. But now, you might be wondering — why would one want to forego diamond in favor of sapphire? There are actually a variety of fairly good reasons — from simply preferring the appearance, to the symbolism, to name a few.

Possibly one of the most prominent reasons one would choose to use a sapphire ring in place of diamond is the appearance. While sapphires are typically believed to only be a very vibrant and beautiful blue, sapphire can actually be a variety of colors; such as pink, and purple, to name a few. As diamond engagement rings are typically clear, a sapphire engagement ring gives more options for color.

Additionally of note, sapphire actually has a relatively interesting symbolism when used as an engagement ring. While diamonds are traditionally viewed as a promise of things to come, sapphire engagement in an engagement ring symbolizes not only faithfulness, but also sincerity.

Finally of note, one other reason people are making the transition from diamond to sapphire is influence from famous/prominent people. Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge donned a sapphire ring in place of diamond, around the time the transition became widespread and popular — which could have likely influenced the transitions of others.

If you are interested in a sapphire engagement ring, remember to look into the National Sapphire Company, for the best untreated, natural sapphires.

Kenneth Goodgame predicts the business future at True Value

Predicting the future of any business is close to impossible. However, for business marketing, retail and sales, Kenneth Goodgame has proven to have the right skills to predict future market trends. He has enough knowledge to predict the future of a particular product. Kenneth has the skills to know reliable marketing strategies. He ensures that a business venture gets maximum profits from its business strategy. With such an expert, any company can be assured that it will reach its business goals and attain top positions in the market.

Marketing is usually a complicated process. Most companies avoid it altogether resulting in a bad performance. Enterprises that fail to have a proper marketing plan end up failing. Kenneth Goodgame has helped many business and clients grow their business. He designs an appropriate marketing strategy that makes it possible to record profits and improve business operations. His excellence in his work saw him work at True Value Company. He assisted the company to improve its sales and profits.

Kenneth Goodgame can be described as a real symbol of proper leadership. He comes out as a man of many attributes. He has a good brand perception, product creation, and resourceful. His leadership skills have seen him possess the ability to turn his ideas suggested by his team to a collaborate effort. Goodgame motivates his team members and has earned their trust, respect, and belief. His focus on every business problem has been to assist the company. He strives to achieve company goals and develop a long-term business strategy.

Goodgame has had an extensive education and experience in marketing. He received his undergraduate studies in Finance and Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He worked with several companies in the marketing department after graduation. He used to work for Techtronic Industries between 2008 and 2010. He assisted in the formation of a new retail section that improved company sales. He later moved to Ace Hardware between 2010 and 2013. He was in charge of monitoring losses and profits and global purchases in the enterprise. Goodgame has distinguished himself as an expert in the marketing department. He has enabled several companies to develop a successful business strategy.

James Dondero Provides $1 Million Dollar Grant

The co founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero recently announced that he will give $1 million to a local Dallas charity known as The Family Place. This organization helps support victims of family violence. With the $1 million grant offered by James, The Family Place will be able to come up with a considerable portion of the $2.8 million it needs to fund its annual Legacy Campaign. Dondero’s announcement of providing the grant came when he attended the 21st annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. By providing this $1 million grant, James Dondero will be in position to continue making a difference in his community.

James Dondero co founded Highland Capital Management in the year 1993. He started this firm after a long career in the finance industry. When starting up Highland Capital Management, James Dondero looked to continue working with large institutional investors by managing their capital. James had his firm offer a number of ways to manage large amounts of capital by taking advantage of hedge funds, equity securities and collateralized loan obligations. Over the years, James and his firm have helped a number of investors more easily and efficiently manage their capital on a regular basis. With this success, James decided to expand his firm to other parts of the world in countries such as the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Korea.

Prior to starting up his own finance firm, James Dondero worked in the finance field as a credit investor and a chief investment officer. At the beginning of his career, James was working as a trainee in which he would analyze and invest in credit securities. He experienced a considerable amount of success at this position as well as gaining some valuable experience. After a number of years, Dondero would advance to higher level positions such as chief investment officer. When working at this position, James would manage billions of dollars in assets for major corporations such as American Express. Before James started his career, he went to the University of Virginia where he attained degrees in accounting and finance. In his spare time he engages in philanthropic activities for causes such as education, healthcare and veterans affairs.

Diversant Principal John Goullet

Diversant is one of the top technology staffing firms in the United States. For over twenty years, Diversant has helped a number of companies locate and hire the top talent in the information technology industry. Along with helping companies hire the best technology professionals, Diversant has also assisted a number of technology workers find the best opportunity to advance their career. While there are a number of staffing firms that work with technology professionals, Diversant separates itself from the rest with its core values. Whenever Diversant works with companies and technology professionals, it adopts the philosophy of using teamwork, discipline and diversity. As a result, Diversant has been able to consistently meet the needs of a number of companies looking for technology professionals.

The firm Diversant is currently led by the principal John Goullet. He has worked in the technology industry for nearly three decades. As a result, John has a lot of experience when it comes to helping companies meet their technology staffing needs. Since the information technology industry is always evolving, companies will need to have the latest technology available for use. Goullet understands this and can therefore give recommendations to these companies looking to get the most out of their technology. As well as understanding the technology needs of companies, Goullet is also aware of the latest skills that technology professionals must have. Therefore he helps companies find the most experienced workers who have the most up to date skillsets to fill positions.

At the beginning of his career, John Goullet would work as a traditional employee. While working in this capacity, John would serve as a consultant for a number of computing companies. While working as an employee, John Goullet would manage and evaluate all of the technology resources such as hardware and software. He would also make recommendations to his employers on what to use in order to maximize their efficiency. After working as a consultant, John began to notice the growing demand of companies looking to hire technology professionals. Therefore, he founded his own technology staffing firm. After a few years, he merged his firm with Diversant to take on his current position as principal of the company.

Multi-State Campaign Signifies The Importance Improved Of Inmate Calling Features

Securus Technologies has taken a multi-state initiative to bring their customer’s a video chat service sponsored by Vimeo. This interactive feature is currently being used by 160,000+ customer’s nationwide. Video chatting is a technologically advanced feature that allows inmates and their families to talk over the internet. PRN Newswire reported, Securus Technologies is one of the fastest growing inmate calling network providers in the industry because of their video chatting initiative. Securus is committed to spreading the word on saving inmate’s families time and money. Say goodbye to public transportation or arranged commute to and from a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies is well known, for being a leading inmate regulation network with monitoring and surveillance. They work closely with the Public Utility Commission to regulate correctional calling. A recent fourth quarter audit caught irregularities with Global Tel-Link that allowed free inmate calls in Louisiana for a limited time. Securus has also received certification 1 that will give them international coverage. Thousands of men and women know the Securus name is backed with service excellency. You’re invited to visit their secure website for more details and promotional offers today.


Securus Technologies Features


Telephone Pay Options


Imagine being able to get all of your calling features conveniently over the phone because Securus makes it a reality. You never have to leave home by using your valid debit or check card from your landline or smartphone.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail features are available to inmates through their commissary as a personalized feature. Loved ones can leave inmates a message to retrieve at their own discretion. Voicemail features allows inmates to prepare for a life outside of the facility including a job search inquiry. Leave a message for an inmate with important details when you want.